1. T

    VBA to replace duplicate values with unique values from different column

    Hello I have table like that: 1.1 Covid cases in hospitals per date. Column 6 is Hospitals with strings of the hospital names. There is like 40,000 of items. 1.2 In column 5 of this Sheet I have emty column, where the Hospitals IDs should be placed (like 40,000 items). 2. Now, in different...
  2. C

    VBA Outlook Run Excel Macro When Received email in Outlook Subfolder

    Hi, I want to trigger excel macro TEST12.xlsm when received en email with subject title "Test", it work when the mail arrived in inbox folder, but not in subfolder. Can anyone enlighten me or point me to the correct sub folder path? The subfolder name is "Biz Ops Report" and I am using below...
  3. T

    VBA: Is there any way to "make all items visible" in a PivotTable Field?

    I recorded a macro by going to a PivotTable, and in the dropdown for the field i was interested in, i checked "Select all)" and then pressed OK. What VBA recorded was this: With ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable3").PivotFields("Vaca") .PivotItems("excl").Visible = True...
  4. M

    Power Query: Unstack data

    Hi Mr Excel Community, I would like to unstack this data using Power Query in order to have a clean list to pivot. Desired situation > To have a table with the following headers: Market, Items, Years, Month, Values. Change vs prior Year will be filtered out of the data sample. I know that I...
  5. B

    formula for this lookup

    Hi, I have 2 columns with part numbers; Column A is a Master list of part numbers. Column B contains only the part numbers i need to work with. But Column A is in a workbook with links and formulas which i cant simply replace with Column B. So I need a way to identify the items in Column A...
  6. A

    match on multiple columns

    Hi, i have a list of items on column A, for example - A100 A101 B100 C100 D202 A103 and another list of items in range D1:E10 the list in the range contains multiple items in different order than the original list. (partial) example- <tbody> D E A100 A101 D202 B100 Z400 A103...
  7. L

    Automated Stock Sheet

    Hi, I’m trying to find a solution to automate a stock sheet. I have a register of various sizes based on diameter and length on one tab. On other tabs I’m trying to look at the first tab and automatically add new items or down date quantities you can see on the used / create tab, it has two...
  8. S

    "Hide Items with No Data" greyed out in Slicer Settings

    Hi All, I'm using Excel for Mac, and am working on my budget. I've created a pivot chart with a slicer for my monthly categories, but would like for the categories with no values for the month selected to be removed from the slicer. I've googled a good bit, and tried unchecking "Hide Items with...
  9. G

    Creating a group for items in a listbox

    Is there a way to create groups of line items from the listbox? I have a userform that allows me to show and hide certain columns. There are 2 listboxes in the userform; one to 'Show' the list item and the other to 'Hide' the list item. By double clicking the items in the listboxes, a user can...
  10. R

    Filter with Multiple Header Rooms

    I have a spreadsheet that has about 100 Items in which there is a Header Row for each item and then sub items that breakdown these Items into smaller items by areas. Each sub item total equals the Header Item total. Is there a way for me to filter this spreadsheet so I can get summaries of each...
  11. A

    Add a file to the "Recent Items" listing in Outlook Attachment

    I have an Access program file that manipulates files that are on my network/pc. When I work with an excel file for example, I want to have Access add that file to list of recent Items using VBA. That way, the file that I manipulated in Access is right there in my recent items list so I can...
  12. S

    Setup a List Box to Work with a Subform in Access

    How would you setup a list box to filter in your subform using two different items in the list box?
  13. K

    Auto populate a demand form from quanity list

    Hello, I have a workbook which each sheet has its own list of items for a stock check. On sheet 2 I have a form which is a company made form to request missing items. With this I would like a code to find what items are missing from “Quantity” (Column E7:E) compared to “Quantity Held” and...
  14. Z

    Multipage hide and unhide VBA!AiCZb_GZ2FZegdwGDeVB_yPLnEh0Jg?e=XcDm5Q I am trying to figure out how to take the items checked on a treeview and have them match the caption of a tab on a multipage userform. In the attached woorkbook below is a moch-up of what i have in my project. The criteria userform...
  15. D

    Confused with multiple 'IF' formula

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to create a budget expenditure worksheet where values are dependent on items in a pick list/drop down list. In worksheet #2 I've got items in col A each with an associated value ($) in column B. In worksheet #1 I've got: 1) A drop down list for items (A), 2) a drop...
  16. C

    Run-Time error '13' Type Mismatch - only when using specific code

    So I have a UserForm that I’m working on and have beentrying to hide/show a certain Label and Textbox based on the value of a ComboBox. The code I am usingto do this is – 'hide HolidayRentTB & HolidayRentLa If (PropertyTypeCB.Value) = "Single Unit" Or "Ex-Pat" Or "Holiday Let / AST"...
  17. M

    Olap cube f'lter'ng multiple items via vba

    Hi team, I have to filter more than 100 items to olap cube. I can't it manually, can i do this with vba ? the items are in a row (Q2:Q150) I want that vba add it to olap cube filter. I found a code, but doesn't work. sub test() Dim MyArray as variant Dim rcnt as Integer rcnt =...
  18. W

    How to find N similar items with 2 or more columns?

    Hi, I want to find N similar items based on 2 or more columns. In the example below I am trying to find similar items based on 3 columns. <tbody> City Population Number of pets Number of traffic lights City1 10561 466 121 City2 10444 498 101 City3 928 280 61...
  19. W

    How to find N similar items?

    I have a table with population in it, I want to lookup one value and get N similar items. Where N = 5 or 10. 1. Get N similar items based on 1 column 2. Get N similar items based on 2 columns Say I lookup City1 I would like to find N similar items to City1 - Population. <tbody> City...
  20. N

    Excel Average If for two different sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with two sheets, "Items" & "Purchases" I have two userforms also, "frmNewItem" & "frmPurchases" In "frmNewItem" I have several textboxes to add the item details to sheet "Items" (one of these boxes is "OpenCost" that added in column "K") In "frmPurchases" I have...

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