1. D

    Need help converting 15 minutes intervals into 30 minutes interval

    Hi everyone, I am trying to convert a 15-minute interval export into a 30 minutes interval and sum up the different values (Total 1 - Total 9) within that 30-minute interval. The data table is as below: Text Date TIME_Interval Split_Number Split_Name Total 1 Total 2 Total 3 Total 4 Total 5...
  2. I

    How to get two Trendlines to start and stop at two different intervals on a chart

    All; I researched and trialed different options on this for awhile, I am not a charting expert but what I'm trying to do is chart two separate trendlines for two separate time intervals but only show (and have the trendline effected by the data of that interval. Below is the data and where I...
  3. R

    Rank and Scores

    Hi, I´m fighting against an elusive formula to assign scores, I have tried to use arrays and combinations of functions seen in old posts... with no positive results. I have a long list of rows of concepts, each of them related to several values that appear in columns, so they must be compared...
  4. A

    Error retrieving getting data

    Can I receive assistance resolving an error running this code... The code is suppose to retrieve intraday prices. I email the author, but never received a response. Greatly appreciate the help. Thank you kindly ' Samir Khan' ' ' Contact...
  5. S

    Sending mails to a list of receipnts with a fixed interval of time

    I have a list of clients to which i need to send mails. However due to service provider restrictions, i can send these mails at an interval of 10 secs only, or else my domain gets black listed for spamming. I need a VBA code where the comman mail body is used to send the mails to a particular...
  6. C

    Summing a Value within a Specific Time Frame

    I have a file that contains values gathered at 15-minute intervals for an entire day for hundreds of meters. I need to sum these values by each hour for each meter. Most of the entries contain values for each 15-minute period in the each hour (0:15, 0:30, 0:45, 1:00), but not all show all four...
  7. K

    Convert Schedules to Interval Staffing

    Hey, i want to convert a schedule into interval staffing with VBA. How to start this project? 1. Read the data into a array. 2. Calculate each shift duration. 3. ???? Please help me with some guidelines. I dont expect to receive here the full code but at least information what I need to...
  8. R

    Rounding time to nearest previous interval.

    Hello Everyone, I am attempting to rounddown the time to the nearest previous interval. I have some data in excel. It logs the start time of a bar. Eg the 16:00 bar begins at 16:00 and completes at 16:00:59 Now when the time is at 17:20 I would like excel to look for the time 16:00 (starting...
  9. K

    Loop+ Offset issue

    Hey, what is wrong in the code below. I need to receive a output like 00:00 00:15 00:30 00:45 but instead d I get 00:00 00:15 00:15 00:15 ---------------------------------------------------- Dim interval As Range Range("E6").Value = "00:00" Set interval = Range("E6") For i = 1 To 95...
  10. A

    Pivot Table - time row

    Good morning, We recently upgraded from Win7 to Win10 and i'm trying to prepare my monthly metrics report. Typcially, I extract a file from our data system, clean up the noise, and then insert a pivot table to get summary information that I need for reporting. The data has a column for date...
  11. S

    Filtering: need one sample per minute, but have irregular time intervals

    Afternoon.... I am doing several oven temp analysis over the next couple weeks. My data is coming from two instruments, and I need to merge results to compare. One unit I can control the time interval, and have it set for once a minute, ez pee-zee The other one...well I get what I get, and...
  12. W

    How to translate shift allocations to show count by interval

    Hi, I have the total number of employees allocated to each shift, what is the best way to formulate to show the count of each employee in an interval for each day of the month. M-F 8am -5pm-: 20 employees M-Sat 6am -3 pm, with wednesday off: 10 employees How do I formulate this show I can...
  13. M

    Update links in excel base on time interval

    Hello, I need help with a VBA code to update links in excel. Id like it to update every 5 min. The links will be between 2 different excel workbooks. Any help will be appreciated
  14. xeven_

    Increase time by one minute intervals

    Is there a way to put an initial time in a cell and then have the subsequent cells increase by one minute interval? I am currently using excel 2010.
  15. L

    Calculate Number of Consecutive Groups of Cells from the End

    Hello! I want to calculate the following for each row: How many connected cells at the end of the row contain a character such as 'x', where cells separated by 'interval-1' empty cells are still considered in one chain and are counted. A chain of 'x' cells is only broken by 'interval' amount of...
  16. S

    Counting how often a time appears

    Hi, I am hoping someone out there will be able to point me in the right direction as I have been searching for ages and can not seem to get anything to work that is not really long winded. A B C D E <tbody>...
  17. B

    Statistical question - confidence intervals

    I have some data I have inherited from several years back and no-one who was around back then is still around to ask. Year Question # Lower 95% confidence interval Scored percentage Upper 95% confidence interval No of responses for this question and trust 2014...
  18. A

    Help with VBA macro

    Hello everyone! First of all I have to say is a great forum! found really interesting stuff that helped me with my VBA skills. Secondly, I was wondering if someone could help me with a simple macro that I couldn't find online and is driving me crazy. What I have is a table with different...
  19. D

    Calculating Mileage/Days

    I'm not even sure this is possible, but is there a formula that will calculate maintenance hours/miles/days in one column? I know that I can put in a simple C2+30 to get the 30 day date due and D3+100 to get the next 100 hour mileage due. But is there a way that I can tell excel to determine...
  20. D

    Date calculation based on interval

    Hello all! I am far from an excel expert so I really need your help if possible. For work, I am trying to create a spreadsheet that's simple for our mechs to use. I'm lost as to if or how I can get the hours/date next due to auto calculate based on the PM interval type they choose from the drop...

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