1. P

    Optimising portfolio with constraints

    Hi guys, Hoping you can help me with this problem. I'm looking at some loan data. There are some concentration limits (3 examples below) in place for the loan portfolio: 1: Sum of outstanding loans larger than 400k, cannot be greater than 5% of the total portfolio 2: Sum of outstanding loans...
  2. B

    Prevent graph from updating until I am done changing parameters

    When I change parameters for a graph (for example, axis limits), Excel wants to redraw the graph after every change, which can take a long time. I want to complete the editing of parameters (for example, both axis limits, axis units, whatever) before redrawing the graph so that I don't have to...
  3. A

    Help! With new percentage of a number within limits

    Im working on a spread sheet for work regaring satifaction scores. All scores are shown in percentages. What I am trying to do is come up with an equation that will tell me how much the site needs to go up by IF within a certain percentage range. Example: I have scores of; 92.25% 94.90% 82.25%...
  4. T

    Stop a calcuation once a max is reached

    Hello all, I have a calcuation set as the following Form # A1 2 Median Score B1=50 + ( # number of weeks B2=30 X Expected Weekly growth B3=1.6) = Goal B4=98 (B1 + (B2*B3)) Is there a way to limit the goal that is returend? For example, in the above...
  5. T

    A Problem With Trending Metrics vs Reality

    I have a somewhat complicated problem that I was hoping some of you may have some ideas for, both in approach and execution in Excel. SITUATION: We have many accounts (70+) each of varying sizes and ticket volumes. Some accounts may have thousands of tickets per week, others may have 1 or less...
  6. M

    values reached which boundary first ?

    Hi all first i want to thank all administrators, moderators, contributors and also members for the value they provide and their clear effort in helping others I am using MS Excle 2010 i was think that i am professional in excle but when i came here i found that i am so far :) i have a huge...
  7. R

    Conditional Formatting Graph Markers?

    I am trying to recreate a line graph that contains UCL and LCL. However, the markers that are outside the limits are formatted differently. I know that I can do this manually. However, given that this graph will need to be refreshed monthly is there a way to conditionally format the markers...
  8. bobsan42

    [Example Code] Generate Unique Random Integers in a range of values

    it started with a question: in short the question was: numbers 1 to 90 ->random list with 30 of them. then i was really tempted to make a generic solution and i think i did. Below is a UDF which will generate random integer numbers within...
  9. Jerry in Amsterdam

    Randomly fill predetermined totals

    Hi folks, I am trying to randomly subtotal a list of 1200 different amounts into 33 categories. In column A are the amounts, like 200, 300 etc. and in column B are the names of workers that generated these costs: Dave, Sue and so on. The main categories they should be subtotalled in are in...
  10. T

    Concatenate is Limiting Characters

    I have a large file with 133 columns that need to be combined into 1 column. Since there is a limit on the number of cells that can be combined using the concatenate formula, I actually split it up into 5 separate formulas and then 1 more to combine the 5. It seemed to work fine but when I...
  11. M

    Problem with sending limits when using email automation

    hi all. I am writing some code just now to automate sending multiple emails to different contacts. I have got the program working fine and does all the things i need but the problem i have got is that the server i am using (my automation is done through outlook which uses my hotmail account)...

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