1. P

    integrate value of cell A3 into formula

    Hello, I try to find a way to integrate A3 cell value into formula I got a folder full of invoices. File names are consecutive numbers starting with 180000.xlsx I want to extract for each file five differents cells. I'd like to manually write in colon A all file names without extension...
  2. M

    Adding a Formula to an Existing Formula

    Hello all, I have the following formula: =OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(MATCH($F$2,'Portfolio - Integration (01)'!$D:$D,0),4,,,"Portfolio - Integration (01)"),TRUE),3,-1) It works perfectly and is part of a summary page of over 100 different tabs (bold to show that it directly references a name so...
  3. J

    Integration in Excel

    Is there any function or add-on available in Excel to do an integration calculation or to calculate the surface of an area under a graph?:confused:
  4. R

    Correct/Incorporation of a needed macro into existing code that adds an automatic hyperlink. Both triggered by same selection on a dropdown

    Hello: I need help in completing a macro and incorporating it into some existing code that does function as designed. It's close to working but I haven't been able to get it right. The 1st part of the code adds a hyperlink (and it works properly) see below The 2nd part is the problem, I'm...
  5. A

    Excel inventory integration

    hi everyone, i would like to ask this question, i am using excel for my inventory list which has the item sku and qty etc. but some items i do not keep them in stock, just i take it from my wholesaler when i get an order, but i need to have the qty of my wholesaler to see if i can rely on him...
  6. S

    Passing a function defined in a cell to a VBA function

    I have a numeric integration function using Simpson rule as follows: Function SimpsonInt(a As Double, b As Double, n As Integer) As Double 'This function calculates the area under the curve y(x) from 'x=a to x=b using Simpson's rule with n intervals ' 'Local variables Dim h As Double, sum As...
  7. H

    email integration and report gneration from a spreadsheet

    Hi folks. I'm investigating the possibilities of extending a spreadsheet I've been working on to manage data in a school. I've already completed the first stage of the process, creating the management system on a spreadsheet, but ideally I'd like to generate weekly reports of recent data from...
  8. V

    Map in Excel

    Here is what I want to do, I want data in excel to color a certain section on a map - how would I go about accomplishing this? I am pretty sure I will need to create an image map in order to create the particular coordinates.
  9. K

    Integration, Integrals, Calculus

    I am trying to take a pair of waveforms from an oscilloscope, specifically a voltage waveform and a current waveform, that was acquired from the same source. I want to then multiply the the waveforms together and integrate the resulting product. I want to plot this 'integrated product'...

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