interest calculation

  1. A

    Calculate running interest rate

    Hello to all, Thank you very much for your assistant in advance. I want to calculate interest for customers; for example for customer A like this interest calculate in 2010 with interest rate 15% and calculated interest amount plus amount transferred to 2011 calculated with interest rate of 2011...
  2. T

    Roll rate model - Delinquent Interest for loans

    Hello, I've a question regarding the calculation of Delinquent Interests for loans using roll rate model, was wondering if someone have already use this ? Thank you
  3. S

    Calculate interest on loan given at various date with moving libor rate

    Hi All Looking forward for your advice and help in calculating interest on loan given at various date. Details as below a) I have below data as loan disbursement date during the period <tbody> Party Date of Loan Loan Amount A 3-Jan-2016 $ 1,500.00 B 3-Jan-2016 $ 200.00 C...
  4. U

    Day Count Convention

    Trying to compare cumulative interest paid on a loan using different day count convention - I've used CUMIPMT but not sure what the defaut day count convention it uses or if I can change it. Any suggestions?
  5. B

    Interest on increasing capital amount, not compounded

    I am hoping someone can help. I have spent all afternoon trying to figure this one out, to no avail. Basically, I have a principal amount which stays the same and recurrs daily, say £10 (see table below). I want to add interest on that at 8% simple annual interest from the date it is incurred...
  6. D

    Calculating Interest with Various Rates and Time Periods

    Hi all, I'm trying to automate interest calculation given the total charge amount, due date, and interest rates for each period. The following table is the interest rates table for account code and time period: Acc Code BEG END Low Rate% High Rate% 13 0001-01-01...
  7. K

    Excel Formula, Payment calculation

    Hello, I need to calculate a commission based on following rates for different bank. Rates are as follows: Please help me calculate the commission based on below conditions: Conditions: Wells Fargo: 70% of total reserve below (column F) Ally Bank : 75% of total reserve below (column F)...
  8. K

    Reserve Formula

    Hello Guys, I work for a auto dealership and my boss asked me to calculate a reserve on finance deals. I have total 5 finance deals and total amount of financed is: $169,819. My spread is always 2% ( buy rate-sell rate) The reserve is the difference between buy rate and sell rate. How do I...
  9. S

    Amortisation Calculator

    Hi Guys, I am looking to do a presentation where I present the costs differences between 2 home loans. 1. Example one is a loan at 5% pa 2. Example two is a loan at 4% pa There are two graphs that i am trying to build. 1. the cost savings between example 2 and 1 over a 30 year period...
  10. S

    Interest Earning of Fixed Deposit

    Hi Everyone i need a formula to calculate Accumulated Interest earned and Maturity vale of an Investment made for a certain period. <tbody> A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 Principal Amount Interest Rate Start Date Maturity Date Period (days) <tbody> Maturity Amount </tbody> <tbody> Total...
  11. M

    Loan/Lease Interest Calculator Problem

    Hi there, I've been searching google high and low for a spreadsheet that can help me with an analysis I'm trying to run. I manage a golf course and every few years, I have to turnover our power cart fleet. It's always a question of how many carts we can afford based on our budget. So I was...
  12. P

    Formula for interest payable

    Hi There Can anyone give me a formula for calculating the interest payable on a loan, based on: Amount of loan; Interest rate; Repayment amount; Repayment frequency. e.g £3000 loan at 12% paid at £120/month. I can get it right one payment at a time, but would like a single formula to do the...
  13. W

    Excel Idiot needing help with interest formula

    I appreciate any help in advanced. I have promised my boss a Excel Spreadsheet calculating accrued interest to date on judgments we were awarded by first thing in the morning. Now at 3:00am I am ready to give up! Here are the columns for my spreadsheet related to my question for with an...

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