1. dejhantulip

    Lambda function to extract strings between characters?

    Hello everyone! :) So I have been messing around lately with some data that has delimiters and I am trying (as an alternative to powerquery) to extract some strings that are in the raw data cells using the LAMBDA function. Could anyone help me out to see how I could use lambda for this? So...
  2. M

    How to make a row auto populate

    Hello, Thank you in advance for your help! So I would like to have a separate sheet for certain data that is entered in another sheet, but all located in the same book. Is there a way to do this? For instance, if the text in cell D2 matches a certain criteria, then excel will auto-populate...
  3. E

    Can an XLSM GUI workbook opens its own instance when another instance exists?

    Can an XLSM GUI workbook opens its own instance when another instance exists? I've been researching this and found the link below here (at the forum) but I don't thinks this quite does what I hope I can do. The issue I think is that the macro will open an instance, but I still need to give a...
  4. T

    Find end of values in a column

    I would like to find the first cell in a column different from the rest For instance column "Z" has hundreds of rows with the cell value "Fe" I want to select the first cell in the column different from "Fe" I set the range of the first instance of "Fe" as bastart and was trying this code...
  5. G

    Vlookup for multiple instances

    Hey everyone, I've got a few problems I'm having using vlookups - I feel like there's gotta be something I'm not thinking of. - Is it possible to get a lookup to find the Nth instance of a lookup value? - Can I easily add together every instance? Maybe this is a case for Match instead...
  6. S

    Ignore DDE, IgnoreRemoteRequests - 16.0 changes

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone else uses the ignore DDE option the same way as I did, and have found a workaround to the issue I am facing, or if anyone can simply help with a solution/workaround. Previously when I checked the Ignore DDE option or used Application.IgnoreRemoteRequests =...
  7. A

    Find two values, do something, then findnext instance of both, do some more things

    folks, i am working through a reformatting problem in another thread and came to a new problem along the way. Find and Findnext: in my active range, i set two variables to find. Set c = .Find("DEBT2.P33", LookIn:=xlValues) Set d = .Find("Previous Months Adjustments:", LookIn:=xlValues)...
  8. TinaP

    Communication methods

    Greetings Excellers! I'm currently working on a workbook with lots of UDFs and other volatile functions. Trust me, I've done my research and the UDF/volatile function mode is the preferred method in this instance. (The key phrase is "in this instance.") I also have other workbooks where...
  9. C

    Using replace to replace ONLY the first instance

    I'm trying to use this formula: REPLACE("S";1;1;"O") To remove the first instance of S only. An example of what the column would look like: <tbody> T O O P P T S S P O T O O </tbody> Sadly, It is necessary that I drag the formula I have down thus resulting in all the...
  10. T

    Opening Excel files in a separate instance of Excel

    In Excel 2010, if I want my Excel file to open in a new instance of Excel, (when I open an Excel file via Windows Explorer), I simply add this line to my code: Application.RemoteRequest = True In Excel 365, do Excel files automatically open in a separate instance of Excel? Thanks
  11. T

    Remove everything before and including #

    Hi Folks, I think this is quite an easy one - I've seen similar solutions through searching but not quite exactly this. I have a column with data in it and I want to use vba to get rid of everything before - and including # So for instance I've got ZP02-TS-GLE#1282255 and I want to get rid of...
  12. M

    before print event

    Hi, I try to change the color of the active cell before print the worksheet. I've got the following code: Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean) Sheets("Invoice").Select c = ActiveCell.Address Range(c).Interior.ColorIndex = 2 Sheets("Uurlijst").Select d = ActiveCell.Address...
  13. S

    How to make VBA save, close and re-open a workbook as a new separate Excel instance?

    Hi All, I use the following code (found here) to do the following: - Save - Set up a Windows prompt that will re-open the Excel file in a few seconds - Close the workbook - Prompt triggers a re-opening of the workbook Sub SaveCloseReOpen() Dim strCMD As String strCMD = "CMD /C PING...
  14. S

    Running macro in different instance of excel

    I'm receiving out of resources errors in Excel 365 (32-bit, 64-bit remedies the problem but our IT wont allow it for the number of users that would use this book, so I'm stuck with 32-bit). I have plenty of RAM so I'm trying to split the two workbooks into difference instances to allow more...
  15. Y

    Find And Replace With Sequence Numbers

    using vba, how can i replace a specific text a sequencial number? for instance, i have j j j the replacement should be 1 2 3
  16. A

    Find Row Of Last Instance of A Value (A Break In The Series) From The Top Of A Column

    I have Googled and I have searched this forum, but my results are only as good as the criteria I used to search. I found a lot of references to similar concepts, but nothing exclusiver to the uniqueness of my quest. Is anyone able to suggest a VBA solution to find the row number with the last...
  17. T

    Run VBA Code in new instance of Excel

    Hello, I can export a report in Excel format from an application, but it opens the report with a new instance. I can then rejig the layout to my liking, but I'd like to be able to do this with VBA. What's the best way, if any, to do this, given it's a new instance of Excel, other than copying...
  18. Y

    Listbox search at any position

    I have a listbox that displays the list of files in a folder. i have a textbox that i want to use to search files, for instance, if i should type "ice" it should displays files like "rice, price, apprentice, iceland"
  19. E

    Blank Excel instance

    Why do I sometimes get a blank instance of Excel when I try to open some workbooks? (such as when you type worksbooks.close in the immediate window) I have found that pressing SHIFT when you double-click the workbook causes the file to open properly. I've removed entire macros from personal.xlsb...
  20. J

    Changing last instance based on multiple column match

    Hello All, I need to change the last instance of the "yes or no" column to be "yes" if the first two columns match. The prior matching instances would need to be "No". Below are examples of the data before and after replacing based upon matching column data. Incorrect: <tbody> 18225 10...

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