1. E

    Limit Macro from Filling Past Row

    Hi, I am making a Name List where people can put their name in a cell, and click on a macro-recorded button to automatically add their name to a new row in an existing list. However, I am trying to add VBA to set a limit to the number of rows that can be filled in this list. So, if I want the...
  2. M

    Size limit on Modules in VBA?

    I'm nearing the completion of a macro-enabled workbook that has many modules. I remember seeing some forum posts online that talked about there being a size limit to modules. It seems that the unofficial word is that the limit is 64K for each one. One post I saw suggested to type the...
  3. M

    Highlighting Pollutant Values above Limit Values for multiple Dischargers

    Hi All, What would be the best way to see what values obtained by Dischargers were above Pollutant Limit Values? I am dealing with 77 Dischargers and 126 pollutants, meaning, I have 77 spreadsheets and I need to check for each pollutant (126) if they were above the limit. I know how to do...
  4. K

    VBA Userform

    Hi All, With a UserForm TextBox you can limit the number of characters to be used in the TextBox properties MaxLength behavior. I want to know if your set the MultiLine to True, can you limit the number of lines that the user can enter. For example I have a UserForm with a TextBox. I want the...
  5. B

    Highlight cells whose word count exceeds a given limit

    I have a questionnaire being filled out by 10 respondents, and I want to limit the word count of the replies. Through some googling, I've found this formula for counting the words in a cell: =IF(LEN(TRIM(A2))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(A2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ",""))+1) What I would like to do, on each of 70...
  6. T

    Excel Validation Help Please

    Hi - I have an excel sheet that has 3 fields:- C2 - Trip Limit C3 - Trip Start Date - dd/mm/yyyy C4 - Trip End Date - dd/mm/yyyy If a user enters a Trip Limit of 20 in C2 and if the End Date in C3 minus the Start Date in C4 is more than 20, I would like an error message to either warn the...
  7. B

    Google Sheets: Scripting Workaround for 50,000 Character Cell Limit?

    Problem: In Google Sheets, I use the IMPORTDATA function with an API call to a 3rd party data provider that frequently produces a text string that is longer than the cell limit of 50,000 characters. I have no control over the length of the text string that is provided to me, and when the...
  8. L

    Limited to the amount of Locked Cells?

    Ive a workbook with several sheets and alot of locked cells in each but i seem to have hit a limit! the later sheets will not Lock the cells!? really?
  9. A

    Setting Up Threshold Limit Excel Formula

    Hi All, currently I have problem to solve this issue regarding setting up formula for case below. As you can see, I have a payment threshold of $1500, while the original data that I have is only the column #number & #payment made. I want to have a formula that can generate the value in column...
  10. E

    Formula Help

    Hello, I am first time poster looking for help with a formula which uses a sumproduct and vlookups: =SUMPRODUCT((VLOOKUP(__,__:__,{2,3,4,...},FALSE)>0)*VLOOKUP(__,__:__,{2,3,4,...},FALSE)) Here is a simple example of the formula in action: While the formula...
  11. K

    Sequence numbers based on a Limit and Distribute :/

    Hey guys.. This is a bit complex situation i have here. I have a list of numbers that can vary. And there's a LIMIT which can also change. And there's a COUNT. So I want to distribute the Numbers in the first list so that, the Number should Repeat until the COUNT is reached. But it should...
  12. J

    Airplane weight and balance

    I'm trying to write a formula for a aircraft weight and balance. The rear arm limit remains constant, but the forward limit shifts after reaching a certain weight. EX: Weight up to 2050 forward limit is 82.0 and rear limit is 93.0. Weights between 2050 and 2550 the forward limit shifts aft at a...
  13. M

    word Count

    i want to be able to stop a user adding more then 100 words into a cell. i have a cell B16 in which the user puts in a description and i want to limit it to 100 words
  14. P

    PowerPivot - Allocation of values to Bands

    Hi, I want to allocate some limit values into Limit Bands based on certain conditions. I have two tables in PowerPivot and I am trying using DAX functions to do it. The two tables are the following, 1. A table with Attachment Limit values (Named "Exposure") with the following fields...
  15. A

    Limit to Last row with data

    I use this line below to get the last row with data and it works fine. In a search, the last row came back with 1,048,532. It did have some text in a cell, so it worked properly. How can I limit the search so that it does not come back with a row greater than 10,000 ? lastrow =...
  16. P

    Powerpivot - Allocation of values to Bands

    Hi, I want to allocate some limit values into Limit Bands based on certain conditions. I have two tables in powerpivot and I am trying using DAX functions to do it. The two tables are the following, 1. A table with limit values (Named "Exposure") with the following fields, <tbody> ID...
  17. R

    How to Limit my countifs based on rows

    Hi Everyone, I been banging my head over 2 days trying to figure out how to forecast the amount of sensors. The data I have has column B (Locations) But this location doubles up based on the different branch it has. So some location can have up to 10 entries. from C to AC are dates that each...
  18. J

    VBA - For i= 1 To "value in a cell XY"

    Hi, I wish to define the limit for i in a loop by referencing a calculated value within a cell. I could use the lastRow method in order to determine when to end the loop but is there a way to say for example: "For i = 6 To (value in cell A2)" or must it be manually typed within the code? I am...
  19. B

    Time limit to enter data in a cell

    Hi Everyone, Somewhere I read where one can put a limit on the time it takes to enter data in a cell and now I am not finding it. The idea is to be able to populate a cell with a hand held scanner and not be able to edit that string manually because of a time constraint. I have experimented...
  20. N

    credit card conundrum

    Hello everyone, I’d really appreciate your help with this problem please… We are managing our business spending across 4 credit cards. Each credit card has a different limit. The total limit is £54,000 Every time one of the cards hits it’s credit limit, we move spending to the next card in...

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