1. smozgur

    Parent & Child Relationship Between Sources in Power Query

    As long as there are matching fields in the source tables, we can join the associated queries (one-to-one, one-to-many, etc.) by using the Merge feature. We are going to use the following sample source tables to demonstrate parent & child merging. These tables have a parent-child relationship...
  2. K

    Confusion Of Join Method

    I'm creating an app for user to select data but they don't have to select all the data. For example, they can choose to include some columns, but not the others. One thing that is known is the data selected will have the same rows(so if the user selects A1:A5 and C2:C5, then that's the user...
  3. opazzo

    Weird Data Structure - VBA to join to tables ?

    Hi there, I have two sheets with a common key "CardName". One sheet has properties (first table below) that I want to copy to the second sheet after the last column of the second table. The first row would be headers and the second row repeated for each item with the same card name. The...
  4. T

    Need formula that joins field in one table to field in another table

    Windows 10 Pro, Office 365 My question: I have a field in table A that I want to join to table B and place in a new table C. I cannot figure out the formula to do this. Table A contains two fields: Store_Number and Group_Name. Table B contains four fields: Group_Name, Item_Number, Item...
  5. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Build Formula based on Variable Count

    Hello All, I am working on a project that has several macros but there is one piece of the puzzle I am unable to completed. I will do my best to explain what I need visually. I have a loop that looks at a sheet (Timing Assumptions) and based on a row called Percentages, the user is able to...
  6. M

    Join all row cells in a single cell by vertical bar

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to Join P:Y column each row cells in single cell by using a vertical bar, result require in AA column as shown below </SPAN></SPAN> Example</SPAN></SPAN> Book1PQRSTUVWXYZAA123n1n2n3n4n5n6n7n8n9n10Join4111311 | 13591012139 | 10 | 126910129 | 10 | 127101310 |...
  7. L

    join a list of date

    I want to join a list of date together quickly. the join function requires the text function for every single date. Is there an easier way to join a list of date together?
  8. R

    Using SQL in VBA LEFT JOIN to fetch data from multiple sheet

    Hi Expert, I have three sheets of data using LEFT JOIN i am supposed to pull the required columns as result. This is the main motive. With the help of this link i took the code which does connection to my excel sheets. I need an experts...
  9. B

    Microsoft Access cannot find the referenced form 'frmTagPrintEquip'

    I am running SQL statement but get the title error. The form is a lookup combo box that is closed until a cmd button opens it. strSQL = "SELECT tblTag.TagNumber, tblTag.TagID, tblEquipment.Equipment, tblEquipment.EquipID, tblTurnaround.TurnaroundID " & vbCrLf & _ "FROM...
  10. D

    Trying to average last 3 records only (top 3)

    So I'm trying to create a query that will produce an average (totals) column based on the TOP 3 records associated with two other key field values. Basically an average of the three most recent events. I can easily create the query to do the OVERALL averages, but whenever I try to use the...
  11. M

    How to use a field as "Not Something" to be condition of a query

    I have a table with one column storing the condition of a query, like "*" etc. * means all countries Now, apart from "*", there is a need to have a condition "Not US" So, can we join table has same effect as "[Country] is not US" ? What can I do ?
  12. A

    Joining two IF/ AND statements

    I am trying to join two statements but keep getting errors. Please could someone help me and explain how to join them into one statement? Both Statements work correctly on their own =IF(AND(A12>=$K$3,A12<=$L$3),"Sunday",(TEXT(A12,"dddd")))...
  13. A

    Join between tables

    Hello, Regarding the binding of tables in Power BI, I would like to know how to make this connection, in the habitiude in SQL, we do the join or the connection between the tables with a primary key, but in Power BI I noted that There are linked tables with other fields. For example in this...
  14. A

    Subquery To Select Checks by Varying Age Requirements

    Hi all, I have a need to select all checks that fall within an age threshold determined by a client's preference. For example, one client might choose a 30 day threshold, another might choose every ninety days. I am receiving an error: "at most one record can be returned by this subquery."...
  15. R

    Zero (0) values not showing in query result

    I have made a query based on comoboxes and checkboxes. One of the checkboxes is chkExternal. When it's checked I want all the scores from all employees to appear: Internal + External Employees, or 0 en -1 values. When it's not checked I want only 0 values to appear: only Internal. This is the...
  16. K

    JOIN an Access table and a SQL Server table in a single query from Excel VBA

    H, I am using Excel 64-bit I have a ms-access database and in this database I have normal ms-access table and some linked table from SQL Server, I have a query that is taking a reference of a linked table, and when I am firing that query from excel vba it is giving me an ODBC connection...
  17. L

    Find decimal-formatted and replace with % in a text cell? Maybe RegEx?

    Hello! I have been working on a report, manipulating and formatting various features using VBA. I received a request I haven't heard before. The exported file contains several columns that contain percentage-formatted values of three or four digits. I'm being asked to join those with text from...
  18. X

    data type mismatch in criteria expression - Don't understand my problem

    Hi and thank you for considering my problem... I am receiving from Access an error type mismatch in criteria expression The crazy thing is that I have run this before and not had a problem. I am trying to make a make table query for a union situation. I have three queries I...
  19. L

    Excel 2007 Query Join Multiple Table & Show All Records From First Table

    Hi, I've generated a query with 4 tables which consists of 1 main table & 3 other tables that join to the main table. I've joined all 3 tables to the main table & it works fine except for if 1 of the records from the other 3 tables is blank, then it doesn't show the record from the main...
  20. K

    Join multiple cells into single cell with VBA

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I want to join multiple cells C:P columns, into single column R for that using formula getting the result as below</SPAN></SPAN> Getting result using formula...</SPAN></SPAN>...

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