1. J

    Save Range as JPG

    This Question as been answered before but I'm unable to file a Code that works. Sheet 15 = TOT Explanation Sheet I need to Export A1:K33 with file name A2.JPG On the Page is Just Text and 1 Pivot table. I have this but the issue it that it is converting the Pivot table to image as well but...
  2. M

    Multiple CopyRangeToJPG functions HELP!

    I have built a project to copy a range of cells and paste them as a picture into an Outlook email. The issue is that the Excel doc has 52 tables on one sheet representing each week, and I want to have a button on each table to copy that specific range and create the email. Sub...
  3. WayneTN

    Insert JPG into cell based on cell value

    Hello. I'm very new with coding and couldn't find what I need after multiple searches. I think the solution will be simple for someone who knows what they are doing. I'm working on a spreadsheet to track the team scoring during the Ryder Cup golf matches. I have 3 pictures of 3 different flags...
  4. H

    vba little change in code (entire workbook replace with one sheet in code)

    hi dears i have this 2 macro for excel to jpg convert and work perfectly , but my workbook have 10 sheets and i must repeat this code for every sheets . i need change these codes macro a : 1-for do it for entire workbook automativally and with no question 2-every export jpg file name is same...
  5. RobbieC

    Populate Userform ListBox from a range and adding a filter

    Hi there, I have a UserForm with a ListBox which I am populating from a Range using: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ListBox1.RowSource = Range(Sheets("FilesInProject").Range("B2"), Sheets("FilesInProject").Range("B65536").End(xlUp)).Address(, , , True) End sub Which grabs everything...
  6. A

    Poor Resolution of Exported Chart

    I am using Excel VBA to copy some cells containing text (with formatting), copy them as a picture, paste the picture into a chart, export the chart as a .jpg file, and load the picture into a UserForm. This works beautifully when I use my home computer to remote desktop into my work computer...
  7. 6

    How to show a full screen JPG

    How can I open a full screen JPG in VBA?
  8. M

    How to Upload/Attach File to Post

    Is there a way to attach either an Excel file or a jpg a thread? What is the size limitations?
  9. M

    Export Range to JPG (Excel 2016)

    Hi! I have read a lot about this topic, but unfortunately there are no codes which work with excel 2016 too. I need a macro, which exports for example the range of A1-E10 to the desktop as a jpg file. Do you know a solution maybe? Thank you for your help, it means a lot me! Have a very...
  10. V

    How to get jpg file into userform using multiple criterias thru Search Command Button

    Hello friends, I have created a userform which has search button set with criteria SUBJECT in column A which is working perfectly ok. I added 'INSERT IMAGE' command button to create jpg file with "incoming letter reference no." which is column D. It is nicely creating a jpg file with...
  11. M

    VBA Unprotect not working - sometimes

    I'm having some problems with the .Unprotect code not working as I expect. Here's what's going on. I have a workbook that when it closes, it saves two JPG images of a portion of the spreadsheet to use on a status board (via screen saver). To do this I found a bit of code that creates a Chart...
  12. S

    VBA to get "Find and Replace"

    I would like to set a button that opens up "Find and Replace" to search "By Columns" . . . tired of clicking to do this everytime . . . please see screenshot: Find and Replace (a jpg on my Google Docs) . . . Any idea what the...
  13. B

    Range Exported to Image Comes Up Blank

    The code below (1) locates the Temp folder on the user's system, and (2) exports the print range of a worksheet to a JPG image, then saves the image to the Temp folder. The code works exactly as intended on my own system. On the user's system a JPG image is generated and saved, but the image...
  14. P

    opening picture with one of Descriptions

    hello, i have a code in vba to open any jpg file by use "file name" but file name maybe change with persons! so i want to open jpg file with any other description of files such as: "title" , "tags" or .... for example i want to say to excel that: for each jpg file in my path (active workbook...
  15. A

    save as jpg

    hi all, I'm trying to save as excel sheet to image( jpg or png) and i write this code but its not working : fileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(fileFilter:="Image (*.jpg), *.jpg") If fileSaveName <> False Then Sheets("Sheet2").Export Filename:=fileSaveName, FilterName:="jpg"...
  16. H

    VBA saving images

    Please god someone tell me this is possible somehow. I'm making a deck of Trading card Game cards and - hey! - in excel versions gone by you could create an image, and save it as a jpg. So I've got a spreadsheet for autopoulating about 500 of these with relevant information. All works great -...
  17. T

    Help adjust strsave = strsavepath vba

    Hello members, I need help adjusting the following code to fit my parameters. I provided the entirety of the code, but I believe the change needs to occur at the strURL, strSavePatch, ret portion of the code. Please see below: Option Explicit Private Declare Function URLDownloadToFile Lib...
  18. O

    Copy pictures and rename them using vba

    Hi Guys i am a first time poster i got a file with 10000 pictures in it i need extract 900 of them and rename them i tried searching with no accurate results thanks for you assistance my sheet looks like this column A is the new name i want to give the jpg column b is old file path that i need...
  19. P

    Load Images from Filepath 9In excel) Into an existing Shape in PowerPoint 2010

    Hi Hope someone can help on this. I am creating a powerpoint presentation from Excel. I have a template that I am following (Powerpoint 2010). On it, It has several Shapes. Text and Image containers. When Pasting the Text from Excel into a Shape, I use this code in Excel VBA...
  20. B

    VBA Insert Picture Code Not Working

    Hi all, I've been through dozens of examples of how to insert a picture into an excel document using VBA and cannot get any of them to work. The one I'm currently working with that seems pretty straightforward isn't working and I can't figure out why. The second line of code is giving me an...

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