1. T

    Delete only unused related records in another table

    I have used Excel for many years, but am new to Access! I am creating a database on which to log invoices received and track progress with authorisation, disputes, etc. through to eventual payment. As each invoice could have multiple progress updates relating to it, and each progress update...
  2. G

    save PDF file into sub-folder

    I have a macro to save a worksheet and protect it. It then also saves the new worksheet as a PDF. I want to save the PDF into a particular subfolder called "Invoices" The sub folder will always be in the main folder. I cant use a spefic path at the main folder needs to work on different...
  3. C

    Summarize data with multiple criteria

    Hi, I need help to summarize data as shown in picture. sum up duplicate invoices amount. Thanks [/URL][/IMG]
  4. S

    Determine Sequence

    I have a list of Invoices with a Date and Email Addresses from a sales database. I have counted the number of invoices per email address...but now I need to mark each invoice as "First / Second/Third, Fourth, Fifth Order .. basically what sequence.... I am trying to calculate the number of...
  5. L

    Read data from closed sheets into new spreadsheet.

    I have over 900 individual invoices created by excel, all are stored in a directory d:\invoices and are named Inv10001.xlsx to inv100909.xlsx I have a new spreadsheet called Address Book with one sheet called Address list. I want a macro or a vba code to open each of the invoice files and copy...
  6. M

    Dynamic ListBox for an invoice

    Hello Everybody, I woud lile your help on some issues i'm facing when i try to populate a combobox from a specific range based on a certain condition. Below is a listbox i created that provides the summary of all the invoices registered (see image below as an example): When i select an i...
  7. D

    SUMIFS formula picking up all values instead of criteria!AvjBsEPEq12ngT3R9p-e8rqgVZkN?e=k7e4yd I have two columns. First column =age of invoice Second column = $ I want to do SUMIFS for invoices > 365 days E6 works fine for invoices 'Not Due' E7 should pick up $0.00 but instead picks up everything Not sure why..
  8. D

    How to group this in Pivot Tables!AvjBsEPEq12ngTpjIV0Ri5AcMKZa?e=0sU8cn I have a table of data. First column = company names. Other columns = invoice amount aging by days E.g. column B = 1 - 010 means invoices overdue between 1 day and 10 days. I am summarizing the info in a PV. Suppose I want to create...
  9. albertc30

    Countif but filter the number of customers...

    Hi all. I am trying to filter the number of say invoices pending and the formula bellow does this. =COUNTIF(E:E,"NO") However, the goal here is to show only the number of customers with outstanding unpaid invoices. These would be marked on say collumn E as NO. So, say column D has customers...
  10. D

    Convert PDFs into text?

    So we receive hundreds of invoices from our customers every day. The invoices are in pdf format but such that you can select the text and copy and paste etc Is there a way to convert multiple pdfs of invoices into data so that I can see it Excel or Word?
  11. D

    Keeping track of vendor invoices: what would you do differently!AvjBsEPEq12ngR1M8FneK-3B1Ew7?e=1pqHkd Hey guys, Let me explain my setup. This workbook is what I use to manage invoices that we pay to other companies. Company (1) sends us invoices. We'll pay them. Each week, Company (1) will send us a statement with a list of...
  12. I

    Renaming files now obviously stops code working

    Hi, I have this code in use which when in my database & i press its button the corresponding invoice is then shown. At the time the invoice were saved like this, 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf Private Sub OpenInvoice_Click() Const FILE_PATH As String = "C:\Users\Ian\Desktop\REMOTES ETC\DR COPY...
  13. P

    convert excel into web based to make invoice

    Hey guys, I need a help. I have a excel file with lots of macros VBA codes to make invoices. There are around 5-6 pages in the excel file. Is there any way to make this excel file go online ? I mean that can i upload it in a server/cloud where multiple people can access it at the same time and...
  14. A

    Compare 2 workbooks and extract the rows that are missing (VBA)

    Hi, I've been trying to write a macro for this but can't figure out the proper way to go about accomplishing this correctly. I have one workbook open (Important to note that the name of this workbook can vary) with a table called "Invoices". Lets call this workbook WorkBook A. I have another...
  15. C

    Tearing My Hair Out

    Hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I have copied and pasted from this web page: and have corrected all the cell numbers to do with my saving details, and the macro is perfect. BUT, when I then go in to the invoices again, to...
  16. G

    Matching cells to give a result for invoices paid or not paid

    Hi there, I have two lists on one spreadsheet with the invoice number being common to both lists. The list on the left is from a supplier and the one on the right is my list. The list is about 2,000 lines and what the supplier wants to find out is if I have received their invoice and is it paid...
  17. M

    Copy data between 2 empty lines save as new file and then next

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody will be able to help me. I am fairly new to VBA. I have created a macro that will pull the data from file based on multiple criteria, group them together, assign invoice number and separate the invoices with blank rows. It will look something like this (with a...
  18. I

    Print code on userform

    Hi, The working code supplied below is what i use to view a saved invoice. What i am looking for is to now use the same code but with an edit. Once the button is pressed it will look for the invoice number & print it as opposed to viewing it. Thanks Private Sub OpenInvoice_Click() Const...
  19. W

    Filter Pivot table by each customer and auto email invoices unpaid

    Attached file. after you step into the macros. once it filters invoices unpaid by the first customer, in the pivot. It gives an error I was not able to resolve this. anyone able to help me run this code please. Objective of this macro is automate: filter on pivot for each customer, that...
  20. H

    No Remittance Advice - assistance with allocation

    Good Afternoon. Working in a finance department, we quite often get issuesthat payments are received, but we have no idea what invoice numbers have beenpaid in that particular payment. This is because the client has not provided aremittance advice (list of invoices they have paid). I am...

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