1. S

    Find Excel intersection Point with x-axis

    I have a Chart that is result of P&L strategy. How can I Find Value of Crosspoint of <chart line with x-Axis>? if there was a 1 Crosspoint or 2 Crosspoint.
  2. T

    How to calculate the area under a Weibull curve

    Hi all, I'm practising my survival analysis skills and I'm trying to conduct a partitioned survival model by means of a Weibull distribution. I can easily manage to do so for exponential distributions, where the survival function is denoted as s(t)=EXP(-(EXP(-intercept)*t)). The area under the...
  3. D

    Slope and Intercept Formula Issue

    Hello, all, I am having an issue with the calculation of my Y-intercept for a fit model I am generating. The graph is in lin/log format (Y axis is linear while X axis is Log10). For one example graph, here are the data for X and Y coordinates: X=0.00024, 0.0008, 0.0024, 0.008, 0.024, 0.08...
  4. B

    Slope and intercept function

    I could not get the slope and intercept that I expected: What I get: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> =INTERCEPT(A2:A113,B2:B113) 497.262 =SLOPE(A2:A113,B2:B113) -0.01124 </tbody> What I expect: intercept ~ 12.55 slope ~ -0.0102 Am I missing something...
  5. B

    Intercept and Slope Function

    The output of Intercept and Slope function is not what I expected. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> =INTERCEPT(A2:A113,B2:B113) 497.167 =SLOPE(A2:A113,B2:B113) -0.01124 </tbody> I expect to see Intercept around 12.558, slope around -0.0102 Am I missing something...
  6. G

    Alternative versions of SLOPE() and INTERCEPT()

    Hi, This is a follow on from a related thread I'm interested in the 'line-of-best-fit' or 'trend line' for a set of scattered points on a graph. I know I can use SLOPE() and INTERCEPT() to get the equation of the line...
  7. H

    Calculating SLOPE & INTERCEPT for filtered data

    Hi- Is there anyway to calculate slope and intercept when data is filtered? I tried using named ranges and the two variables stay the same regardless of the filtering. I would like them to update. Thanks!!!!
  8. B

    Application.OnKey "*x" and "*v" not working on Excel 2016 for Mac

    Hi I have a workbook that I have used for several years that successfully used the following code: Application.OnKey "*x", "CutValues" 'Intercept pressing of CMD+X keys. Application.OnKey "*v", "PasteValues" 'Intercept pressing of CMD+V keys. I have updated to the atrocious Excel 2016 for Mac...
  9. R

    Graphing Intercept Points

    Hi there. What I am trying to do is insert intercepts into my line graph, so that my line graph is more easily readable. The problem I am facing is that my line graph is always changing based on the data that is input. Basically, without going into too much detail, I am creating a calculator...
  10. M

    Finding the x intercept of a 4th degree polynomial using small increments

    I am trying to find the x intercept of a 4th degree function by incrementing the x value. I feel like this way doesnt work always and isnt the most efficient way to do this, is there another way I am missing? My code is: Sub Findintercept() Dim equation As Double, x As Double, A...
  11. T

    Intercept of a line and curve in Excel graph with a log scale on the x-axis

    Hi everyone, I have got a set of data points (I don't have an equation unfortunately) from an experiment which I have plotted on a scatter graph. The x-axis has a log scale to the base of 2. I need to find the median for the data points plotted (the curve), therefore the intercept between the...
  12. J

    Error with Row() or Column() within Offset() within Intercept()

    I'm having an issue with the following formula: INTERCEPT(OFFSET($AM$6,0,0,1,MonthOffset-COLUMN($AM$6)+3),OFFSET($AM$1,0,0,1,MonthOffset-COLUMN($AM$1)+3)) MonthOffset is just an integer, 72 in this case. The above formula works fine with LINEST, rather than INTERCEPT. The issue is with the...
  13. S

    LINEST/REGRESSION skipping blanks

    Hey guys, This is my first post on the forum and I'm hoping to get some of the same help others have received. I am running a spreadsheet on excel for a daily fantasy basketball algorithm and so far I have succeeded in developing efficient macros to grab particular player data from a number of...
  14. P

    Intercept Formula, which excludes #N/A cells

    Hi, Just a quick question regarding the function =INTERCEPT I'm using the formula =INTERCEPT(B5:DQ5,B6:DQ6) which works fine, until one of the cells in the range becomes a #N/A. Is there any way I can adapt the formula to ignore such a cell? Thanks in advance, Pedro
  15. D

    Slope and intercept where range is variable

    I hope that you will be able to help me with this, I'm unable to get the HTML maker past the company firewall so I'll try to describe my problem as simply as I can. I have two column of data that I have charted. Column A contains the x axis values from 1 to 100, Column B contains the vaules for...
  16. S

    forecast price with intercept & slope

    Hey all Excel geniuses, This is actually my FIRST forum post ever ! yep yep gety yep... I'm officially a web geek ! yeee haaww...:eeek: let's imagine I have : 1) average price per year:2006=$200; 2007=$210; 2008=$215;2009=$210 2) # of units sold per year...

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