1. H

    vba little change in code (entire workbook replace with one sheet in code)

    hi dears i have this 2 macro for excel to jpg convert and work perfectly , but my workbook have 10 sheets and i must repeat this code for every sheets . i need change these codes macro a : 1-for do it for entire workbook automativally and with no question 2-every export jpg file name is same...
  2. RobbieC

    Populate Userform ListBox from a range and adding a filter

    Hi there, I have a UserForm with a ListBox which I am populating from a Range using: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ListBox1.RowSource = Range(Sheets("FilesInProject").Range("B2"), Sheets("FilesInProject").Range("B65536").End(xlUp)).Address(, , , True) End sub Which grabs everything...
  3. A

    Poor Resolution of Exported Chart

    I am using Excel VBA to copy some cells containing text (with formatting), copy them as a picture, paste the picture into a chart, export the chart as a .jpg file, and load the picture into a UserForm. This works beautifully when I use my home computer to remote desktop into my work computer...
  4. 6

    How to show a full screen JPG

    How can I open a full screen JPG in VBA?
  5. M

    How to Upload/Attach File to Post

    Is there a way to attach either an Excel file or a jpg a thread? What is the size limitations?
  6. M

    Export Range to JPG (Excel 2016)

    Hi! I have read a lot about this topic, but unfortunately there are no codes which work with excel 2016 too. I need a macro, which exports for example the range of A1-E10 to the desktop as a jpg file. Do you know a solution maybe? Thank you for your help, it means a lot me! Have a very...
  7. V

    How to get jpg file into userform using multiple criterias thru Search Command Button

    Hello friends, I have created a userform which has search button set with criteria SUBJECT in column A which is working perfectly ok. I added 'INSERT IMAGE' command button to create jpg file with "incoming letter reference no." which is column D. It is nicely creating a jpg file with...
  8. M

    VBA Unprotect not working - sometimes

    I'm having some problems with the .Unprotect code not working as I expect. Here's what's going on. I have a workbook that when it closes, it saves two JPG images of a portion of the spreadsheet to use on a status board (via screen saver). To do this I found a bit of code that creates a Chart...
  9. S

    VBA to get "Find and Replace"

    I would like to set a button that opens up "Find and Replace" to search "By Columns" . . . tired of clicking to do this everytime . . . please see screenshot: Find and Replace (a jpg on my Google Docs) . . . Any idea what the...
  10. B

    Range Exported to Image Comes Up Blank

    The code below (1) locates the Temp folder on the user's system, and (2) exports the print range of a worksheet to a JPG image, then saves the image to the Temp folder. The code works exactly as intended on my own system. On the user's system a JPG image is generated and saved, but the image...
  11. P

    opening picture with one of Descriptions

    hello, i have a code in vba to open any jpg file by use "file name" but file name maybe change with persons! so i want to open jpg file with any other description of files such as: "title" , "tags" or .... for example i want to say to excel that: for each jpg file in my path (active workbook...
  12. A

    save as jpg

    hi all, I'm trying to save as excel sheet to image( jpg or png) and i write this code but its not working : fileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(fileFilter:="Image (*.jpg), *.jpg") If fileSaveName <> False Then Sheets("Sheet2").Export Filename:=fileSaveName, FilterName:="jpg"...
  13. H

    VBA saving images

    Please god someone tell me this is possible somehow. I'm making a deck of Trading card Game cards and - hey! - in excel versions gone by you could create an image, and save it as a jpg. So I've got a spreadsheet for autopoulating about 500 of these with relevant information. All works great -...
  14. T

    Help adjust strsave = strsavepath vba

    Hello members, I need help adjusting the following code to fit my parameters. I provided the entirety of the code, but I believe the change needs to occur at the strURL, strSavePatch, ret portion of the code. Please see below: Option Explicit Private Declare Function URLDownloadToFile Lib...
  15. O

    Copy pictures and rename them using vba

    Hi Guys i am a first time poster i got a file with 10000 pictures in it i need extract 900 of them and rename them i tried searching with no accurate results thanks for you assistance my sheet looks like this column A is the new name i want to give the jpg column b is old file path that i need...
  16. P

    Load Images from Filepath 9In excel) Into an existing Shape in PowerPoint 2010

    Hi Hope someone can help on this. I am creating a powerpoint presentation from Excel. I have a template that I am following (Powerpoint 2010). On it, It has several Shapes. Text and Image containers. When Pasting the Text from Excel into a Shape, I use this code in Excel VBA...
  17. B

    VBA Insert Picture Code Not Working

    Hi all, I've been through dozens of examples of how to insert a picture into an excel document using VBA and cannot get any of them to work. The one I'm currently working with that seems pretty straightforward isn't working and I can't figure out why. The second line of code is giving me an...
  18. V

    Scatter Plot with Custom JPG

    I am looking to create a scatter plot where each point would be a .jpg that is loaded based on a specific condition. For example, if the X axis referenced months of the year and a point was on x=12 (december), that point would be an image of a Christmas tree. If the point were on x=7 (july), a...
  19. A

    Go through web link, save image using VBA?

    I'm not sure if this is possible, and it might sound a little bizarre, but here's what I am trying to write a VBA program to do: 1. Travel down a list of hyperlinks 2. Go to the web address of each, which redirects to a JPG. 3. Save the JPG as the text of the original hyperlink. I don't know...
  20. E

    Printing to PDF - JPG Printing wrong

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. A little bit of background: I have a workbook of about 10 worksheets in Excel 2007. I will save different numbers of these worksheets to PDF every month. i.e. there may be no data on one of the worksheets in a specific month, so I will not save...

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