1. P

    Formula for when a number is greater than or less than by a certain value

    Hello all I am stuck with what seems a fairly simple thing to do but my tiny brain has given up now. So I want to create an IF statement to work out IF a value in the same column is less than another value in the same column by 2, 3, 4 etc., any number really. so my column looks like this...
  2. J

    F. to count numbers of DOB as loose number

    Hi Mr. Excellers, I am working on a personal project where I am making a excel sheet, where I want to calculate Life numbers from the Day of birth of persons, based on the book of Dann Millman "The life your where born to live". It goes as follow; you take a DOB and you count the loose numbers...
  3. M

    Converting IF statement to Power BI

    I'm trying to covert the following Excel IF statement to a custom column in Power BI: =IF(O2<>P2,IF(O2>0,O2,P2),IF(P2=0, N/A,P2)) (replacing the cells with the column names) I cannot for the life of me figure out the syntax. Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.
  4. J

    Count - VBA Help

    Hi All I currently have the below UDF for my spreadsheet. It looks at two columns and counts the highest date, if the leavers column is empty and the date entered is less than the DateToCheck I would like to add 2 more variables to this UDF if possible. 1. I would the UDF to count...
  5. C

    Quick Formulae help...

    Hi all, What I am looking for is a quick VBA solution for this issue. When the sheet "opens" I would like it to search row 3 in the spreadsheet and match the dates in those cells to the current date and move the cursor there. I can't for the life of me remember and when a friend wakes you...
  6. K

    File size vs. battery life

    Is there any correlation between file size and eating up lots of battery life on a small portable PC? Some of our sales reps are experiencing battery life shortages and someone said it was the size of one the files they use, around 15M. I googled around a bit and found nothing to confirm this...
  7. S

    Seperating music titles

    So I would like to make spreadsheet of my music titles. But all I can do is copy the text so it all reads in one column. What i want to do is to parse the data into separate columns. so this "3 Doors Down - The Better Life - 01 - Kryptonite.mp3" wood split at the "-" to have 4 columns. Can...
  8. F

    What are some good excel add-ins to use in 2019

    What are some free or paid add-in / utilities / tools for Excel to add extra features and make life easy?
  9. L

    Count names on another sheet that fall on a certain date

    Hi all, I have a workbook that logs daily production totals. I am able to count totals for production between dates but for the life of me are unable to figure out how to count the employees. I'm using =SUMIFS(DataBase!H:H,DataBase!A:A,">="&$P$1,DataBase!A:A,"<="&$P$2,DataBase!S:S,O4) to...
  10. DataBlake

    how to use IF, LEFT, and FIND

    So i want a formula that goes like "If B2 contains "X" in the first 3 characters, 1, 2" I can't get this for the life of me and any help would be appreciated
  11. L

    cleaning file samples

    Hi Where can I find excel files which has raw data need to be cleaned/formatted etc, remove duplicate, blank cells etc. I want to practice that on real life files. Is there any website I can down load these files from? Thank you very much.
  12. L

    real life excel sheets + data analysis

    Hi Someone showed me a real life excel files. It was imported from database. The file needs a lot of formatting, cleaning, blank cells, pivot tables etc. I kind of found it so difficult to deal with. I do not think I will get a chance to work on these kind of sheets. I wonder if there is a real...
  13. B

    Formatting numbers for a bank upload

    I have a file that displays dollar amounts as such: 30 86.25 150 170.84 So it's really $30.00, $86.25, $150.00, $170.84 I have to convert those numbers so that they become as follows: 3000 8625 15000 17084 So it's not just a matter of adding a set number of following zeroes, because...
  14. I

    Pulling specific text from between Parentheses ()

    So here is my dilemma. I have a worksheet I export daily and it contains the name of the individual who opened the account but is have the name inside parentheses. I have another worksheet that has just the account number and I need just the individual name from the other worksheet. I have...
  15. S

    Excel For Life

    So I have had this idea regarding Excel and never have the time to complete it. I figured I would share the idea should someone have the time to. Think of the Game of Life board game. In which I can have my 16-20 use to understand money. First it would give the option of College or Career. If...
  16. L

    relative vs absolute analogy

    Hello I am kind of understand what is Relative and Absolute address but I would like a real life analogy that would help to understand the concept. Is there any example? Thank you.
  17. N

    VLOOKUP problem because data not always in order

    So we have a pricing spreadsheet that has a range of rows for each fiscal year (FY13 thru FY20). When we price a part, there is a lead time associated with that part; i.e. how long will it take us to receive the part from our supplier to send out to the end customer. Sometimes the lead time may...
  18. H

    GetOpenFileName show parth of name

    Hi all, I'm using application.getopenfilename to select multiple files from a directory. However, the directory holds 1000+ files and I only need the ones with the string "valuations" in it. So for example I need the files 20180108-Valuations, 20180518-Valuations etcetera. To make life easier I...
  19. E

    Extending current formula

    Hi there, I currently have the following and I would like to add another statement. =IF(MOD(Q$7,$H21)=0,$O21,0) So, Q$7 represent a range of years from 1 to 20 and $H21 is an input cell that you input a year (service life of a product) and tells excel where to the drop the value in $O21 along...
  20. L

    real life examples of pivot tables

    Hi I am learning about pivot tables. I have seen many videos/examples in the net. I wonder if you know any site/video that shows how to use pivot tables in real life examples. I want to practice how to use pivot table with someone real life examples. Thank you.

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