1. R

    Determine Largeness of a Value Within Range

    I really thought that this was going to be simple, but I just can't figure it out. I have a list of 70 values in a range. There are multiple rows of values for each of these columns. For this example, the rows could be a physical good, and the rows are customers. The values in the table...
  2. B

    Average, Large, Date Range question

    Hello, I am calculating a weekly score for number of steps performed. I'm taking the top 5 days out of the 7 days in a week using this: =AVERAGE(LARGE($B$2:$B$8,{1,2,3,4,5})) The NO HOLIDAYS table in my spreadsheet is working perfectly. The HOLIDAYS table is just a copy of that table which...
  3. J

    Large Formula with Index Match by Criteria

    Hi, This is the first time I've posted here so apologies if any of this is incorrect. I have a list of products ordered by week with their volume. I would like to select the top ten products by week. I have found and used the formula which gets the top ten, but I am struggling to do it by...
  4. D

    Highlight cells with Conditional Formatting using large range of values

    Hello all, this is my first post. I’m having an issue with Conditional Formatting. I work in a warehouse, and I am having issues in a certain section of the warehouse with items being split across several different stock locations rather than being consolidated into 1 or 2 locations. There is...
  5. S

    Very Large Excel - Some Columns Are Slow to Copy and Paste

    All, I created a very large Excel file (i.e. hundreds of MBs or 100,000 rows by 369 columns) for calculating a sample of about 100,000 insurance policies across five or so different companies. I started off by building out the first row with all the needed formulas and then have copied them...
  6. A

    Sumproduct large with adjustable reference range based on another cell

    Hi, Is it possible to change the reference range in a sumproduct large formula to expand based on a value in anther cell? I'm using this formula: SUMPRODUCT(LARGE((A2:A9=G2)*(B2:B9),1)) and would like the range to expand based on value in another cell, say E1. If E1 was 20, than I would like...
  7. R

    Spreadsheet incredibly slow when moving tabs

    Hi I realize the title is not that helpful I have a relatively large spreadsheet - around 7 MB - with a lots of calculations and 50+ tabs It calculates fine and very quickly. However, my problem is that if I move a tab or insert a blank line (even if that line does not impact any...

    Excel Operating on a PC

    Where can I go to find out why excel takes so long to save a large file, continually bogs down while performing macros etc. I use several different large spreadsheets with lots of calculations going on, they run and save quite well on my PC but bogs down on my assistants PC. Here is one error...
  9. coolguyvarun01

    Excel Formulas to generate random values adding upto 100

    Hi Experts, Need your help in this. My boss wants me to create values for a group of materials bifurcated on basis of pack x Channel, now the values for a pack/channel combination should sum up to 100. <tbody> Unit Brand Channel Pack Value% EAST Product 1 Insti Medium EAST Product 1...
  10. M

    How to make every number in a range of cells unique???

    Hi, I have a large range of data - I need to use range formulas using If and Large combinations to return the largest number when certain conditions are met. As the dataset is large, there are duplicate values. As a workaround I add a very small number to every number in the range, to create...
  11. R

    Solution Appreciated

    Extremely large data set that will include the following information. Is there a simple method (formula) to provide the following summation (for a large data set,A1:A200, etc.)? <colgroup><col width="99" style="width: 74pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3620;"> <col width="64"...
  12. O

    Looking for an If formula

    I am looking to use a IF formula but not sure how to write it so it returns the value i want. I have a list of SKU's that have a location by them, i also have a separate list of locations. I want the If formula to return a value of 1, if the SKU's location appears in my 2nd list...
  13. C

    Index and match with large function

    Hi, I am using the Large function to calculate the rank and Index and Match to return the user name of that rank. Some of the ranks have similar values and then returns only the first name of that rank value. I would like it to return the correct user name for each rank value.
  14. W

    'Match' a range, skip a predefined cell

    I am trying to find where the top 3 values in a range are stored. That part is done, however, if one or more of the top 3 have the same value, I only get the same cell locations and not the top 3. Here is how my data looks like: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J <tbody> 0.22 </tbody> <tbody>...
  15. R

    Rank and Scores

    Hi, I´m fighting against an elusive formula to assign scores, I have tried to use arrays and combinations of functions seen in old posts... with no positive results. I have a long list of rows of concepts, each of them related to several values that appear in columns, so they must be compared...
  16. W

    Uploaded screeenshots appear massive, even to me!

    I sometimes take screenshots on my 4K monitor and upload them to Imgur so I can embed them. Any ideas why they come out so large? It's not a problem on Even when I view them on, they look big there also. Example: They seem to be getting scaled up by a factor of 2.5.
  17. A

    Large IF OR

    Hello I have tried with Large IF OR, but it creates a boolean and Large dont care about that. I also tried with Sumproduct, however that only seems to function with 2 criterias that isnt OR but rather AND. To simplify my question i will ask with the alphabet. I have clipped my data in below...
  18. D

    IF AND Not working correctly

    Hello In Column Meter Type I have the following formula =IF(AA2="LARGE",AND(AC2={"BASIC","MRIM"}),"Meter Requires Upgrade") What I am trying to say is that if Column Classification contains the value "LARGE" AND column Meter Installation Code Contains the value "BASIC" OR "MRIM" then mark...
  19. M

    LARGE Formula & Return value from MATCH

    I have the below Formula using LARGE and right now it returns the largest value in the column, but the Column is a UID field and I am just using it to determine unique value, I want to somehow wrap this formula with and INDEX / MATCH array and first use LARGE to find the largest UID, then using...
  20. C

    Rename Multiple Worksheet Tab Names

    I need to add the text "ABC" to the end of some worksheet tabs that already have names. It's a couple hundred sheets in the middle of a large spreadsheet, so I cant use code that selects the entire workbook. Thanks

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