1. J


    Hi i am used to using data validation. Recently I was typing a formula and it seemed as it was too long due that I was unable to keep writting it. The following formula is : =IF(AND(A32="BIO ORIENTADO ";A35="BAJA");'BASE DE DATOS'!$AA$2:$AA$5;IF(AND(A32="BIO ORIENTADO ";A35="ALTA ");'BASE DE...
  2. jmacleary

    Showing cell text length while typing

    Hello folks. I want to be able to see how many characters I am typing into a cell as I type. I know there are many ways to see the length after the data is entered, but I need to see the count 'in-flight' if possible.
  3. A

    Extracting some data from a string in a cell

    One more help needed. In one column i have multiple email addresses of different length. For eg: amit.dhamija@rediffmail.com. How can i extract value after "@" and before "." which in this case is "rediffmail" ??
  4. T

    Converting number to fixed length field

    Hi all, Not VBA related at this stage but I will be hoping to convert it into VBA in the long run. I need to convert a number, which will be of indeterminate length, into a text string of fixed length. The length is 14 characters long. To fill the length, I need to add leading zeros to the...
  5. J

    Data Validation - Character Limit & Uppercase Only

    I am trying to set the character limit of my cells to 28 and force the characters to be uppercase using Data Validation so the user receives an error if either condition is not met. I have the uppercase portion working fine, but cannot seem to get the length to function correctly. It seems Excel...
  6. M

    Excel vba Extract specific text from a cell containing multiple line

    Hello, I have a column (col D- starts from cell D2). The Cells D2, D3 ........DXXX, each cell contains multiple lines of data. There are about 40+ individual lines in each cell with different values Cell D2: Date: 10-21-2008 First Name: Tommy Last Name: Hughes Transaction: 1 Inhouse: No Job:Yes...
  7. J

    Group and Sum Using a Filter

    Hello I am working an PQ view that will allow me to use the current column (Pipe Length) that I have added to sum but only if the column (PRGM_Code) is equal to"1". Ten I need to divide the (pipe Length) column by 12. We I use the dialog box "Grouped By" there is not conditional formatting...
  8. N

    Simple String question

    I'm currently using a barcode scanner to input values into an excel sheet. the barcode contains values such as: C000111254|HPSSF2517|14NIZE C000098567|HSCF21|22BRSS etc. The beginning and end string length will always be the same. 10 characters and 6. the middle set will vary in length. I...
  9. T

    Problems with ".Names.Add Name:="name", RefersToR1C1:="=" string

    Hi, I have problems with above method. If length of the string is around 2075 - it works, but if length of the strings goes around 2160 I receive error 1004 .... Can't find any limitations for string?! (it's far beyond 65K). Please help! Regards
  10. J

    char length question

    Hi Is there a script that would look at say, column F, and if the number of character length is 3 or less, replace that number with 2100? Thanks Jay
  11. bobkap

    Date in string

    I have numerous records that include a cell that looks something like this: <tbody> BLS Instructor Renewal & Monitoring Registration - 2/28/2019 (LT-FW) The length of the data varies and is not one consistent length. However, it is always in this same format. I need to do the...
  12. B

    Replace 3 Characters from Right in String

    Hello, I tried to find an example online, but no luck. I have a huge list of strings that some of them end with "ini" as a suffix. I would like to replace it with "not". The trick here is that the length of words is variable, it can go from 3 until 15 and more. Not all words have such suffix...
  13. C

    Holiday calculator need help - time sensitive

    I'm creating a holiday tracker that has certain requirements and I'm stuck. I feel like the solution is something simple but I'm giving up and asking for help. I'll do my best to explain... Holidays are accrued at the rates you see in right most side of the table based on length of service...
  14. G

    Count text in cell and find next cell with one more

    Hey team! I'm working with some hierarchical data output from our ERP system's vanilla reporting software and my finance team wants a low maintenance excel spreadsheet that identifies all of the levels of a hierarchy as attributes / dimensions. Our hierarchies are built as parent/child combos...
  15. D

    Setting selected cells as range

    Hello, I am trying to make my macro take a set of selected cells and assign those cells as a range to a variable, excluding the header. The macro is a WIP and so this is aimed to help build the next step of the macro. The next step would be to take that range, use it to find how long the...
  16. JenniferMurphy

    Data Validation limitations and oddities

    In another thread, it was suggested to me to give Data Validation a try as a way of reducing the need to do such extensive data checking in the UDF. So I did a little studying. It looks like it will make my life easier, but, as if often the case with Microsoft products, it comes with some...
  17. E

    Efficient way to merge data

    I have all of the data from our third-party analytics tool - all in CSV files. The format comes out as this: Excel 2013/2016 <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 Media Impact Origin Market Breakdown 2 Advertiser Visit Britain 3 Date Range Jan 1, 2018 -...
  18. tyija1995

    Max Length of a field with Errors

    Hi, I want to find the maximum length of each field taking into account of errors that pop up. For example I have data in cells A2:B938, Column A is the ID number and Column B is a description, I am using the following formula to get the max length: {=MAX(LEN(A2:A938))} and similarly B2:B938...
  19. S

    Evenly split a length into the lowest number of equal lengths

    I have a product which comes in sections. Its total length, and the sections it gets broken into, are at issue. In some situations we will need to take an arbitrary product length (lets say 28000mm), and break it into an arbitrary number of equal sections. I've been banging my head against it...
  20. B

    If Then using Length

    Hi Power Users! I am very new to Power Query, but an advanced Excel user. I am starting to get into Power Query and using data tables across a number of workbooks. I have a column in my data table that should be a number however, sometimes it will be a text due to a letter being added to the...

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