1. S

    Unable to Fix "Can't Find Project or Library" Error

    Hi I have an Excel file that contains multiple of worksheets that connect to different data sources. In addition it is macro enabled workbook that has several modules. all of a sudden, the file shows the subject error (Can't Find Project or Library) !! I searched a lot of forums and most of them...
  2. G

    Error with the below code "Can't find project or library"

    Hi Everyone, I am working in a project and below is my complete code. Option Explicit Sub Try() Dim TOrig As String, STMonth As Long, SCMonth As Long, ECMonth As Long Dim I As Long, J As Long, CMon, cCol As Long Dim lrow As Long Dim add_month As String add_month = InputBox("Insert the...
  3. M

    cannot find library

    Hi, I believe (but am not sure) that there is a problem with the compatability of the 64 bit vs. 32 bit settings. I am trying to run a macro and am getting the error "Cannot find library" ... then I am prompted to choose the "references - VBA project". How do I fix this? I don't care if the...
  4. J

    cant find project or library

    can some one help me with this?
  5. D

    cant find projkect or library

    im trying to add some code to a spreadsheet, but even a simple thing like range("a1") = date triggers the error "cant find project or library" also, because of this error, i can't even insert a signature to the vba e-mail macro depsite doing this per...
  6. B

    Is there a work around for missing VBA Project References

    Greetings, I have a large application developed in Excel that integrates to a small extent with MS Word. I have a VBA macro that creates a Word object and then copies varies elements from the Excel workbook to the Word document. For this VBA macro to function correctly, there must be...
  7. R

    Link sheet from Drop Box

    Hi all! I send workbooks out to users and 1 of the sheets is a library of items that is constantly updated. I have the library sheet on Drop Box and users go there and copy it into their workbook. Is it possible to link the library sheet in users workbooks to the library sheet in Drop Box? Thanks!
  8. B

    Run Access Macro from Excel

    Hi, I have seen numerous posts of this done but I keep running into the error Method 'Run' of object '_Application' failed. The code in access just has the following: Public Sub TestMacro() msgbox "test" End Sub Then in excel I use the following: Public Sub TrackerAutomation()...
  9. D

    Excel Library

    So after several years of doing the impossible with Excel. I started a new job recently where my primary function will revolve around pulling in data (of all types) and turning it into something usable. So I've collected a small library of resource material. My question is what ( Books...
  10. M

    MAC Question: Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects

    I code almost exclusively for PC, but occasionally have to code for MAC. I often write SQL to query data and I typically use the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 6.1 Library. When running such code on the MAC, the user received a Can't find project or library error. This occurred on the line of...
  11. F

    Application.match no longer found in object browser after upgrading to excel 2016

    Longer time user of this site, but rarely have i needed to post a question, as I normally find the anwser, but this one has had me stuck for a couple of weeks (off and on). A wrote a rather large piece of code, which is basically a database for storing lots of information in mutliple table...
  12. U

    Inporting from Access DAO, CopyFromRecordset not copying all data

    I am woking with Excel 2013, and I am trying to import all rows and columns of data from a Select Query in Access. I have 4695 rows of data within the access query and Excel is only importing 1457 rows. I'm quite confused as to how its only partially working. If I am to step into the code...
  13. B

    Problem with Reference Libraries between different Office Versions

    hi, Hopefully you guys can help me here. I have an Excel workbook that is used by a few different people, conveniently we all have different versions of Office. I don't have rights to install or upgrade/downgrade anything on the other computers. The problem is the Microsoft Word Reference...
  14. wilkisa

    "User-defined type not defined" error when upgraded to Windows 10 and Excel 2016

    Many of our users have been getting errors in Excel with macros that worked perfectly fine in all older version of Excel. Now that they are using Windows 10 and Excel 2016, the "user-defined type not defined" error comes up each time it hits a UDF statement. It is as follows: Function...
  15. B

    Excel 2016 vs Excel 2010

    I am wondering if I can generate a list or if someone has a comprehensive list of anything that has trouble with backwards compatibility between Excel 2016 and Excel 2010 - any where from a reference library to something like the chart type Treemap.
  16. M

    Can't Find Project or Library

    I have a problem with .xlsm files that are saved to SharePoint. Sometimes when I open a file up, I get the error "Can't find Project or Library". I can't view the references as I just get error messages in the VBA editor so I don't know what might be unchecked. I have always thought the file...
  17. C

    Can't Find Project or Library...?

    I go thru this every time I reinstall O365. I get a "Can’t find Project or library dialog box" on this first line of code colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("12/20/2017")) / 7, 0) with 'Date' highlighted in blue. In the Tools References dialog box Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2...
  18. D

    Help with "Cannot find object or library"

    Hello, I tried to make this post yesterday, but I cannot seem to find it. Maybe I posted it wrong. Anyway... thank you for taking your time to read this post. Recently, all macros (even just using ctrl+w to close excel) is not working. I keep on getting the error mentioned on the header, and I...
  19. D

    Can't find project or library

    Whenever I enter anything into a cell, a vba window appears saying can't find project library. I press ok then another window appears with a checkbox highlighted which says there are missing microsoft windows common controls. What do i need to do to get rid of this?
  20. J

    Excel - Saving file to Sharepoint Library and populating columns from cell reference

    Hi all, Sorry if this is not in the right place. Does anyone know if a workbook which has been saved to a SharePoint library can populate a column in the library using a cell in the workbook? I have a simple test for interviewees to complete, and there is a hidden 'results' tab with $T$10...

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