less than

  1. P

    VBA strange behavior of comparison result between String and Variant

    Hi friends, the other day, someone posted an issue on the web asking why the statement "i < ActiveSheet.Rows.Count" returns False, in which the variable "i" is declared as a String and is assigned an integer value 3. I have been thinking about this problem for two days and still can't figure out...
  2. W

    If range of cells greater than and less than X

    =IF(A2:A11>=50&A2:A11<=59,"*","") The formula above gives me "#VALUE!" I am trying to get a "*" if A2:A11 have any number that is in the range between 50-59. So, if A6 (or any other cell) has 50 (or any other number up to 59), as shown below, I would get a "*" as a sign. Please help, thank...
  3. M


    I am really struggling with the formulas for one particular cell. What i'm looking for is the value in B17 will be determined as Followed. I'm hoping someone can help my brain wrap around this IF b15 is less than 50, then b19= "Product A" IF b15 is greater than 50, and less than 250, then b19=...
  4. E

    Greater than, Less than, In Between

    I am having trouble trying to format a column that displays a text depending upon whether the column next to it is greater than, less than, or in between a certain value. More particularly, something like this, #<2 it should display "Short" #>2.5 it should display "Long" 2<#<2.5 it should...
  5. N

    Formula to Identify value less than another, then make original value less (multipliable to get original value)

    Hi, sorry of this is confusing. Let me use an example to clarify. I am making up a solution, e.g., 146ml. However I only own 50ml tubes, therefore the calculations used to make up the original would need to be altered so I could use multiple of my tubes. In this case I would make 4 x 37ml...
  6. W

    IF function greater and less than

    Hello, community I would like to ask for your help, i have a column that has random numbers from 1 to 12 and the format is Time (7:05). In an another column i try to create an if statement =IF(E2<3,RANDBETWEEN(4,8),IF(AND(E2>3,E2<8),RANDBETWEEN(30,40),RANDBETWEEN(8,14))), thus, if it is below...
  7. L

    Using the IF Function within Excel

    I am trying to work out a calculation within Excel and my values for 'arg' can lie anywhere between -10 and +10. Within a cell, I would like to work out how to use the IF Function to say: If the value of 'arg' is greater than +1, then the value will be changed to +1. If the value is less than...
  8. angeloudaki

    countif cell contains less than 6 characters, or contains digits

    How do I count a cell if it contains less than 5 characters, or contains digits (even if mixed with letters)? After data transfer, I have a list - some are email addresses, some usernames, some random text. I want to filter these to username which are less than 6 characters (for example) so us...
  9. B

    Row height change if less than....

    Is there a way to get a row to resize if it is below acertain height? I have my rows in a range set to 38 but I have them autofitting once the day is entered in case the row needs to be taller. Is there a way for this to either only resize if it is goingto make it taller OR after the AUTOFIT...
  10. L

    Greater than and less than using conditional formatting?

    <tbody> Column H Column I Amount 18/19 Costs £90,000.00 £0.00 £10,000.00 £0.00 £123,300.00 £124,000.00 £10,000.00 £10,000.00 </tbody> I need to highlight the above cells as follows: If the amount in Column H is higher than the amount in Column I then the cell needs to be...
  11. M

    Help with 3-level Conditional formatting + fill down

    Hello and thank you for the help J3=215, J4=214 and so on to J93 N3=215 and conditional formatting for this cell has 3 rules Cell Value < J3 (green format) applies to =$N$3:$N$5 Cell Value = J3 (yellow format) applies to =$N$3:$N$5 Cell Value > J3 (red format) applies to =$N$3:$N$5 The...
  12. N

    Array to pull two adjacent cells values based on date

    After much scouring of the threads I have found nothing similar enough to this that I can steal from. I am trying to pull Space and Manifold ID from a chart on a separate sheet based on the date the manifolds were repaired on. The manifolds and space repeat a lot as there are multiple valves...
  13. N

    Formula for date error checking if a certain date is greater than another

    Hi all, I work in a business where we have a date driven process. As happens with all data, however, sometimes entry errors happen. I want a formula that will check to make sure that the second record date (AE) is not greater than the first record date (AC). However, when I write the formula...
  14. S

    SUMIFs with criteria for > Greater & < Less than

    Greetings Experts, I am currently working with SUMIFS and cannot seem to get my criteria to work. U:U Column = # of days the Alert has been opened (0 to infinity) H:H Column = Process Group (Logistics, Supply Chain, Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly) I:I Column = Alert Status (Open/Closed)...
  15. E

    less than greater than for large amount of data

    Hi Guys I am OK with Excel and I know a way that I can do this, using If and AND formulae, but I feel there must be a neater way to do this given the large amount of data I'm working with would make my formula a bit unwieldy. See example data below: <tbody> A B C E F G H I J 1 Type...
  16. B

    Conditional Formating

    Hello - I am looking to conditionally format, in a pivot table, a cell based on whether it is more or less than the month before. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong (at least for me)! My dataset lists the item in rows, the months in columns, and the sum of quantity in the values. I want to...
  17. N

    If either of two cells falls between 0 and 90, then WJ

    At some point I will be able to help more than asking for help. I'm trying to get it so the selected cell will display "WJ" if cell Z2 or AA2 has a number greater than 0 but less than 90. So far I have not been successful at getting it to work. You all are so knowledgeable that it's probably as...
  18. R

    If Greater, Equal or Less Than Formula

    Hi, I am trying to get a cell to show me the following: If cell AI2 is greater than O2 say "OVER" in cell A2 If cell AI2 is less than O2 say "ACTIVE" in cell A2 Or, if cell AI2 is equal to O2 say "CLOSED" in cell A2 I am currently using the formula...
  19. A

    Comparing Times in Access

    I'm working on an employee schedule. I have folks start and end times as well as break and lunch times. I'm trying to create 1/0 for working/not working in 15-minute intervals throughout the day. My equation looks to say if the interval is less that the person's start time, greater than the...
  20. P

    Assigning values to quartiles for multiple data sets

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to build an equation that will assign a particular value to a data set depending on if that value is <, between, or > than a certain value. Disregard flows for now, that will be coming from a separate spreadsheet. The remaining five categories are all on one...

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