1. N

    Excel for solving coupled PDE

    Hi, I am trying to solve Coupled PDE describing flow of two fluids in centrifugal field. PDEs are solved using Newton iteration method using fully implicit scheme for pressure and saturations. In short, I established a matrix of partial derivatives (Jacobian), which are used to find incremets...
  2. M

    Calculating Number of Iterations

    I'm looking to use Excel formulas only, no VBA/Macros/Names/Addons. I want to be able to automatically (maybe after 1 - 5 iteration cycles) calculate how many iterations are being done in a iteration cycle. The workbook I'm working on is one I would like to make publicly available, but with...
  3. D

    Total iterating over dimension table

    Hi, I have set up two simple tables, "tsales" ; Product , Sales , Discount applied, and 'Product' consisting of Product , Price, so revenue would be tsalesA:=SUMX(Tsales,Tsales[Sales]*(1-Tsales[Sales Discount])*RELATED('Product'[Price])) ignoring the discount and iterating over the...
  4. G

    Iterating through populated rows and compare with another sheet

    Hello all, I am quite new to VBA scripting. Here is what I am struggling with. Example : Data : I have two sheets A and B. A contains the data from customers. B contains data from me. Question : Once the customer selects production/market in sheet A, I want to iterate through the rows in...
  5. G

    Deconding nested ASPX website data into Excel (plus a little javascript)

    I'm trying to pull some data from KY education websites (publicly available, starting at I've done programs before parsing website data, but at an HTML level; ASPX is a new beast for me, and so I'm in learning mode. What I'm wanting to...
  6. SFCChase

    Create a List using IF(AND from other tabs

    Is it possible to create a list using data of a different tab using an IF(AND formula? I have 3 tabs. My first tab (Firers) has 4 columns (Rank, Name, Date, Iteration) My 2nd (27SEP) and 3rd (28SEP) tabs have 3 tables each (Iteration 1, Iteration 2, Iteration 3) Basically I'm looking for a way...
  7. B

    Random Numbers with no repeat

    I have a macro which allows me to allocate a random number between 1 and 100 between cells A3 and DV3. The random number selected is never repeated in row 3. The iteration is currently set to only 1 row but the macro currently allows me to add more rows by changing the iteration (I do not need...
  8. A

    Iterations in multiple rows

    So, it's the first time I'm using iteration in excel. When I first tried it out in just one row it worked fine. The problem is that I need to do it in 23 other rows in the same sheet. The iterations work fine in the first row (row 3), but for the remaining 23 rows I only get the #NUM ! error...
  9. P

    Simpler Conditional Row Creation

    I'm currently working on a project intended to simplify the user interface for a table. This table can run in the hundreds of rows and as-is these need to be entered manually line-by-line. We want to create a system in which the table will fill most of its lines based on the information of a...
  10. W

    Loop that tests and stops if condition is met

    My current loop is this: Let x = 0 Do While x < 7 Selection.End(xlDown).Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Resize(Selection.Rows.Count, Selection.Columns.Count + 8).Select Selection.ClearContents Selection.End(xlDown).Select x = x + 1 Loop I...
  11. O

    Repeat Iteration After X Seconds

    Hello I download results from multiple searches using a loop, but in some cases website reads your search time out. However if I manually re do the search it works. So, I would need to re-do or repeat the same search and then continue as usual. I would like for the code to re-start the...
  12. E

    Excel Iteration Errors

    I am having a very odd problem with Excel 365 Pro+ formula results. I have a complex cash flow modeling worksheet that includes 100+ columns of data in weekly buckets. The formulas in each column are circular/iterative and solve to a minimum cash balance, with the revolver paydown/drawdown...
  13. Y

    VBA Code to use output of 1st iteration in 2nd iteration till reaching optimum solution

    Hi all, I am trying to do genetic algorithm in excel and the 1st trail will result in a recommendation by saying replace parent 1 by child 2 for example. the question is how can i code that in excel, so it will replace parent 1 by child 2 and do another iteration etc, till i reach a number of...
  14. V

    "Shake" the list after one iteration

    Hi all, I'm using an excel file which selects 5 names out of a pool of 50 names. The sheet is such that if 5 names are selected randomly, next time 5 names will be chosen from remaining 45 names. This goes on till 1 cycle is complete. However, in the next cycle which will be iteration 11, I...
  15. J

    Build and Add To an Array

    Hello everyone, Patience with the newbie please. I've been able to find lot's of VBA help here over the years, and am completely stumped with my new task and need help. I have a model, powered by VBA, that runs multiple iterations. Each iteration results in an output like: (the 9 data cells...
  16. T

    Use of "Continue" keyword giving compile time error

    Hi Friends, I am bit confused as this keyword("continue") exits or not in VBA. Then after googling I found this link Here they have mentioned the use of this keyword. But when I tried to implement that it is...
  17. C

    Iteration Vs Goal Seek

    I am new in excel. I have a question-what is the difference between goal seek feature and iteration? Regards,
  18. O

    VBA Code to Filter Copy and Paste into New Woorksheet and name each new worksheet with filtered value

    I have a large dataset that I want to filter by values in column A. I then wish to copy all values within that filter to a new worksheet in the same workbook. I wish to name the worksheet after the filtered value. I then wish to repeat this for all unique values within the dataset, each time...
  19. C

    How to find the type of VBA collection?

    Hello everyone! We know how to iterate a Range object because of Google (A range has "Cell" children). We know how to iterate an array of strings because of Google (It has "String" children). But how do we iterate something if we don't know the type of it's children? How do we find it out? I...
  20. D

    Iterating through VLOOKUP matches

    We have two lists of names zipcodes and states. The zipcodes and states are incomplete and first names are inconsistent Christopher vs Chris for example as well as multiple people having the same last name. I want to do a look up on last name, iterate through multiple last names trying to match...

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