ip address

  1. S

    VBA Regex to Match IPV4 and IPV6

    I'm trying to use VBA to scrape all IP addresses from all Excel files in a given user-selected folder. I have gotten this to work with the IPV4 addresses, but the couple IPV6 regex variations I've tried do not work. Does anyone have a tested IPV6 regex I can insert here? 'Create regular...
  2. D

    Trying to make a form that will auto update values on different sheet

    I'm trying to out do myself, I have a basic form built out with drop downs and blanks. So far i have formulas in place that will find an "Available" ip by using xlookup, and i also have an xlook up to find the row, column and sheet name, i have a cell formulated to show a complete location (ex...
  3. B

    Vlookup IP Address and can Return Yes/No?

    Similar to this old thread https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/vlookup-to-return-yes-and-no-values.407539/#post-2020521 But, I have a string in column A like below, outputs in D & E and two IPs in B&C. Appreciate for a VB Script if possible, or is there another way aside from vlookup...
  4. K

    Macro to vlookup multiple columns

    Hi, I need to populate almost 10 columns with information from another excel sheet. We usually do it using vlookup. Can we use a macro and automate it. SO that I just click once and all the columns gets populates. Table A where the information needs to be populated <tbody> IP Location Metal...
  5. S

    retrieve Hostname from IP address using VBA

    Hi a Colleague wrote the below and has now left the company, I now need to expand the code so in cell.offset (0, 4) it will display the FQDN, is this possible? The IPs start at Cell 'A2' and generally go down to row 254 Thanks in advance Stuart :confused: Sub PingTest() Dim Cell As...
  6. J

    Conditional Concatenation of Multiple IP Address Values Into One Cell

    I have the ff. tables in a worksheet: Table A (Sheet 1) - a list of 1000+ computers that don't have a specific piece of software installed Table B (Sheet 2) - a list of 15000+ host-to-IP address entries from the local DNS obtained using the <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px; border...
  7. B

    Replace text after nth occurance of character?

    I have a list of IP addresses: I am looking for a formula to take this column and generate the following in the next column:
  8. D

    Excel Lookup IP addresses in multiple ranges

    I am trying to find a formula for column A that will check an IP address in column B and find if if falls into a range (or between) 2 addresses in in two other columns. C and D. E.G. <tbody> Valid? address range start end yes yes
  9. F

    excel macro code for vp and ip address

    Hi, I'd like to know if there's a simple code for getting the vpn and ip address of a computer. Thanks. I already have the code for the username - I'm missing getting vpn and ip address or where the computer connects to the internet.
  10. N

    Determine if IP is in Subnet + Lookup

    Hi guys - I have am trying to take a list of 250k IP Addresses and determine if they are in subnets that are part of my organization. I would prefer to do this with just formulas but am open to VBA as well...i just dont understand it as well. The first two columns I have, the third is my...
  11. J

    Update Connection String's IP address with cell content change

    I've got a spreadsheet consisting of several ODBC queries that I need to distribute to multiple individuals. The ODBC server's IP address in the Connection String will be different for each individual so I'm looking for a way to update the server's IP address based off of an IP address I enter...
  12. F

    Vlookup IP Subnets

    Hello first time poster here, I'll try to be as clear as I can :) I am currently being slowly driven to the brink of madness trying to work out why a vlookup is always returning #NA. The goal is for every IP address listed in a table I need to automatically work out the location based on the...
  13. B

    IP Address Range Calculator

    Im sure this has been posted but after reading over this forum and others i still cannot find a solution. Given the first two columns of IP addresses i want to generate the third or even fourth Column <tbody> StartIP EndIP Total IPs Total /24s 32,766 128
  14. S

    Extract Numbers from an IP address

    Hi I'm struggling to extract the last 1,2 or 3 digits from an IP address. the problem I have is that I have different length of IP address, so for example I am trying to extract the numbers after the last full stop so the above example results would be...
  15. D

    Country Lookup by IP Address Range

    Guidance please .. I have two worksheets in my excel file. Sheet 1 - a list of IP addresses in column E ex: '' Sheet 2 - a list of IP address ranges (roughly 11k rows) assigned to a particular country in columns A, B & C respectfully ex: '16.777.216' | '17.367.039' | 'AUSTRALIA'...
  16. F

    Connect to ip:port from a mac

    I need to connect to windows program another computer. The program has a winsock protocol running. I can telnet from the terminal of my mac and send and receive data. I would like to be able to do this inside excel with vba. I can imagine a separate program (ruby or something) that will do...
  17. M

    Vlookup IP Address in a Range

    Hello and thank you for your time. I am attempting to categorize IP Addresses. My lookup table looks like this: Begin End Category 3 2
  18. T

    Show IP addresses with leading zeros

    Does anyone know how I can format a cell to always add zeros to IP addresses? ex. change to The cells data is being populated from other spreadsheets using a VLOOKUP. I just need the leading zeros. Thanks
  19. S

    VBA: Parsing multiple IP addresses from a string

    I have some code that will parse the FIRST IP address it finds in a string. Could someone help with the code for continuing through the remaining part of the string and parsing out any additional IP addresses it finds and concatenating them with a comma and space (", ")? There are specific...

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