1. D

    Power Query 2016 - Missing Options - Merge dropdown - Joins

    Hi Everyone, I am using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 and Inoticed I am missing some features inside of Power Query. I came across some ofthe missing features while attempting to merge two tables. The merge button inthe queries button does not have the drop down feature to allow the...
  2. P

    Join tables based on a non-unique ID and a formula

    Hi Everyone - I have three sets of data. One is organized like this: Table1 <tbody> Product ID Start Date Code 121 4/05/2018 X 131 4/05/2018 V 121 4/20/2018 </tbody> Another like this: Table2 <tbody> Product ID Buy Date 121 4/06/2018 131 4/06/2018 121 4/07/2018 121...
  3. M

    Power pivot question I can't even articulate in a title

    I have data like: Measure date1 date2 1 1 2 2 1 2 4 2 2 8 2 1 16 1 1 And I'd like to make a table like Dates 1 2 date1 1...
  4. T

    multiple table relationships

    Hi I have 2 tables as per below, table 1 has the exact people i require in it but table 2 has an extra bit of detail i need to pull in. Currently i have created 2 relationship from table 1 to table 2 (firstName - ChristianName) and (Surname - SecondName). these are on a include all records from...
  5. J

    Need help with joins and queries

    Hello, I am very new to access and am having trouble getting started. I have acquired an already constructed access database and am trying to pull out data in a specific format so I can run some stats. I have multiple tables, two of which contain the information I am after. One of the tables...
  6. C

    Need help - newbie with outer/inner joins issue

    Hi, I am new to using SQL/Access. I am trying to build a query that produces a "bill of materials" for a store remodel. The content of the bill of materials should change based on the type of the store or the type of item (either I need to add items or add additional detail or spec to an...
  7. G

    How to combine records from multipe tables into one query?

    Dear All, Using Access 2007, I am trying to bring together records from three tables: Open Purchase Orders, Inventory, and Open Sales Orders. I want to determine: Do we have sufficient quantities on order and in inventory to fill each sales order, indicating whether we need to buy more. Do...
  8. T

    Calculation on Group

    I am preparing a report for occupancy based on room rate classification. We have three rate classifications, depending on long-term, short-term, or Penthouse: Tenant, Transient, or Penthouse. The first two may occupy the type of room, but the third is only in the condos. The "Building...

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