1. L

    VBA vs Python vs Matlab

    Hi Someone told me learning Python and Matlab is a must these days. Many job ads are asking for to be good in one of the following: VBA, Python and Matlab!! Which one you think it better to learn? Thank you very much.
  2. J

    Recommendation on the best MS excel book

    I am a beginner and want to learn ms excel 2016. Which book should I get? Any recommendations?
  3. L

    cells which are blank but not (has space char)

    Hi Lets say you have a big table and it has some cells which looks empty but has space as a character (user used spacebar to delete content). I know there are many way to spot these cells but I would like to learn different methods or how you would do it yourself. one option I can think of is to...
  4. B

    Looking for good Power Query Websites and Resources

    Hi All, Can you please share some good websites which you've come across to learn Power Query? I'm finding a lot of excel websites, but they hardly cover Power Query. I currently own the following books: 1: M for Data Monkey and 2: Collect, Combine, and Collect, Combine, and Transform Data...
  5. Mandark39

    Looking for a tutorial to learn making this ?

    This is the only picture i have of this Excel sheet . It had daily expenses , Invoice details , Incomes , Total sales , Total expenses and a few more things . Does spreadsheets like this have a name ? How can i learn to make one like this ?? Thanks
  6. V

    Need help to learn vlookup formulation

    Hello, I am new to excel and curious about vlookup formula. Can someone help me to learn
  7. X

    Help with formula

    hi all i have got this far with the formula =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B8,P8:Q1265,2,FALSE),"ERROR! ") I would really like to not show the "ERROR!" until there is a number in Cell B8 is there a way to do this? Hopefully i have explained what i need lol (Trying to learn so please be nice lol) Thanks...
  8. N

    Where should i start to learn Excel

    hey i want to learn excel in order to analyze data where should i start? post some vids or books recommendations a begginer
  9. A

    Run-Time Error 3706 Provider Cannot be Found

    I am trying to Sync a file to my Excel workbook and getting this error message. I am still very much a novice and have a lot to learn. Not really sure how to go about fixing it. Can anyone please explain and help with this problem...
  10. D

    what is the best course to learn about excel and vba?

    Is there a Microsoft course on excel or what do people think is the best course if you want to learn how to code in vba and make complex Spreadsheets?
  11. L

    Generate Pick 4 Lottery Numbers

    I need to do a lottery work on excel and I need to generate all the 10,000 numbers of a a pick 4 game, so the excel will have all the numbers from 0001 to 9999, and as I type the numbers it will make a chart counting the number of occurences of the numbers and will make another chart displaying...
  12. P

    #N/A Error with vlookup

    I keep getting this error when performing a vlookup. No clue what I'm doing wrong. Here is the forumula: =VLOOKUP(B2,Salaries!B1:Q2000,16,FALSE) Trying to learn how to pull data from one sheet to another within the same workbook. Thank you!
  13. S

    Whats the Best Way to Learn VBA?

    Hi everyone. I want to get very good at VBA. I'm no rush to learn it. I think maybe in a year's time I can get very good at it. I want to know whats the best way to learn it? What are is best resource to learn it in the easiest way possible?
  14. F

    Suggestions on where to learn the basics

    Does anyone have suggestions on where to go back to the basics of learning VBA? I've been self-taught over the past six years by reverse engineering results from the macro recorder and Google searches. I've always felt like I skipped the basics and never learned anything about the core concepts...
  15. L

    Best online classes/tutorials to take

    I was wondering what would be the best courses/classes to take that start at medium/advance knowledge of excel. It seems every tutorial starts with very basic functions (SUM, Vlookups), I want to specifically get into the weeds with macros and learn how to code them. Just curious what your guy's...
  16. D

    Vba- ado connection

    I want to learn ADO connections. I want to copy data between closed files. Where can I start to learn?
  17. V

    VB.Net tutorial

    Hi All, Very Happy New Year. As my experience to learn VBA with MrExcel is outstanding. And hence MrExcel Experts are Programmers and hence you can guide me on Vb.net tutorial. Could any one have idea the simple and best link or document to learn vb.net, please.. Many Thanks..
  18. A

    Returning Multiple Values from VLOOKUP using data from separate sheet

    Hello all, Merry Christmas! :) I'm new here but feel I'm gonna learn a lot from all you smart people! Hoping you can help me with a little dilemma please... I want to be able to return 4 names in B4, D4, F4 & H4, this detail will be from sheet 2 and will be based on the number entered in B2...
  19. SharmaAntriksh

    Api - vba

    Can you provide some sources from which I can learn about using API functions with VBA?

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