1. willow1985

    Index Match Aggregate - find largest or 2nd largest value

    I have a formula that compares 2 columns and returns the largest value: =INDEX(AH2:AH500,MATCH(MAX(AI2:AI500),AI2:AI500,0)) I would like this formula modified to return the 2nd or even 3rd largest value instead of just the MAX but am not sure how to modify it/apply Aggregate. I am hoping...
  2. H

    largest, smallest, 2nd largest & 2nd smallest

    Posted on but could not got complete answer I need 4 formulae for: largest, smallest, 2nd largest (smaller than largest & non duplicate of largest) & 2nd smallest (larger than...
  3. F

    Lookup a value and then find the largest in a range

    Hi, I have a set of data that looks like this: <tbody> Name 1 2 3 4 5 A 12 15 16 10 6 B 6 4 15 1 19 C 22 14 13 17 10 D 6 8 7 10 6 E 8 9 15 26 4 F 10 14 19 2 10 G 15 16 20 25 15 H 16 20 22 10 8 I 14 16 19 17 6 </tbody> In another sheet I have the list of names but not in...
  4. M

    Sum Largest Negative and Positive Question

    hello, I have a table I would like to sum the largest negative sums and also the largest positive sums within a column, the table will illustrate below; <tbody> A B B 1 1 =a1 1 2 3 =a1+a2 4 3 -2 =a2+a3 2 4 -3 =a3+a4 -1 5 7 =a4+a5 6 6 -3 =a5+a6 3 7 Largest Positive Sum 6 8...
  5. B

    Formula to Pick largest absolute value and return column header

    Hello, Need assistance with a formula to return the largest absolute value in a range and return the column heading in row 1. Found this formula on another forum and it works but it only gives me the largest value, not the largest absolute value...
  6. C

    Find 2nd and 3rd highest numbers in a row and return column header

    <tbody style="box-sizing: inherit; border: 0px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: top; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-size-adjust: none;"> ETF-A ETF-B ETF-C ETF-D 10 27 11 11 </tbody> I cannot seem to write the formula that would return the column header of the second...
  7. T

    Largest Negative Daily Total

    Hello Everyone, I need your help! I have a problem where I need to find the largest negative daily total in a table. I have the largest daily sum total with the following: MAX(SUMIFS(Values[P/L],Values[Date],ROW(INDIRECT($L$3&":"&TODAY())))) L3 is the <tbody> Starting Date, L31 is a...
  8. J

    VBA Unique list, sum if, then sort by largest

    Morning all, What's the most efficient/stable way to achieve the following Create a unique list from Named_range_1 in A1 then in column B down to the last value in column A SUMIF(Named_range_2,B1, Named_range_3) Then sort columns A and B by column B, largest to smallest Column A is text...
  9. A

    Sorting multiples sheets

    I have multiple sheets with student score data in cells C1:AP9 No headers sort from left to right using row 9. Largest to smallest I tried using a macro with no luck. Any ideas or a VBA??? Thanks
  10. C

    Mean of N largest values in a range of cells

    Dear All, I need your help in creating a VBA code. I must create a user-defined function to calculate the mean of the N largest values in a range of cells. It is compulsory I use this function: Function MeanOfLargest (DataRange as Range, NbVals as Integer) as Variant DataRange is a range of...
  11. M

    COUNTIF data messes up during sorting?

    I'm using this formula to count how many openings each manager has: COUNTIF('Open Reqs'!K:K,Sheet1!$A2) It works great, but when I sort the data by largest to smallest, all of the date messes up. How can I keep the data during a sort?
  12. S

    LARGE Formula error

    I have the following formula which is picking up the largest date, between columns N and Z. However, if there is a date equivalent to the largest in that selection in AC (for example - ie both have 07/05/19) it is blank. If the date in AC is 08/05/19 then it ignores this, and returns the correct...
  13. B

    Lookup of largest value(s), then if multiple results, Lookup lowest of a second set of values

    Hi everyone- I’m looking to create a formula that will allow me to lookup the largest result(s) in one data range, and then if there are multiple results, a second lookup if performed for only those largest number in a second data range, looking for the lowest number in the second data range...
  14. S

    INDEX MATCH Find Largest Date with criteria

    Please can someone help advise where I have gone wrong with this. In Column N is where this formula is and I want to generate the name of the headed column in O, P, Q, X or Y only (R through to W should not be included in the results) I want it to find the "largest" (most recent) date, and...
  15. S

    Sum if large

    I'm trying to combine a Sum IF and large formula. My Sum if formula is =SUM.iF($P$7:$P$300;$A$7:$A$300;AA39;$R$7:$R$300;"Forc") And I want to sum the largest of $P$7:$P$300, i would like, if possible, how many of the largest numbers to sum to be based on AH39.
  16. N

    Match type (-1)

    Hi, Match type (-1) returns the largest value that is less then or equal to the lookup value. Is there a way to return the largest value that is only less then the lookup value, and now equal to? Thanks
  17. kelly mort

    Find the maximum or large of a string ID

    Say I have CPI_101 CPI_109 And more as IDs in my database . Can I use vba to find the largest number part? It's looking trick for me. Thanks
  18. A

    Highlighting the SECOND largest number in a column ?

    I'm using Conditional Formatting with the MAX formula: =A1=MAX($A$2:$A$222) to find and highlight the highest value in the A column range How can I do the same to highlight the second largest value in the column? Thanks for the help!
  19. G

    Find the Largest number based on date and trade

    I am trying to find the largest number based on the date, then quantity on trade for each day of the month. I currently do it manually each day but am looking for a formula to do it for me without using the ctrl+shift+enter function. Looking for the formula in largest trade column <tbody> Date...
  20. A

    Look for the largest value if condition met

    Hello All, Can someone please help me with a formula to find the largest time value in the scenario below? <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 09:06:15 To City 09:22:11 To City 09:23:04 To City 09:27:51 To City 09:28:53 Dead 10:27:05 Dead 10:28:17 Dead 16:25:08 Dead...

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