1. CsJHUN

    VBA slideshow-ish

    Hi guys i would like to create a userform, which load pictures from a folder, and change the pictures every 3-4 seconds, while the user can select between 2 option button ( good or not good). And the picture name,the selected option button value would be registered below each other. The 'sleep'...
  2. R

    Copy Specified Columns from Multiple Workbooks to one Workbook

    Hi i have more than 50 workbooks with same data but i need specified columns in one workbook example sharing for your Reference [Crazy Mart]-Workbook1 <tbody> Item Name Price Oranges 50 Apples 35 Banana 25 Pomegranate 60 </tbody> [Trail Mart]-Workbook2 <tbody> Item Name Price...
  3. J

    VBA Code to Work down a list, calc a result, add result to bottom of new list

    Hi All, Any help here would be appreciated greatly. CODE SEQUENCE 1 Copy Item A from List A 2 Paste flat to B2 3 Recalculate the result to update C2 4 Copy range B2:C2 5 Paste flat to bottom of List B 6 Goto next cell on List A Repeat steps 1-6 Stop at bottom of List A...
  4. V

    Three spreadsheets to become one

    I keep records of electricity, gas and water consumption, which at the moment are on individual spreadsheets. I want to create a functioning spreadsheet of three original sheets to contain those I first mentioned. Copy and paste seems not to work, as each new item posted to the recipient sheet...
  5. S

    Access Macro to Show All in Query in Form

    Currently, my form has a combo box, and it is only showing that in which is selected in the combo box. How can I have it show all items item an item is selected in the combo box? Macro? If so, how would I write that please?
  6. willow1985

    VBA code to select an item from an Active X combo box

    Hello, I am looking for the VBA code that would select from a combo box the item that says "ALL". It is cell reference A21 on a seperate sheet called "List" I hope someone can help me. Thank you Carla
  7. G

    cell change on another sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook with numerous worksheets ranging from 1 - 30. Sheet 1 contains stock levels for each item within column K Staff enter info on the specific client sheets (sheet 2 - 30) which then deducts the stock ordered from sheet 1. (ie so if a client on sheet 3 orders 10 units of an...
  8. R

    Filter with Multiple Header Rooms

    I have a spreadsheet that has about 100 Items in which there is a Header Row for each item and then sub items that breakdown these Items into smaller items by areas. Each sub item total equals the Header Item total. Is there a way for me to filter this spreadsheet so I can get summaries of each...
  9. faeryluv

    Conditional Formatting?

    Hi, everyone! I have what I think is an easy question. I have a spreadsheet where column A is route numbers, and column B is item numbers. I need to highlight rows that have the identical route number and item number. Example Row 1: route 1 item D4 Row 2: route 1 item C3 Row 3: route 1 item...
  10. K

    index match ?

    i have several sheets. One is called Dropdown.Template in cell I4 i have a dropdown list with 5 entries one in is "ITEM" in cell h4 is the count of that Item (107) in a table (not an excel table: I just call it that) on sheet called Lists in range F13:F362. In cell I7 on...
  11. V

    INDEX MATCH two criteria with SUMIF

    Hello, Does anyone know on how to combine SUMIF with INDEX MATCH. I have an issue whereby my lookup only identify first result that is in Sample C2. My intention that my formula will sum all the figure in column C i.e 700,000. My lookup value need to be maintain on Account number & Item no...
  12. handri

    VBA prevent wrong item being scan

    Hi, I have a cell start from C7 to C10001. The data here is between PASSED and WRONG. which i created a simple barcode scanner purpose. How i can use a VBA code to stop scanning purpose if WRONG item scanned in the cell(C7 to C10001) Also a popping error message tell that you scan a wrong item...
  13. R

    Sumproduct with Index / Match or Vlookup not returning array

    Hello – Similar to challenges others have described here, I’m having troubles with using Vlookup Index/Match along with Sumproduct. Those two functions don’t want to return an array in my formula. Scenario: I have an invoice table with an Invoice #, Item Code, Sales Price, and Quantity. Each...
  14. M

    Multiple Reports from single static report based on column value

    Hello, Either it’s Monday morning, or I’m overestimating my abilities, or both. I’m trying to figure out a way to generate multiple reports automatically based off a static report and the values in it. We get a report with hundreds of thousands of items on it, and they’re all grouped together...
  15. X

    items from dropdown list from separate workbooks

    hi, I would like to be able to enter items from a workbook into another workbook . if possible to be able to type the first few letters of the item and have all the matching items come up in a dropdown list then be able to select the item and enter it in the workbook so that i can create a list...
  16. S

    Creating a Dynamic Floor plan

    This is not looking for a solution its more so advice on if its possible. Was looking to create a dynamic floor plan in Excel where on the raw tab you would enter certain dimensions of a piece of equipment and it would then map it on a sheet. Something like Item A being 6*3 meaning its 6...
  17. Q

    Nested IF?

    I have a series of prices as; D4 = Item A, D5 = Item B D6 = Item C I have a IF statement in J15 which reads =IF(H15="YES",$D$4+D$6$,0) so adding Item A + Item C In I15, if this contains a "Yes", I want the above statement in J15 to add together all three items (so D4+D5+D6) What is the best...
  18. R

    Help with totaling up currency for a game

    I'm trying to make a spreadsheet as a shopping list within a game I'm playing in my spare time but for the life of me, I'm not able to figure out how to add up the values such that it correctly matches the game's values. 100 copper = 1 silver 100 silver = 1 gold An example can be found below...
  19. M

    A long formula question

    Hello, I have a situation that I'm looking for help on a formula that seems to be stumping me. The data that I'm working with are members accounts but what I'm specifically needing to pull is members money market accounts which would be referenced as Item #'s 7, 8, and 10. The two columns of...
  20. D

    Help Needed!!

    Hi All, Hoping there's an easy formula for this as I am having a blank moment. So the below is a simple example of what I am trying to pull through in to column E. I would like to look up multiple "Item Number" which are the same, sometimes theres 2/3/4 of the same items. I would then like...

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