1. P

    Dynamic Compound Interest Formula

    Apologies if some iteration of this question has already been asked, but I wasn't able to find an exact analogue to my situation. I'd like to create a formula that calculates compound interest on a note based on user inputs for: (i) principal, (ii) annual interest rate, (iii) interest accrual...
  2. T

    Calculating daily interest

    Hello, I have someone to whom I've been lending money at random times for the last 3 years, sometimes is $600, sometimes can be $2000. It's a friend so I've never paid much attention to how much this money would have given me if I had it in the bank or invested. But now the debt is considerable...
  3. B

    Calculate interest rate

    $1,000 grows to $1,000,000 in 200 periods at what interest rate? thanks :confused:
  4. J

    How to calculate compound interest?

    hello first post here i want to learn to calculate compound interest using excel how do i do that? let say i have 1000$ and it gets 10% raised every week how do i calculate the total growth in 1 year?
  5. W

    Loan Repayment Formula with Interest Capitalization and Monthly Payment

    Hi All, I have a loan repayment schedule as below where interest accrued on loan principal is capitalized on quarterly basis (blue marked dates) and payment is made monthly. Here green cells are variable, meaning user should be able to define loan disbursement date (here, 7 OCT 2019), first...
  6. T

    Copy Range D6:P6 in every 2 minutes And PASTE Values to Down Cells Continuesly in every 2 minutes

    Dear Sir, Iam a small NSE Option Trader. For Open Interest Tracker, i have designed a excell sheet Name OI Tracker. In this sheet i get the updated Open Interest Values From D6:P6 (These Values get updated when the Open Interest data Updates in So i need to get it copied the below...
  7. rcomag

    HELP: Excel Formula using date as basis for interest

    Hello, newbie here. can someone please help on how to work on the formula using dates (year... if possible movable dates) as basis for computing the interest. i made a formula and i cant seem find anyway to have the year be moving, depending on the present year, or if possible to include the...
  8. G

    Weighted Average Loan Payment Formula

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to create a formula that calculates a "paid-to date" for a loan that has multiple principal balances. I want to be able to plug in a payment amount and have a formula in the Interest Paid-to column determine the paid-to date by applying the payment to the loan with...
  9. B

    VBA IRR on Amortization Tabl

    I'm looking for a way to use VBA to calculate the IRR of the cashflows of an amortization table without actually needing an amortization table in my workbook, but rather just the loan attributes. I currently use the following function to calculate the cumulative interest paid given the...
  10. R

    Withdrawing balances from accounts

    Hi, Below are two banks, Bank A and Bank B where i am intending to withdraw based on the annual increase in withdrawal of 3% starting at age 70. Everthing works ok for me and and I provided the formula below that i am working on. However, I could not get the formula out for withdrawal. Given...
  11. B

    Loan repayment calculation

    Hi I want to take out a loan for 25,000,000 at 7% annual fixed interest rate and make month end monthly repayments. I want to take out the loan immediately "month 0" but not start paying it back until month 7... because I won't have any income for 6 months. I must pay the whole lot back by...
  12. M

    Match & Countifs (probably ..)

    I've been struggling with a formulae (having tried various connotations of COUNTIFS) to first: - count the number of matches per item (an item can occur multiple times in the Master list) on an extensive list but that is further restricted to only those whose characteristic of interest has to...
  13. tlc53

    Compounding Interest

    Hi there, I can see myself spending (more) hours on this so before I do, I thought I'd check if there's any clever cookies who know how to do this. I would like to calculate the compounding interest on a Overdrawn Loan account. I would like the interest incurred to be shown quarterly. In...
  14. A

    reverse engineer interest rate

    hi all. i'm trying to work a reverse calculation on a finance repayment calculator. i have have the standard amortisation calcs.. $20k amount 84 months 10% interest $332 repayments per month Total interest component of $7890 If i bump the repayments up to $375 per month, it lowers the loan...
  15. R

    Dashboard Using Dates, Date Ranges and an Aging Matrix

    I need some help. I have a spreadsheet that has two sides. A shortages side and a Surplus side. The numbers on the two sides two will always remain seperate Basically a Debits and Credits Accounting type setup. Each side of the spreadsheet is an every growing and shrinking with the number...
  16. R

    If value in report combobox A, B or C, then another combo box d or e.

    Good day all, I have a simple issue that I am struggling to resolve. In an access report I have a combobox (Called "InterestCode") that looks up a value from a query and outputs that value. There are a number of options , eg. M1, M2, M3, P1, P2 etc. Depending on this value, I would like...
  17. M

    Xcel newb needing help calculating simple interest on a judgment

    I have used court calculators in the past to calculate the amount of interest (simple) owed, to-date, on a judgment but have been tasked with something I am unaware how to solve. My best best was to figure out an Xcel formula in hopes of simplifying my life. Judgment was awarded on December...
  18. D

    Payment plan, with 2 accounts, paid in order

    Hello! I am having a hard time doing this in excel, and variations of it::confused: how can i calculate the monthly price i need to pay to pay down 2 accounts 2 0 where the 1st account is worth 2000 and has 0 percent interest and the 2nd account is work 10,000 and has 5 percent compounting...
  19. R

    Time Value of Money

    Hi, I need help on calculation FV. I need to know the FV of a $1M investment that pays out 5% interest on a monthly basis. PV $1m Number of years 5 Interest Rate 5% Payment $ this is where i don't know what to fill out FV ? Thanks
  20. V

    Copy a Cell Value to Another Cell in the same Table

    Hi I have a table with 12 columns which is used for tracking Receipts and Payment for Individual CLient. (I have a sample file. But this forum doesnt seem to allow me to attache it to the post) I am trying to create a automated consolidated snapshot as of current date i.e. Total Principal...

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