1. M

    Adding new data in different order

    Hello, I need to make a spreadsheet about exports by type of product for every year (rows=type of product, columns=year). Rows have to be ordered according to the latest year data, example: Product 2020 2021 Cars 3 5 Plastic 6 2 Silver 1 1 The problem is, whenever I have data for a...
  2. D

    Label_Click executes sub twice

    Hi everyone, I am using the solution suggested by Colin Legg in the thread below but when I call a sub within the Label_Click sub Private Sub pLabel_Click() clsCalendar.ClickEventHandler (pLabel.Name) End Sub the...
  3. D

    MonthView development

    Hello everyone! I am trying to develop a MonthView control as Excel 365 64-bit down not support the mscomct2.ocx I have looked around and put together ideas, such as the strategy to capture a label click I found in the thread below Userform Label Click problem However, now I am stuck as all I...
  4. F

    Excel Chart x-axis label interval with start value offset

    Hi everyone, I got this bar-chart with x-axis labels of which I only want to show every 3rd item, but I also would like to start at the 2nd item of the list. now I got 1,4,7,10,... and I like it do show 2,5,8,11, but still chart data from 1, just the label needs an offset of 1. (VBA...
  5. F

    (Simple) Showing Labels in UserForm as percentage format

    I created a userform that displays certain values within row of the active cell, as a quick reference in a lofty spreadsheet. Right now it shows all values as regular numbers (shows "1" instead of "100%"), even if the referenced cell is a percentage. Code below --- i want Label9 to show up as a...
  6. N

    Change Y axis in clustered column chart, from values to text

    I have a clustered column chart, with values ranging from 0-10. And I am currently showing integer values in the y axis, but I wish to show rankings rather than values. so for 0-2.5, D, from >2.5 and<=5, C, from >5 and <=7.5, B, and >7.5 A. I would like to show these rankings in the y axis...
  7. C

    Copy Checkbox and ComboBox value to Textbox

    Hello All, Need help with my work. I have a userform that has multiple checkboxes and a label. What I am looking forward is: 1. I want to copy the label into the textbox when one of the checkbox is selected. If multiple selections, one label only for the entire selection. 2. I want to copy the...
  8. P

    Populate a Userform Caption using a Named Range

    Hi All, I'm new to VBA so hope this question isn't too dumb! I'd like to add a "Key" to a user form that can dynamically update should it need to. Currently the user form has a number of comboboxes which have shortened codes in them to make entering the data faster, and so the resultant...
  9. A

    Change Event for Multiple Check Boxes

    I have 25 text boxes named in the following manner on a UserForm Name: id_[X]_box 1<= x <= 25 I am trying to write a program which can register a change event for all 25 boxes and populate the corresponding [DESCRIPTION] Labels. Naming scheme for Description Labels Name: desc_[X]_label 1 <= X...
  10. B

    User Form Label format (date)

    Hi all. Long time watcher first time poster. Have searched he’d for a few days and am stuck on the below I have a user form that populates Labels with a date from a cell in a worksheet the date in the worksheet is in standard format. dd/mm/yy and is imported to the user form with no issue...
  11. JTL9161


    I am having a brain block. I have 4 columns with number and label. a1:a30 are numbers, b1:b30 are labels. C1:c30 are numbers, D1:D30 are labels All in random order. I am trying to match the labels in column B to the label in Column D and then add the 2 numbers corresponding numbers in column...
  12. N

    Change Label color based on caption in Label with VBA code

    Hello, I have a userform with a label "txtRest" using the following code to get the total amount. (this code is in subroutine "txtTotal_Change") Me.txtRest = (IIf(Format(Me.txtTotal, "#,##0") = "", 0, (Format(Me.txtTotal, "#,##0"))) + 0) - (IIf(Format(Me.txtPaid, "#,##0") = "", 0...
  13. TAPS_MikeDion

    Formatting a label caption as "$##,###.##"

    Does anyone know why I cannot get the following code to show the digits after the decimal point in my label caption? Budget is the label name. Everything works great except for the fact that I can't get it to display the cents. 1900 displays as "$1,900." 1900.00 displays as "$1,900." No...
  14. K

    Column match on same row

    I have a table with Sku and Item Name. There are multiple lines with the same Sku. I want to take this information and create a table showing one line for the sku name and place an "X" with the Item Name that make up the Sku. Beginning data table <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> SKU...
  15. M

    Sub event that evaluates changing label in UserForm???

    I have a label that changes occasionally. If this label is one thing, I want the CommandButtons in my userform to be locked... If it is the other option, I want the command buttons to be unlocked. I've tried to use Label1_Change() but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas on how I might achieve this?
  16. W

    Checking a textfile name for changes and enable a label

    Hi. Is there a way for excel to check a certain .txt file at startup (in a spesfic folder(and file)) for changes made (like higher number(versions)) then make a label enabled in the program ? (label7.enable) Example. Versions.txt (inside the file it says v1.0, then if i change it to example...
  17. M

    Opening .xlsx file and changing a form control label using a .xlsm workbook

    I have a workbook that opens another workbook. Can I control the caption on a label using a separate workbook that is running all my code? Below is my code... but I have an error in the last line. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Wbk1 As Workbook Dim Pth1 As String Dim...
  18. H

    Data labels color in stacked bar data chart

    I do have 3 series in a stacked bar chart. The fourth series is a data label displaying the date. I need to display different color for the label based on a column that as Yes or No values; ie., display data labels in red color if it satisfies Y and display in green if it satisfies No. How to...
  19. IluvPivots

    Label Last Saturday

    Column A lists dates. How do I get Column B to label the last Saturday of the month?
  20. W

    A new Lookup Question

    Hi All, This is similar to a previous question I asked, but the table I needed to create for the other option was becoming way too large and cumbersome and the lookup number had to be in multiples of 1000. Here is my dilemma... I am creating a label quote system. There are 10 Groups of...
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