learn macro programming

  1. K

    Excel Crashing 1 out of 5 times

    Hello all, I am still very new to VBA and am probably making terrible mistakes in the below code, but am willing to learn. So this is pulling some summary numbers from reports that are generated on a per facility basis. All the reports are named the same thing, but are in separate locations...
  2. V

    Need help in learning Macro's

    Hi, Can any body please let me know the best resource to learn VBA? would be greatly appreciated...! Thank you
  3. J

    Does anyone where to learn VBA for Excel online?

    I discovered this site for Java script: www.codecademy.com its wonderful showing you from scratch Javascript. Is there something similar to learn online VBA for excel with small step-by-step exercises that are also corrected on the go? Thanks. J
  4. V

    How to learn to write macros

    Hi, I am new to excel macro programming , but have idea on VB script. How do i learn the macro programming, from the basics ? I have tried google, but there is no proper direction in this regard . Is there any link that can help me and as well as can be seen as a reference ? Regards, vvk

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