internet explorer

  1. C

    IE Print Screen Not Correct Info

    Sub IE_Load_PrintScreen() ' IE and OutLook Dim NorryLink As String ' Link to copy Print Screen NorryLink = "Home - County of Northumberland" & Sheets("Tax Cert Bill").Range("B17").Value Dim IE As Object Dim hwnd As Long, IECaption As String Set IE =...
  2. I

    Tweaked Internet Explorer web scrape code will not work using Get request

    Hi. So I have this web scrape code that pulls data from a work website using Internet Explorer. Works fine. However, when there is a lot of data it is slow. So I have been trying to convert it using Get request since it seems to be quicker. However, it pulls nothing. Running the code step by...
  3. M

    VBA Copy Internet Explorer webpage and paste into Excel using Match Destination Formatting

    I have a code that opens various web pages, copies (Select-All) the information on the web page and then pastes the information into an excel using match destination formatting to ensure that the worksheet replicates the column formatting within the web pages. The code below has worked for...
  4. C

    VBA Internet Explorer Unable to click "Export" Button.

    Hi, I am trying to click the export button by ID ("exportRpt") but nothing happen in the IE. Is there anything that I have missed? I have written a code to loop through each IE and find the new IE that I am going to work with. here is my Macro code: Sub Third_Level() Dim TWB As...
  5. A

    Will a kind soul help to provide a vba solution to insert text into webpage textbox

    Dear all, I am trying to input text into a webpage and search and am running into problems. Below is my code Sub GetHTMLDocument() Dim IE As New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer Dim HTMLDoc As MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim HTMLInput As MSHTML.IHTMLElement IE.Visible = True...
  6. A

    VBA getElementsByTagName fail to catch "td" tag elements

    I need some help from the smart guys here on the site. The code snippet below don't give any errors and it looks that it works fine, but the TD element collection stays empty and the innerText is empty too. That while the data are showing in a visual browser as You can see in the image below...
  7. M

    VBA Code to click a button on a VBA page

    Hi. I am trying to use my VBA code to click a button on an IE Web page. I have tried various lines of code but keep getting the Object Error 424. Below is the web page code detailing the button.... <td id="cellInvestment </br>Choice" align="left" name="cellInvestment </br>Choice"...
  8. L

    Please advise the codes I used

    Hi I got the below vba code from this site. The code will automatically open the site in IE(will be using different url) and will import files as well. When I ran this code,it did not work due to incorrect elementsTagName and maybe InputType as well. What should be the correct codes? I am not...
  9. T

    Excel VBA Runtime '91' error during lookup in Internet Explorer

    Good day. I am trying to lookup some Warranty Expiration dates via Internet Explorer and return the results to and Excel spreadsheet. Currently the code is very rudimentary. I have not yet added to code to read serial number from the worksheet or write the results back to the spreadsheet. I just...
  10. P

    Yahoo finance browser version error preventing web scraping

    I have been scraping data from Yahoo Finance pages for years with VBA code in Excel (now in Excel 2010) by opening an IE window and working with the data from the document HTML. Aside from adjusting for Y.F. making changes often I've been able to get everything I need either from stock quote...
  11. M

    Submitted forms via IE

    Hi all, I am trying to automate a number of forms we need to submit on a weekly basis with the same details. I have tried writing a VBA code for this however I get an error once i read the first elementbyid. Sub SubmitSpark()Dim IE As Object Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set IE =...
  12. K

    Website not updating after inserting drop down option via VBA

    I've tired a lot of different approaches and still have not figured out any way to overcome the issue. When use the .selectedindex = 10, the option appears just like i wont it to, but the date range boxes will not appear after i've picked the option. ive tired .focus .fireevents .click and many...
  13. A

    Help Scrolling an IE modal

    First off, I appreciate all of your time in reviewing and potentially responding to my inquiry. I have a webpage that loads a modal that is longer than the page displays requiring me to scroll down to get the second screenshot. I have not been able to programmatically scroll the modal despite...
  14. F

    Excel-IE Automation w/VBA on Dynamic Tables

    Good Morning, I’m hoping that some kind soul out there can help me with a roadblock I’ve encountered in my quest to manipulate a website with VBA. I am using MS Excel 2010 and Internet Explorer 11.0.56. I’m somewhat comfortable with VBA but have never used it to navigate to a website, enter...
  15. C

    VBA Internet Controls Log In to Website

    I am trying to make an excel macro log in to a website and get stuck at trying to tell the macro to click Sign In. The website URL is Could someone tell me the HTML element that I will need to use...
  16. B

    web crawler won't crawl

    Hi All, I wrote this crawler 6 months ago and now it gives me error message. Dim IE as InternetExplorer "user defined type not defined" error, I use the same exact line in another excel book. Any ideas?
  17. K

    Internet Explorer webpage - login and password

    Hello, I have a website, for which I would like to write a macro for providing username and password, and log in with specific credentials. The website is written in JavaScript language. I am using MS Excel 2016, IE v11. Here is my current code (I needed to provide "xxx" where necessary): Sub...
  18. E

    VBA Help: Extracting website information with Internet Explorer

    Hi all, I'm a VBA rookie and I have only just begun my dive into this deep realm of new learnings due to the limitation of formulas. I’m attempting to use VBA to open internet explorer, click a search button, then extract the tabled information presented. The website is...
  19. K

    Internet Explorer - log in to a webpage

    Hello, I try to write a macro for: 1) Opening a certain webpage in Interner Explorer 11 (I am using 64-Bit MS Excel 2016) 2) Going to specific fields within a website 3) Providing "User ID" and "Password" values 4) Clicking "Login" button I am a VBA beginner :) Thank you in advnce for any...
  20. B

    vba internet explorer click button works, but doesn`t take my inputs

    Intro> I'm new to vba for ie, I've been searching in many forums for days, but I still couldn't find someone with the same problem as me. That's why I'm creating this new thread. Would someone please help? My goal> I want to automate my searches for flight tickets in skyscanner . com More...

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