1. I

    VBA With Selenium: Extract the Element text (code) Not the webpage data

    I am trying to write a code using Selenium Basic. I am extracting messages from a messaging service. I can extract all the messages using FindElementByClass, however this returns all the messages and does not contain any details of who the message is from. I need the messages returned to the...
  2. E

    i need some help in a frame

    i'm using this code to auto add textboxes inside the userform Dim i As IntegerFor i = 1 To Sheets("sheet8").Range("a10000").End(xlUp).Row Set tBox = Controls.Add("forms.textbox.1") With tBox .Name = "textbox" & i .Left = 20 .Height = 20 .Top = i * 20 .Width = 160 .Font.Size = 12 Me("textbox"...
  3. G

    Convert a shape (group) into a picture inside wrksheet using VBA

    I am obsessed with terse code. The code below does the job (I recorded this macro): Sub copy_and_paste_as_picture() ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Group 5")).Select Selection.Copy ActiveSheet.Pictures.Paste End Sub Can someone help me clean this up and turn the three lines...
  4. P

    VBA to check if circles are inside of freeform area or not

    Hi, Im newbie on this site and I need help with this : I have Freeform area and shapes in form of circles named from A to G. Some of this points are inside of Freeform area and some of them no. I need macro which will check each of this points if this point is inside/ outside of freeform area...
  5. P

    VBA IE Automation | clicking button inside table

    Hello all lovely people out there, can you please help me clicking buton inside table?" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/>"]http://[/URL]
  6. R

    Replacing a cell reference within a formula with the hard-coded reference

    Hi, I have a huge table with hundreds of values and then another table with formulas and inside the formulas are a reference to the values in the first table. I would like to have the values (each of which is different) inside the formula instead of having two tables. However, it would take me...
  7. L

    Adding a mirror to matching cells

    I have a VBA code that creates a new line in the worksheet. My problem is: cell B3 has a name that changes from time to time, When running the VBA and creating the new line, I need to compare the value on B3 with the Table, and insert (inside the new line), a Mirror to the table with the match...
  8. M

    Quick Help Plz

    Hello, I am starting with VBA and I'd like to know if it was possible to use list from a worksheet inside the code. I wouldn't want to create an array as my list is pretty long. I would like to have an if statement that goes like: If Range("A1").Value IN [a liste of value inside the...
  9. F

    Show higher levels based on the filter

    Let's say I have a spreadsheet that has all towns in the world. All towns have houses in it. All houses have items inside. All those items have smaller items inside. And so on until row level 6. I want to make a macro that based on my filter search opens all of its children. For example if I...
  10. A

    Exit Function inside With-End With block

    Is this acceptable practice ?
  11. D

    merging worksheets

    I need to merge two excel sheets with part lists but not have the part numbers duplicate. i was told to use conditional formatting inside the spreadsheet, if + match. I am clueless.
  12. R

    manipulate text, must be simple :)

    Hello Excel Guru's, Simple problem in VBA: code: x = range("A1").value 'example, the value of A1 is 'Source DATA'!, the value of A1 is variable but always contain ' & '! in the beginning and end question: how can I modify the x inside the VBA, is there a way to make the x = Source DATA using...
  13. F

    Vba add 1 to number inside text for column

    <tbody> Hello there, I have a worksheet where I'd like to add 1 year to the Date column and add 1 to a number inside some text in another column. The Date column, I have sorted, but the number inside text is the worry. My Col "K" has entries like '12/09/2019' & '17/10/2019'. Col "L" has...
  14. L

    Use text on a shape in a macro

    Hi I have 3 macros assigned to 3 different shapes (buttons). Each macro does exactly the same thing (enters text into a cell), but for each macro its different text. Is there any way I can have one macro only for each button but the macro reads the text inside the shape and uses this as the...
  15. C

    Insert the value of another cell inside/between another cell

    Hi Forum! I'm wondering if there's a way to put the value of another cell inside another one ... but between the lines ... sorry for my bad english
  16. Pinaceous

    VBA to move the “flashing line cursor”

    Hi All, Is there a way through VBA to move the “flashing line cursor” of which blinks inside a cell? For example, if the flashing line cursor remains idle inside a cell for example over a minute? This case is popping up when the user starts to type an entry inside a cell then leaves the...
  17. gheyman

    Check to see if a value exists on another tab

    I have a list of parts, I want to add a formula next to each to see if they exist on another tab. I now I can create a nested Iserror formula inside an If statement =IF((ISERROR(INDEX(IMD_BOM!F:F,MATCH([Top Assembly],IMD_BOM!A:AS,0))))=TRUE,"NO","YES") But is there a better more efficient way?
  18. M

    Copy macro error with recent update to Windows 10

    Macro worked perfectly under Windows 7. Now under Windows 10 it returns an error of 2 ?? inside squares like this: ￿￿ (sorry they dont copy over exactly as shown)
  19. N

    VBA - Loop through all folders and move all subfolders in each folder to a subfolder 2018

    Hi, I have large number of folders inside which I have subfolders (child folders) that I would like to move them to a new subfolder 2018 (macro should create it). In summary I need to archive all these subfolder inside each folder to a folder of last year 2018. Thanks for your help :)
  20. L

    Identify textbox in Activex Frame (in another Frame)

    Hello guys, hope somebody can help me :-) I am working now with ActiveX controls and stucked little bit.. on sheet1 I have ActiveX Frame, inside this Frame I have another two frames and inside those frames, I will have textboxes...Do you pls know, how can I identify those textboxes and extract...

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