1. S

    Cell Formatting

    Good Morning, I need to format a few different cells in the following manners: A1 has to always add a colon (:) after whatever is typed in by a user. Example- "F" in a cell becomes "F:" A2 has to always be three digits- so if a user puts in "1", the cell shows "001" or if a user puts in "20"...
  2. M

    Deleting specific rows with VBA

    Hi Guys I have data in two columns and would like to delete data in the second column which has the letter 'N' in it, using the auto filter. The amount of rows will vary. In the example below, there are only 5 rows and I would like to delete rows 3 and 4, as they're the rows with the letter...
  3. N

    Remove all authors name from Excel

    At this link I did not get an answer to my question. Maybe I'll have more luck in this forum. It is common knowledge that with SaveAs in the (MS Office) window you have the option to enter the author before saving the Workbook. Just type in one letter and Excel will list all the authors that...
  4. K

    get all sheet names starting with a specific letter

    I have this vba code but it returns ALL of the sheet names. But I want another-one that returns the sheets that start with the letter "D" and list them in column H58 on "switchboard". Sub WORKSHEETLIST() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim Counter As Integer Counter = 0 For Each ws In...
  5. T

    Conditional Formatting the alternate rows with Criteria

    Hi there! I have shared the screen shot in the link below:- In the rows "Dinner" (not the rows "Breakfast"), if there is any letter other than "D". The cell/cells should be highlighted. Any help would be highly appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ys79pbmixi1o3b/Question.png?dl=0
  6. kelly mort

    Validate userform textbox entry -multiple criteria -vba

    I have this textbox that I want it to hold this kind of text format: "12345678" or "ABC/1234/12" Now these are the conditions I want to validate: 1. If I start with a number, then accept only numbers and stop registering any key stroke when the length of the textbox reaches 8 characters 2...
  7. kelly mort

    Check if a textbox contains more than one letter

    These are a few things I want to bypass. I am using textbox1 and textbox2 These are for textbox2: 1. The textbox should take only numbers and letters no other character accepted. 2. Letters should not start the entry. So A5 is not allowed 3. After a letter, no more input should be allowed...
  8. S

    Mail Merge and email separate named files

    Hi all, I have a mail merge list (tabname "Datasheet" which runs a mail merge fine however I want to add a few extra steps which I cant appear to be able to do in word. As well as sending to one person I want to CC a number of other people (based on column J in the datasheet). Also I would...
  9. P

    Vba to make duplicate references to unique

    Hi all of you, kindly require to provide me a VBA code so that, to run through col. “B” and where the reference is duplicate should add a letter at left side of the reference, starting from letter “A”. Therefore, that is double entry and so the letter should place the same in 2 lines and so on…...
  10. Y

    How to get into that edit mode?

    In edit mode, when one letter is highlighted and left or right arrow key is pressed, usually, no letter is highlighted anymore. However, recently, I highlighted a letter, pressed an arrow key, and the next letter was highlighted. This is quite handy if I need to replace several letters in a...
  11. A

    Two way lookup for column title

    I have a table that looks like the following <tbody> A B C D John Mary 16 21 55 32 Alex Lisa </tbody> What I need to be able to do is look for the letter (column title) that corresponds to a score of 55 for Mary. In other words, search for Mary's scores, find her score...
  12. Y

    find the max of a range of numbers which are preceded with a letter

    I have a range of numbers which are preceded with a letter, e.g. A1392, A1587, A987, A3021, etc. Is there a way to find the maximum number of the numeric portion without using a help column?
  13. willow1985

    Determining Next sequence of number if there are 7 sequences each starting with a letter

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that can determine the next sequence of a number from another sheet if there are 7 sequences each starting with a letter. For example: A001 B001 C001 D001 E001 F001 G001 I know that formula: =MAX('Sheet1'!A$1:A$1000000)+1 works to find the next sequence of a...
  14. R

    Letter in a Formula

    Hi, I copied a formula and transfer it to my worksheet. However, it returns an "N/A" unlike from where I copied it from is working. Below is the formula =(1+F7/k)^(k/p)-1 May I know how is it possible to use "k" and "p" in a formula? Do I need to assign a value to them?
  15. E

    force a letter to a certain time

    Hello. The tittle is wierd because I'm not sure how to call it. I have a sheet that allows me to choose night shift times for some cells. and based on the time I put there it gives me more or less night hours worked I need to know if I can make, for exemple, be able to choose the time i want...
  16. C

    Priority in excel formula

    I have a table on "Sheet2" where you input a letter and state where it goes in "Sheet1"; A1, A2, A3 etc. in the first column and the letter goes in the second column. This table accepts duplicates and would look like this: <tbody> A1 Z A2 Z A3 X A1 X A2 X </tbody> I would like this...
  17. C

    Condition in same cell as formula

    How can I create a condition relating to the cell that the formula is written in without getting a circular reference? Let's say I have a formula in A1 and it is said to return the letter in B2. How can I make it such that "If the letter in A1 is "Z", replace it with "X" instead" in the A1 cell...
  18. M

    Check first & last letter from 2 columns against a column of words

    Hello, I'd like to check if a word contains matching first/last letters from 2 cells. I can't quite get it to work. In fact, it doesn't work at all - I over sold 'quite'. Eventually I will check MANY words for MANY different first/last matches so I want to automate obviously. Example data...
  19. P

    Stuck with Macro to Remove Duplicate Rows

    Greetings, I have a macro to remove duplicate rows that I'm pretty sure used to run, but it isn't working now. I haven't used it in quite a while, but yesterday I needed it and it crashes with a run-time error 1004 at the "ActiveSheet" line. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? Sub...
  20. B

    PostCode Extraction data

    Hi All, This should be a simple one? I'm currently using - =IF(D3="EXC","",LEFT(D3,2)) Column D being a list of postcodes. works fine for most Postcodes, but the single letter ones - i.e Sheffield/S and Birmingham/B it add the number to it, obviously as i'm asking for the 2 characters in the...

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