1. D

    How to count SPECIFIC text characters with a range of cells

    Hey guys, Can someone assist me in writing a formula for counting how many "I" are in a range of cells. For example I have a range of cells B11:AF12 that have different letters in it to identify the kind of Lead Source we receive. "I" represents Internet. I need to find out how many I's are in...
  2. A

    Summary of name and cocatenate data

    Hi, Hope that someone can help me if this is possible to do in a formula. Sorry that I can't post screenshot of table because I couldn't get the add-in to work. :sad: Name Run Out Tim 6 1 John 5 3 Len 6 3 John 3 4 Len 4 2 Tim 2 3 How i would like to...
  3. kelly mort

    Check if a cell contains same digits

    Hi, I am looking for a way to verify if a cell say A1 contains same digits like 1111, 2222, etc. The Len will always be 4. Thanks in advance
  4. H

    Len if and

    Hi I have set-up the below but the LEN calculation seems wrong as LEN that isn't 15 is matching and doing the workday function. Can anyone see what is wrong please?
  5. B

    IF OR with LEN

    Hello, This on has me baffled and I tried everything I could think of. Longstory short, I'm working with an old windows program that extracts data into anexcel worksheet. There are a ton of rows,but many are useless (like headers, totals, other stuff) Anyway, I did discover that the data I...
  6. N

    IF and Len Function Help

    hello all, I need help with the funtion I am able to do len first and then if function but i cannot get them to work together. I need a function that can take the Length of the numbers in cell B17 and if greater than or equal to 8, display a value of "Cusip" If the length is less than or...
  7. D

    Excel Newbie Here: Trying to get Sum of Occurances for Columns by Cross Referencing Two Worksheets

    My Task is to Summarize the Ingredients By Categories. I have two Worksheets/Tables. The First lists the Categories and their respective Recipes CategoryRecipe <tbody> Category (A) Recipe (B) Cat1 RecA Cat1 RecB Cat2 RecD Cat2 RecC Cat3 RecA Cat3 RecD </tbody> Next is the...
  8. J

    Convert numeric to text

    I have a value in a5 (82700000) Needing it to display in a6 as text 82.7 Million. Could also be 827000000, needs to be displayed as text 8.27 Billion I know it has to do with Len Just cant get there, Any tips or solutions are greatly appreciated. Jack
  9. M

    a text formula that i cant crack!

    I am trying to make a formula which basically says "find the first word that starts with G then choose the word AFTER it" but i cant configure the formula correctly, i am a bit of a novice! i can do it by combining IF statementslike this: =IF(TRIM(LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(MID(B4,FIND("G",B4),LEN(B4)),"...
  10. Z

    Formula help to return first name space last name from 2 cells

    Hi I am trying to pull from the sheet below into my cell the first and last name from Job Costing. In the sheet below first name is in C2 and last name is in B2. Then eventually I would scroll down. I looked up =Right Len, but confused its saying maybe I need to do =Left len any help thanks...
  11. W

    VBA - Search string left, offset and remove found string

    Hello wise people of the internet. I'm tinkering with a code in VBA. It's purpose is to look at each cell in a given range. Part 1: Looking at the LEFT side of a string, it searches for "/56-Test1/" And it MUST be the first part of a string. Example: "A/56-Test1/AAA" should be ignored while...
  12. L

    Extracting a SKU from a URL

    Hi, I have the following example URLs: https://viyet.com/andrianna-shamaris-teak-and-bone-inlay-circular-bookcase-sto-49740-27277.html https://viyet.com/janus-et-cie-large-shell-bowl-acc-49959-2600.html https://viyet.com/jonathan-adler-danner-loveseat-sea-45150-33425.html The length is...
  13. M

    How to Add "Skip if Len <2" to VBA Code That Converts CSV to New Rows

    Hi all, Below is my code: Sub RedistributeCommaDelimitedData() Dim xArr() As String Dim xAddress As String Dim Rg As Range Dim Rg1 As Range On Error Resume Next xAddress = Application.ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address Set Rg = Application.InputBox("please select...
  14. B

    Add into a formula Right & Len

    My current formula is =SUMPRODUCT(--(A11>='Front End'!B$25:B$72),--('Front End'!C$25:C$72>=A11+"00:15"))+SUMPRODUCT(--(A11>='Combo EE'!B$36:B$69),--('Combo EE'!C$36:C$69>=A11+"00:15")) I'm having an issue because when I copy data in the range C25:C72 and B25:B72 the time now has a date in...
  15. B

    Count Characters Minus One

    I am using Len Function to count number of characters: =LEN(A1) Now, I have instances that I would like to count as one character and not 2. For example, instances like "DZ" or "LJ", if they exist anywhere in the word it should be counted as -1 to the total of characters. I can solve this...
  16. I

    Removing last 18 characters on Left side of excel Cell

    In part of an ongoing larger project that a team member is helping me with, this will help me get one step closer, I've tried using =RIGHT(B3),LEN - N but due to the nature of the "Titles" in column B3 being different # of characters to the right, I thought there but be a more direct and simpler...
  17. P

    Line up strings of text

    Hi, I have a list of data in sheet1. Column A contains cells which all contain text. They are capital letters apart from the right hand value which is lower case letter ("a", "b", "c", "d" or "e") e.g "TELEVISION.a", "TELEVISION.b" and so on until "TELEVISION.e". The item varies and the length...
  18. A

    Access Date Formatting / Extraction

    Good morning all. I'm a bit stuck as I cannot use a LEN command with the problem I have. I have had a look around the site and cannot see a simple (or even complex) fix. I have an extract from a BI system that in four columns produces a text field with a date in the format: January 1, 1900...
  19. P

    If with LEN (formula)

    Hi All, I would like to make and IF function in VBA, i have tried with this one with no luck: If len activecelloffset(0,0) >=36 then .... Can somebody help me to make this if function work? Thank you so much in Advance
  20. P

    Help extracting text from within text.

    Hi all, My problem is I have a set of part numbers as below: 063G4F1000 0300 004EWL0450 0550 004D1 0350 0300 004D1D0350 0300 002 AB20242408 002 DGPS50 What I need to do is extract the first part of the number to achieve 063G4F 004EWL 004D1 004D1D 002 AB 002 DGPS I have around 11000 parts to...

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