1. M

    Area Graph Label formatting - 2 Labels one with values from mapping data range and another from value from a range of cells

    Hi All, I have an area graph that maps three rows of data. I am using multiple label options - is it possible to format one of the labels differently to the other. In my graph I have % values and euro values, but when I format the labels it only formats the outer label? Any help appreciated...
  2. T

    Formula to create seat bookings - Multiple labels of the same name.

    I am wondering if there us a formula to take names from one sheet and put them on another sheet. For example John Smith has booked 5 seats, so I need 5 labels that say John Smith. SHEET 1 SEATS NAME 5 JOHN SMITH 2 ANNA ROGERS SHEET 2 JOHN SMITH JOHN SMITH JOHN SMITH JOHN SMITH...
  3. N

    No data labels on Pareto Line of Pareto Chart

    Excel in office 365 now has a dedicated Pareto chart which is quick and easy to use. However, there is no option to add data labels to the Pareto line to show the percentage values. Am I missing something obvious here?
  4. A

    loop to check if visible

    I have a userform that has multiple labels. 10 labels are named with the leading text lblM_ (see below). I want to check if any of these labels are visible. I kindly ask for assistance with a vba code to check if any of these labels are visible lblM_tbxSch800 lblM_tbxSch900 lblM_tbxSch1000...
  5. B

    pivot table refresh data issues

    I don't even know if I know how to ask this question correctly because I've never seen this happen before. I have a spreadsheet with AR data as of 6/30/19 lumped in a pivot table. I changed the AR data to reflect balances as of 9/30/19 and then right clicked on the pivot table and refresh...
  6. S

    Picking Values from a Table

    Hi All I am inputting values into row 2 under certain labels. Each label has a value which corresponds with the values in table A5:B9. The total is then shown in cell B12 (product of a multiplication). I am trying to remove the intermediate step which requires table D12:E16. I assume a...
  7. H

    Extracting text from a random string and matching to a list

    I have a csv file which I have downloaded to Excel. The name of this worksheet is 'Tickets'. This contains text strings of random length which include standard 'labels' of random length. The text is in column C. The phrases in the text are separated by "|" which may assist. I have a separate...
  8. I

    make chart axis labels hyperlink to other pages

    I have an Excel bar chart I would like to make the chart axis labels hyperlink to other other charts that contain additional details about the specific tag of interest. Is this possible?
  9. JTL9161


    I am having a brain block. I have 4 columns with number and label. a1:a30 are numbers, b1:b30 are labels. C1:c30 are numbers, D1:D30 are labels All in random order. I am trying to match the labels in column B to the label in Column D and then add the 2 numbers corresponding numbers in column...
  10. M

    Macro to retrieve data and to return in tabular form

    Hello guys, I would like to run a macro that allows me to group some data that is scattered into tabular form. In particular, the information to be retrieved is "anticipated" by a number label contained in the cell immediately to the left of the relevant data to be retrieved. In addition, these...
  11. D

    Compare and count from multiple sheets

    Hi All, Could someone please help me with the query below I have 3 sheets Labels, Labels and Categories and Results. I have to check the all the values in Labels sheet against Labels and Categories sheet and report the total numbers in Result sheet. Please see example below. Thanks in...
  12. J

    asking for ideas

    any idea on how to make labels in userform look like a button ?
  13. TAPS_MikeDion

    # of labels limitation?

    Is there a maximum number of labels you can use on a form? Suddenly I cannot put any more labels on my form. I'm at around 35. Every time I either try to copy and paste a label or create one from scratch from the Toolbox I get the following errors: From the Toolbox: "Could not complete the...
  14. C

    How to reference an active ActiveX control?

    Hi everybody, I'm writing an 'on_click' event for one of my ActiveX labels. But how do I reference itself in the code? I need to derive the label's name when I click on it. Is there a way on how to do it? thanks...
  15. B

    Disable / enable doubleclick on userform

    Hey all, I got a few labels on my userform that are editable by users once they login. At the moment they can always change the labels. I would like to disable this until they are logged in. Someone knows what code i need to enable / disable the double click event on a userform?
  16. I

    Clustered bar chart

    I have clustered bar chart. I have one array of values where the values can go from -5 to 5. The y-axis is a 0 which is good but the y-axis labels are also in the 0 range.Since the axis value is positive or negative, some bars actually overwrite that y-axis labels. If I move the axis to one...
  17. L

    Pivot Table Getting Rid of Row Labels

    Is it possible to get rid of the row labels for the pivot tables or is there a better way to sort the sizes based on the corresponding size with machine number?
  18. D

    VBA counter for labels per row

    Hello guys, I used code already existed and changed it for my needs but I have troubles with adding function for counting how many labels per each row will be printed with zebra printer. Here below is picture of table (Table6) which I am using as data. Label is on different sheet: VBA Code...
  19. D

    Updating labels in a userform based on User Selections and existing Datasheet

    Hi All, I am having some difficulty with my code, rare occurrence around here I'm sure :laugh:. I would like to fetch data from a spreadsheet and update the caption of a label based on 3 criteria: 2 ComboBox selections and 1 Textbox entry. Basically, I want to find a value that meets 3 criteria...
  20. H

    Im confused

    I have in first place ask for help about how to get value’s from cell to labels on Userform and get help for that and in second ask for another Function on userform to copy value’s from labels on user form to a new sheets two different Question can be a Double Question

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