1. G

    copy/paster to another worksheet

    I am trying to find a code that will copy and paste cells to another worksheet based on other cells value. The cells with value 1_1, 1_2. 1_3, 1_4, 1_5, 1_6, 1_7 1_8, 1_9, 1_9, 1_10, 1_11. 1_12 are the values in column f. These rows would be copy/pasted to another worksheet. Any help...
  2. R


    Hi Guys I have the following userform in the here under link I need to do the following :- when the user enters Name in the text box same shall replicate in Name1 and Name3 3.Example if the user enters John Smith , John Smith shall...
  3. A

    multi criteria multi result lookup

    trying to adapt to work for me. my version of the formula is: =INDEX($AK$7:$AK$15, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($AG$5,$AJ$7:$AJ$15)*COUNTIF($AG$6,$AJ$7:$AJ$15)*COUNTIF($AG$7,$AJ$7:$AJ$15)...
  4. L

    Find A Word in A Column and Replace it With Text in other Columns Using VBA

    <tbody> Name Address Description John 2nd Street, NY A1A1 is 35 year old, A1A1 is NewYork .... Kevin 4th street, FL <tbody> A1A1 is 35 year old, A1A1 is Florida .... </tbody> Manly 5Th street, NY <tbody> A1A1 is 35 year old, A1A1 is NewYork .... </tbody> <tbody> A1A1 is 35 year...
  5. T

    Automatically name worksheets based on cell values from master sheet

    I would like to have names listed in sheet1 in column A, beginning at A3 and ending on A30. So if there is a name in A3 ( George) and (Sam) in A4, (John) in A5 and so on, I would like it to change the sheet names from Sheet2 to George, sheet3 to Sam, sheet4 to John, etc Is this possible?
  6. J

    VBA Code to find max value from horizontal text from list having numbers

    Dear All, I have the following names in a row like below <tbody> #FFFFFF[/URL] "]Sam #FFFFFF[/URL] "]John #FFFFFF[/URL] "]Jack #FFFFFF[/URL] "]George Paul #FFFFFF[/URL] "]Mathew Joy </tbody> and I have a table on another sheet where I have the following data, <!-- Please do not...
  7. A

    Summary of name and cocatenate data

    Hi, Hope that someone can help me if this is possible to do in a formula. Sorry that I can't post screenshot of table because I couldn't get the add-in to work. :sad: Name Run Out Tim 6 1 John 5 3 Len 6 3 John 3 4 Len 4 2 Tim 2 3 How i would like to...
  8. F

    Using range.find with an offset

    <tbody> Name (Column AD) Category (AE) Total Hrs (AF) Pay Rate (AG) Wage (AH) John Doe 1 TT Field 12.5 <tbody> $104.55/hr </tbody> <tbody> $1,306.88 </tbody> John Doe 2 TT Field 4 <tbody> $104.55/hr </tbody> <tbody> $418.20 </tbody> John Doe 3 Field 15 <tbody> $34.85/hr...
  9. J

    Find, remove matching text from string

    In column C, i have a Text string spanning several hundred rows. In columns ("H:M") are a list of names, that are repeated down. I'm in need of a VBA script that will search through the text string, for key words from ("H:M") and remove all except those matching words. As an example to go from...
  10. E

    Return Only Different Words In Sentence

    i have two columns and each column has a text sentence. I just need to create a third column that shows only the words that do not exist in both cells. Example; <tbody> If John wants to if john does john if he can might if he can wants to does he can might </tbody> kind thanks, Eddie
  11. D

    SUM Time IF various conditions met

    So i have 2 seperate data exports 1 - Shows a unique ID matching a name with a date of the day they are in work, i.e ROW 1 ID 1235 - John Smith - 11/09/2019, then ROW 2 ID 1235 John Smith 12/09/2019 and so on for weeks ROW 3,4,5,6, 2 - This export shows the same ID 1235 John Smith - but may...
  12. J

    Return multiple account numbers based on multiple names from a list

    Apologies in advance. This is my first time posting. I have a list (DATA A) with two columns of data, Name and Account. I am trying to match the account numbers from Data A to a separate list (List B) which contains names, but where the names are separated into two separate columns for First...
  13. kweaver

    VBA inserting subtotal(s) rows

    Before I totally kill my day trying to do this, I thought I'd post this considering how quickly perfect solutions are created. I have a sheet which is already sorted by column H (starting in row 5). [thanks, Fluff] I now need to put in a subtotal row for each group of names in H5:Hn and total...
  14. G

    Add number to cell based on another cell's value

    I am trying to find a way to insert a number in Column B (Person_ID) based on Cell Column G that is Blank. Then repeat the number in Column B until reach the next blank cell in Column G. Add 1 to number and repeat, thus giving each soldier an ID number. This would Loop to the end of worksheet...
  15. L

    Placing Row Titles in Rows Below

    Good Afternoon All; I am running into an issue I can't resolve with a data export. The data exports with what I suppose would be called a "Header" row, with the corresponding data in the rows beneath. There is no certain number of rows beneath, and due to the size of the file I can't do this...
  16. L

    creating new cells based on cell value in separate sheet

    Good morning ... I'm not sure if this can be done, or even how exactly to describe it, but here goes ... I need to create a "ballot" file, which I will then refer to after generating a random number using a formula. I have a source spreadsheet with names and the # of ballots each name gets...
  17. J

    A tuff one, Copy and paste if criteria is partial met

    Hi Is itpossible to create a code that can copy rows from a data sheet and paste to areport sheet if there is a partial match? Data is a staff record with data in 11 columns and about 450 rows. In column 1 (A) are names with first- middle- and last name in the same cell. For example, if you...
  18. L

    so close yet quite can't get in

    Hello! I feel like I am sooo close to figuring out this formula or conditional formatting but just can't quite get there. Its simple... per a collective agreement, any of employees that take their breaks "late" or don't take them at all are entitled to pay at 1.5x for that break. I get an...
  19. N

    Calculating all numbers by name.

    I am currently looking for a formula that i can sum up the all the numbers under one persons name. So if John name on he work sheet 5 times need to calculate all the numbers that john has. I have attached a sheet to make it more understandable a bit...
  20. S

    Find names based on date

    Hello, I'm looking for 2 formulas or a macros that do the following. The first formula; In column D1 will give a date based on the data corresponding in the cell range if the name corresponds in column B and is within columns A1:A6. I'm not sure how to say find the date in column A and grab...

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