1. I

    Check for Not Empty Cells

    Hi, I have the code below which works well. It checks to see if Cell "A1" is not empty if it is not empty then it runs the code only in the cells are blank in column A. I would like to change the code so that it automatically checks each cell in column A, if has data then it runs the code...
  2. Z

    COUNTIFS to Exclude Blanks that contain formulas

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with counting cells using two exclusions: "x" or BLANK. I'm running my test against two tables: One without and one with formulas. The one without formulas produces the correct number (C25), but the one with formulas (G25) is counting the BLANK cells when it...
  3. T

    VBA Type Mismatch error

    Hi, there are three columns(open date, close date and months). I need to use VBA to automate date adding process. If there is a value in column A, I want to add column A and C together and put the result in column B. For example, in cell A2, I want to input date 6 months after 02/08/2021(cell...
  4. G

    If Not IsEmpty Error

    Hello, Some context for this issue. I am trying to move over this whole VBA code to my personal book that is stored in XLSTART and run the macros off that moving forward instead of having them in the reports themself. The code below works fine in the document on its own but doesn't work when I...
  5. E

    VBA loop code Error help!

    I am running the below code and getting an error at the end when the do untilempty is not working and the code runs until the third line and there are no more rows in the spreadsheet since column G had no data in any cells. Can someone please help me figure out the error in my coding. Thank you...
  6. C

    VBA IsEmpty Function not working properly

    Hi, I have a database of our clients, and the columns are arranged in the following way <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K ID NAME PHONE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP WEBSITE E-MAIL/CONTACT FORMS INDUSTRY STATUS </tbody> I have the following macro, which works great. It basically loops through the...
  7. Mackeral

    "IsEmpty" Function

    I have found 2 different versions of documentation for the VBA function "IsEmpty": One on TechNet says the function is used to test "if the value is a blank cell or uninitialized variable, the function will return TRUE. Otherwise, the function will return FALSE". The other on Microsoft says...
  8. L

    Infinite Loop Correction

    Hello, I have been trying a lot of different methods to achieve the desired result however close but no cigar. The code below does what I need but I have an infinite loop which results in a run-time error. Sub DeleteBlankTesting() ' This code deletes empty rows if GRNSTATE is empty. Error to end...
  9. kungfauxn00b

    Cell validation (IsEmpty) and returning MsgBox

    Hey guys and gals, I have the following code which checks multiple ranges for blank values and returns a MsgBox for each cell when IsEmpty = TRUE Sub Check_Event_Form() Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Range("D10,D14,D18,D28,D41,D44,D46,D48,D53,D56,D73,AH73") If...
  10. S

    ISEMPTY does not want to work properly. Someone help me out of this.

    I am looking to fill in blanks in the selected range with the word "Research" IF the cell is blank then cell = "Research" Simple enough, yet my mind is drawing a blank. The code below puts the word "Research" in the Header (U1), instead of in the blank cell. Something is missing, what...
  11. 3

    Selecting and Copying Cells in Range if not blank AND are not hidden

    Hey Folks! I'm trying to select and then copy cells within a range if a there is data in a specific column. If there is, I need it to copy all those cells in that row range even if it has some blanks in other cells in that range. I was trying this: Sub CopyPt6() If ActiveCell = ""...
  12. R

    VBA - Using IsEmpty to check a range of cells

    Sub ShowStockWithRisingPotential() Dim sheet As Worksheet Dim CurrentRowNumber As String Dim RisingValue As Double, RisingThershold As Double, RisingTrend As Double, Result As Variant, i As Integer, j As Integer, Stock As Long CurrentRowNumber =...
  13. J

    "Empty "cell is not empty?

    Hi All. I have a cell where I have used both ws functions and VBA functions to test content. The cell appears to have no content, but still it is not empty. VBA: isemtpty(cell) returns false WS: isblank(cell) = FALSE code(cell) = #VALUE! istext(cell) = TRUE I'm in doubt about how to...
  14. G

    Excel Macro - Using IsNumeric and Cell IsEmpty as a condition

    If IsNumeric(ThisWorkbook.Sheets("sheet1").Cells(RowCounter, "A")) = True Then Call Method End If InitialRow = InitialRow + 1 Next MsgBox ("The End") End Sub Hi All, Above is the Code if the Column A has a Character go to Next line Works Perfect. BUT it Exits...
  15. G

    Excel Macro - How do change my code If Cell is Empty The Code should End

    Hi All, I Am reading and excel sheet using macro. I have Put a condition already if the code come across ani ISNummeric = false Skip it to next line. I wanna know if the code comes a line where Column A B and C is empty Code should end DO Not go Beyond that row. Below is the table as per table...
  16. R

    Do Until LOOP Help

    Geniuses, I am having a bit of trouble getting a piece of code to loop. I have a button that once clicked will do exactly this: If Duplicate_Find Is Nothing Then ActiveCell.Copy ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Select ActiveCell.PasteSpecial...
  17. M

    Help with modifying macro to check if cell in range is empty

    hi all, i would appriciate some help :) i have two sheets named Unos_treninga and Test. I need to copy range I16:AA40 from Unos_treninga sheet to sheet Test to first empty row. There is condition - copy cells if cell in column I is not empty. data is entered in every row in range, there is no...
  18. R

    IF Not ISEmpty Autofill problem

    I have a macro that will autofill column C with the contents of "C1" to the last used row from column A. This code works great unless row 1 is the only row. That is why I used "If Not IsEmpty("A2") Then" because I wanted it to recognize that if "A2" is empty then do not autofill. When i use...
  19. S

    How to Calculate "Average %" dependent on Cell Value

    Hello Everybody, I'll try my best to explain this complex situation. There is data in column A and Column D. Data in column A is account no and data in Column D is some % value. Each account can have multiple % (please refer table below for example) Now I am trying to write a code to see if the...
  20. N

    VBA Problem: Changing top border thickness if...

    Hello, I am pretty new to VBA and am trying to write something that will make the top border between B and G thin where the C column is not empty, and make the top border thick where the B column is not empty. If both C and B are not empty it should make the border thick. Here is what I did...

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