1. H

    Complex INDEX MATCH - Now Add Max

    Hi All I have a couple of Index Match formulas that are working well for me but I've realised there may be more than one result to find and I only want the latest date. My formulas sometimes have two match criteria and two index location, but I'm not sure how to return the highest valued...
  2. S

    Pulling Latest value for each ID via vba

    Hi Guys, Basically I have a fairly large spreadsheet which contains ID's and then values in the adjacent column with dates in the following column. For each ID I want to take the value corresponding to the latest date, bearing in mind each ID could have a different number of values and...
  3. J

    Finding Date in Listview

    Hi, Is there anyone that can show me how to find in listview control column 2 the earliest date and populate it in textbox 1, and the latest date into textbox 2. Thank you to anyone that can help me.
  4. C

    SUM based on 3 criteria but only the latest date - Excel Function

    Dear MrExcel I have to find the value of the latest date, based on 3 criteria: Column A = range criteria 1 (A1:A10) Column B = range criteria 2 (B1:B10) Column C = range criteria 3 (C1:C10) Column D = range of the value/number (D1:D10) Column E = range of the date (E1:E10) A12 = criteria 1...
  5. T

    Return value based on latest date for entry

    Hi I have a spreadsheet with factory name, review date and overall evaluation. Some factories may have multiple entries and reviews. I would like the overall evaluation to return based on the latest review for each factory. Therefore if i have a duplicate factory on two review dates and the...
  6. V

    Need help on Aging formula

    Hi Folks, I have 3 columns wit different dates and i want to write a formula in 4th column and my condition is to calculate the aging whichever is the latest date among the three columns. Formula needs to calculate aging from =TODAY()- Latest among the 3 columns dates.
  7. S

    if combined with index/match (I think)

    Hello - it's a while since my last question, but I'm totally stuck on this one. I have a sales database which includes multiple columns and my basic quest is to have a formula that establishes if a product has had sales in the latest week so a linked table can say listed/delisted. The latest...
  8. M

    Pivot Table how to show latest value in the period instead of sum total

    I have a table like this Country, headcount, Month ================== US, 23, May2019 US, 24, Jun2019 UK, 27, May 2019 UK, 27, Jun 2019 Now pivot-table of Country as row and Month as Column, the Q2 column is showing 47 (23+24) for US. Is there a way the Q2 column be the latest value in the...
  9. M

    VBA to open MM_TEST in folder /subfolder

    Hi , I would like to open a file ie MM_Test by DIR or FSO method by searching all folders and subfolders in Directory: C/Example/ The file names can also range from 01_TEST to 12_TEST. For example , latest would currently be 06_TEST based on June. So rather than date modified, is there a...
  10. E

    Latest Date

    Good evening all, I am trying to identify what the last communications are from a large range/list of data All I need is "Latest Communication" if the date from C12:F12:10003 and job from F12:F10003 is the last entered or if the only one entered Each job may have been communicated more than...
  11. M

    Creating measure selecting latest date and time

    Hi there, Im looking for help to write the correct measure to pick the price based on the latest date and time. A simplified version of my data set looks like this : <tbody> ID Price Time 21 15,2 21.05.2019 10:00 21 15,9 21.05.2019 10:10 21 15,5 21.05.2019 10:20 21 14,7 20.05.2019...
  12. P

    Formula to find latest & Old date from a column based on criteria

    Hi All, I have 5 columns of data. In which A to D columns are text and E column is date. I need 2 formula in F & G column to check latest and oldest date in column E based on criteria from A to D Column. For example: In Column E I have dates from 2017 September( In 2017 I have only 2 dates...
  13. G

    How do I get a folder to open with latest file.

    Hi I have a folder that has approx 14 workbooks in and a shortcut button on a different workbook . Im trying to find a way that I can click on the shortcut button and then it will go into the folder concerned and then open the latest file that has been created. I was advised that it poss...
  14. U

    How to return the latest column with a value - if D 0, go to C and return the date of that corresponding column

    <tbody> 1 A B C D E F G 2 20/10/2015 10.5 19/10/2016 8 20/10/2018 8.2 3 30/1/2016 9.5 20/3/2017 7 4 10/2/2010 7.4 </tbody> Hello, I am trying to find the latest result of a blood test. I have two repeating columns in the data - the Follow up date and then the result...
  15. Z

    Nesting IF statements/other solution?

    Hi all, Long time fan of this forum, many times have found answers here without needing to post, but this one has truely stumped me and I cannot find the exact answer I need anywhere. I will try to be as brief and clear as possible. Any input is appreciated! Side-note: I read about a new...
  16. S

    Min/Max dates

    Hello I have a spreadsheet COL A - contains a year COL B - persons name COL C - formula counting the number of years for the person named in COL B What I would like is to enter in COL D - the earliest year for the person COL E - the latest year for the person There can be upto 18 rows for...
  17. J

    Formula that matches multple criteria and pulls latest date value

    Hi Mr Excel, I am currently looking for a formula that index matches multiple criteria (For example; Name & Course Name) & also looks for the latest date & returns the latest grade. Please see example attached below. I tried to make up an example on here but I am having a bit of trouble with...
  18. P

    [VBA] Create Hyperlink to latest worksheet in Workbook

    Hey guys, as part of a larger macro, I want to insert a code that creates a link to the latest sheet of the workbook and name it according to the text in the selcted cell. This was asked in a simliar way before...
  19. C

    Keeping several instances of the same value

    <tbody> Report ID Date 1234 11/16/2017 1234 9/26/2016 1234 10/11/2017 1234 8/15/2012 etc. etc. </tbody> Hello, See example above I have a large amount of data. Column A (Report ID) is duplicated. Column B (Date) is unique. I want to keep only the 5 latest dates and...
  20. gheyman

    XLA File

    Someone sent me a workbook to look at "because its no longer working". What they sent was an XLA file. They said it use to add a ribbon to their tool bar but now it doesn't work with the latest version of XLS. Is this just missing a tool pack or Add-in that needs to be activated in her latest...

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