1. J

    APA Assistance

    Hello incredible people. Below, you will see APA citations for articles I have to read. Journal articles end with a number and a parenthesis but only some have page numbers. Books have state names or abbreviation and the end of the citation. I would like a column to identify it I am citing a...
  2. J

    Index and Match error

    Hellol everyone. I have a trial balance and a list of journal entries: I am trying to retrive the values coming from the journal entries table to the trial balance by the voucher number. I using index and match with an array but i am getting #NAs . Dont know what i am doing wrong in the formula...
  3. C

    IF(AND function

    Im trying to use an IF(AND function for a set of data that ive attached a sample of below, basically what i need the function to reflect is: The expected revenue account codes (4 digits - highlighted top left) that agree with the predetermined acceptable journal entry numbers (5 digits -...
  4. B

    Multiple input values to be matched to return from a single list

    Dear All, Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Excel forum which has solved many complex queries which I had in regards to Excel. Finally I had post a thread for a solution which I didn't find. <tbody> Crank shaft Bearing journal - Main Bearing journal - Rear Intermediate bearing...
  5. C

    excel and SAP

    Hi i am using SAP at work and can post a basic journal using FB50 but need want to upload a journal i have in excel can someone show me the steps to upload. do i need a template for the jnl please help
  6. girapas

    Macro to change month and year per page

    I need a sheet to enter data monthly, one month per printing page. In the first row of each page I want to be the year (column A) and the month (column B). How can run a macro to prepare a 10 years sheet, starting from January 2011 and ending December 2020 ? Thanks in advance
  7. S

    i want to automatic daily juornal or roznamcha different sheets

    i want to automatic daily juornal or roznamcha gather current date data from different sheet to specifec sheet i am trying with advance filtering pivot table consolodating but still not solved my probem

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