1. P

    Vlookup on multiple columns

    I have a table of courses with the name of the student. Then I have another table that I am trying to get a Yes or No value based on if they took the class. I believe I need a vlookup function, but I am missing how to get that data. Student Course Tom Smith Math 101 Jerry...
  2. I

    Apply 001 after customers name

    Hi, I have a worksheet called POSTAGE. There are customers names in column B Current range at present is B10:B979 I would like some help with a basic code where any customer that doesnt have a number after there name then the code would add 001 So TOM JONES would then become TOM JONES 001...
  3. I

    If duplicated name is found & next number in sequence

    Morning, I am using the code supplied below. When i open my worksheet i start to type a customers name in cell A6 When i leave the cell the code checks to see if this customer has purchased from me before by looking down column A & if so it then shows me the msgbox "A Duplicated Customers Name...
  4. L

    Combine matches

    Hi On Sheet1, I have the following columns of data <tbody> A B C D 1 DATE NUMBER NAME TYPE(S) 2 01/01/2019 123 J Bloggs A,B 3 01/01/2019 456 D Smith A 4 01/01/2019 789 P Jones B,C 5 02/01/2019 123 J Bloggs B 6 02/01/2019 789 P Jones D 7 03/01/2019 456 D Smith A,B,C 8...
  5. I

    Conditional formatting matching more than one criteria

    Hi All I have been struggling with this one. I can do it if its a duplicate but not with different criteria. Basically I need to get a formula, preferably using conditional format ( so it colours the rows) I want it highlighting if as example Mr Jones had bread, doughnuts, and cake in the same...
  6. Sean15

    I want to extract text before a comma, or space or just the first name from a string

    I want to extract text before a comma, or space or if condition 1 or 2 is not met return text in cell: Example: James, John Jones Tom Lily Expected result: James Jones Lily =LEFT(A1,(FIND(" ",A1,1)-1)) extracts text before space =LEFT(A1,(FIND(", ",A1,1)-1)) extracts text before comma...
  7. D

    Extract House Number from String

    Hi, I have a column with address details. I would like to separate the house number (always on the left) from the string. In some case, there might not be a house number, while in some other cases there might be a house and a flat number. I am only looking for the house number. Table below...
  8. J

    VBA: Find start and end text in TXT file, copy all data in between to specified Excel Column

    I'm trying to get data from multiple TXT files into Excel. Each TXT file represents 1 row of data on the excel workbook. Each section of text the TXT file represents the corresponding column in that row. For example: Everything after "Other Observed Names" would go in a column labeled "Other...
  9. C

    Extracting text before and after special character simaltaneously.

    Hi, I am trying to extract text from a cell to reformat and remove some parts. Jones, John (London) would want to be changed to John Jones I have tried using the LEFT/RIGHT/MID and SEARCH formulas but i have not been able to tweak it to correctly show what i want. Can you please help
  10. B


    <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 PITCHERS WIN LOSS DATE WIN LOSS PITCHER 2 DAVIS 3/30 1 DAVIS 3 SMITH 3/31 1 SMITH 4 JONES 4/1 1 JONES 5 WILLIAMS 4/2 1 WILLIAMS 6 4/3 1 DAVIS 7 4/4 1 SMITH 8 4/5 1 JONES 9 4/6 1 WILLIAMS 10 4/7 1 DAVIS 11 4/8 1...
  11. A

    Possibly Simple - Pivoting Vertical to Horizontal

    I'm stuck on what I think is a simple issue and can’t seem to figure out what is needed – any help is appreciated! I am looking to take a vertical list of data and pivot only two columns into stretching across the row, while keeping only one line for each unique Customer ID. My list has about...
  12. I

    Code to change multiple numbers at once

    Afternoon. In a worksheet at column B is a list of customers names. When a customer makes a return purchase their name is then followed by a number. Example, Tom Jones Tom Jones 1 Tom Jones 2 Tom Jones 3 At first it was fine but now introducing a combobox list once the numbers are greater...
  13. K

    Inverting last name/first name to fuirst name/las name

    Have: Jones, Mary / Jones, Sam (or could be three names) Jones, Mary / Jones, Sam / Jones, Tom Need: Mary Jones; Sam Jones (or all three names if case may be)
  14. K

    How to change a full name in cell to only last name first intial

    I have a full name in a cell and want to convert it to last name first initial only in another column Have: Smith, Mary Want: Smith, M some cells have: Smith, Mary / Jones, Sam Want: Smith, M; Jones, S
  15. P

    Filter when code is missing for a patient

    Can I do this. I want to select only Smith. I want patients who do not have a billing code of Z00.00 or Z00.129. the data is across 6 sheets. I want to export only Smith. Name Pat# Bill code Jones 123 F34 Jones 123 H01 Jones 123 Z00.00 Jones 123 090 Name Pat#...
  16. D

    Formula or Macro for comparing duplicates and creating a sum

    <tbody> Name Number Amount Total Brad Jones 1234567 35 Brad Jones 1234567 19 Brad Jones 1234567 10 Joe Bob 9999999 55 Steve Smith 1111111 60 Steve Smith 1111111 40 </tbody> Hi, I am looking for help to make a formula or macro for this spreadsheet. I am not great at excel...
  17. T

    Matching Data between two Workbooks

    Hi all, I am trying to conduct a matching of data between a database of contacts and separate database of enrolments to see whom from the data base has enrolled so far. As representative example of the two sets of data: My data set: <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 First Name Last Name Job title...
  18. M

    Can you SUMIF using a cell that is populated via data validation

    Column A of sheet 1 is populated with names.....via list validation Column U of sheet 1 has a $ amount Lets say in A2, i select the name Bob Jones.....fill out some other stuff and the total cost in U2 is $400 On sheet 3, B2, I have this formula...trying to capture the total number of dollars...
  19. T

    Complex VBA to copy and paste based on 2 columns and different criteria

    Guys, not even sure if this is possible. I have an excel table called 'Newport' which consists of the following 9 columns: Dealer, DecsR Attempt - (this column will only consist of New, 1st, 2nd and 3rd) RegNO, Salute, Updated, Contdate, Completecode The table normally has around 2000...
  20. S

    Make a list with formula based on criteria

    I have a list of employees in a spreadsheet where I record if they paid their dues or not. I am looking for a formula solution to generate a list of employees that have paid. I understand this can easily be achieved by filtering, but in this particular case, I want to use a formula. <tbody>...

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