1. D

    Multiple DB Query in same workbook.

    Hi All, I have 3 Oracle DB's (India, China, Japan) I have written a macro which connects to DB & extracts records. But I have to run each macro 3 times by changing the DB name. Is there any way where macro automatically connects to 3 DB's and extract India records to Sheet1, China records to...
  2. L

    Excel links corrupt

    Hi, I linked a file in Excel 10 to a file sent to me from Japan. The links all seemed to be fine. I saved and closed both files. I then reopened my file and the links were fine, but when I opened the Japan file at the same time, my links instantly turned to #REF !. I tried to redo it several...
  3. G

    Multiple Table download from the internet to Excel Yahoo Finance Japan

    Dear All, I hope you can help me I am trying to download historical share data for share 8088 from yahoo Japan. The first page of the table I need is in the following location: - https://info.finance.yahoo.co.jp/history/?code=8088.T&sy=1983&sm=11&sd=19&ey=2017&em=12&ed=19&tm=d&p=1 I then...
  4. J

    Question on Grouping

    I have a data set with region, Country and Cities. I want to have them in Groups in a Pivot table. <colgroup><col><col><col span="2"><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Region Country Location Daily Sales Weekly Sales Month To Date Year to Date Asia China Hong Kong 100 500 4000 40000 Macau...
  5. G

    Showing sub items for only certain items in a Power BI table

    Hi all, I have data for countries and I want to group the European ones and to show a subtotal. So my table rows would be something like. Europe UK France Germany Italy US Japan China I easily created a Europe group through right clicking in the field list. However, when I put...

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