1. L

    Conditional Format formula

    I would appreciate any help with the following. A1 contains the name of a city say Reading. F1 contains a mnemonic for that city which in this case is logically RE. However the RE is not always the only letters in the cell. So what I need is a CF formula that will check if the first 2...
  2. Z

    find first letters in a string of alphanumerics

    I have a string ex: ".13 - LAR" I would like to get the first letters, or non alphanumeric and non numeric characters of the string. They are not always the same distance from the beginning so I can't use left or right function. However they always begin in the 6th or 7th position. Any thoughts?
  3. L

    making a chart of the count of matched pairs and triples

    I have a spreadsheet with 214 rows til now, with 10 units of data on each row, 5 numbers and 5 letters. The numbers go from 01 to 1237 and 80 letters from A to CB. I need to make a table with the number of occurences of matched pairs and triples. I would like to know the number of times that 2...
  4. Z

    Replacing/Adding text in a different column

    Hi - I have a column with stock numbers (1 or 2 letters with 5 digits following). I need to them to match with the correct store in another column - The store is determined by the first 1 or 2 letters (ex - KU12345 would match Jones Kia and B67890 would match Bloom Chevrolet . Also, some of...
  5. gheyman

    SumIfs with Left() as a Criteria

    Can you do a SumIfs formula where the Criteria is looking at the first 3 characters] I want to Sum Column A where in Column C the first three letters are "DLE". Is this possible?
  6. kelly mort

    Check if a textbox contains more than one letter

    These are a few things I want to bypass. I am using textbox1 and textbox2 These are for textbox2: 1. The textbox should take only numbers and letters no other character accepted. 2. Letters should not start the entry. So A5 is not allowed 3. After a letter, no more input should be allowed...
  7. G

    How do I automate find and replace.

    Hi I have a workbook that in column A on sheet 1 each row has different 3 letters. On sheet 2 of the same workbook I have in column A the same 3 letters and in column B the meaning of the 3 letters. What Im trying to do is to get it to look on sheet 1 in column A and then find it on sheet 2...
  8. J

    Using "Left" function nested within a "Match" nested within an "Index" function

    Hello, I can't seem to figure out where to place the "Left" function in the below formula. Cell "EA7" contains a number followed by three letters. These letters will only always be one of the four. "Eng", "Out", "RWK", or "Cust". Not all the numbers in Column EA will be followed by these...
  9. H

    String Function

    Here are the sample text: Input: 1. AbST/1234342 2. Y_sRR/666 3. B.RE/1234 Output: 1. AST 2. YRR 3. BRE Basically I need a formula to get the first three capital letters before the slash and disregard lowercase and symbols.
  10. S

    Find ID number

    Hi Guys, Could anyone suggest me how to find cells containing "ID 1234" or "ID12345" or " ID 123456"? Number could be 4 to 6 digits number. I need to identify from bank statements those transactions, where ID number is given in the description field. There could be the case when description is...
  11. A

    Large IF OR

    Hello I have tried with Large IF OR, but it creates a boolean and Large dont care about that. I also tried with Sumproduct, however that only seems to function with 2 criterias that isnt OR but rather AND. To simplify my question i will ask with the alphabet. I have clipped my data in below...
  12. L

    how to count matched pairs and matched triples on each line of 10 data units, (numbers and letters)

    I have a spreadsheet of 116 lines of 10 units of data in each line. I m keeping track of a pick-5 lottery, so I write 5 numbers of reference plus another 5 numbers of another reference, totalling 10 units per line. I d like to process it into a statistic table. To avoid confusing two same...
  13. L

    Count matched pairs and triples of the spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet with 115 lines of 10 units of data on each line. 5 different numbers and 5 different letters on each line. I m trying to find out how I write a macro to show me the matched pairs and matched triples on this spreadsheet. My other question is how do I count all the numbers of...
  14. H

    Lock combo from 5 tumblers with 10 letters each

    I have padlock for my pool that has 5 rings with 10 letters each. I had to change the combo a few days ago and for the life of me i cant remember what i changed it to. i have a list of the letters on each dial and wonder if i can use excel to come up with all possible combo of words using only...
  15. A

    Excel formula Count how many rows have a Selections or words

    Hello i need a formula that will count the number of rows in an range B3:G9 that has any of letters in column H in Example: The formula should return the Value 3 because 3 rows has one of the letters in that row i did find this but i cant get it to work for me...
  16. Olaf Jacobs

    Split numbers from letters in row and count

    Hi all, I'm searching for some formula/vba kind of coding to filter information given in an row. The row is setup to represent an year and for each day (represented by single cell) there will be an short little bit of information given an letter to refer to an project and an number 0 till 24...
  17. M

    a formula to read first 3 values of a text

    I have a spread sheet that i am needing a formula in cell "AE3" in it that executes the following: Take the first 3 letters of the value of cell "M3" and if those first three letters equal RUP then populate AE3 with "Run Unit Price".....but if the first three letters in M3 equal CTP then...
  18. E

    Highlight words that have the same first two characters from two different cells

    How do I get excel to Highlight words that have the same first two characters from two different cells For example <tbody> A B 1 abfgr( this should highlighted since the same first two letters is found in cell B2) gh( this should highlighted since the same first two letters is found in cell...
  19. P

    re-order a list based on different citeria

    A little while ago i was give this formula to help me re-order a list based on the fact that it is mixed letters & numbers. IE if a letter "R" is in the list then it becomes 1, if in the same list a 1 appears this becomes a 2 & so on =IF(A1="R",1,IF(A1=0,MAX(A$1:A$11)+COUNTIF(A$1:A1,0)+1,A1+1))...
  20. L

    Running total that resets

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to automatically do some formulas that I currently do manually. I think the only way will be through VBA which I kind of understand but not enough to do this. This is what I have. A B C D BOX 174a 100 mirror 174b 62 mirror 175a 51 51 A B 175b 33 84 B C...
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