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  1. littlefish

    Convert Text to Columns (Cells Include Line Breaks)

    I have a single column of several hundred rows of data that I would like to use the "convert text to columns" wizard, however, in addition to typical delimiters (i.e. "," and ";") these cells contain line breaks. When I run the wizard, the result is a single column of data to the point of the...
  2. D

    need macro help - text extraction from cell with line breaks

    I have a spreadsheet with several hundreds of entries all separated by line breaks. How can I get the data below to look like the end result? Thanks in advance! <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3816;width:82pt" width="109">...
  3. Z

    Excel 16.21 is adding line breaks in text

    When I enter text in a cell, everything looks fine until I exit the cell, when random line breaks/gaps suddenly appear in the text. When I go back into the cell, everything reverts to normal until I exit again. Restarting the computer doesn't help. The only way I can get get rid of the line...
  4. K

    Formatting / Line Breaks with Email Sending Macro - HTML and Cell Reference

    I made a quick macro to help facilitate sending a standard email to a list of recipients. This Macro looks at a list of recipients and sends a standard email body which is populated with a specific cell reference. I originally just used the ".body = " method, which worked fine and would...
  5. W

    Breaking up Excel Cell into multiple lines

    I am stuck..the bottom line is I have a string: String ="01/01/2014 I did this 02/05/2015 I just did this as well 05/06/2017" Essentially I need to build the string as such: NewString = "01/01/2014 I did this 02/05/2015 I just did this as well...
  6. W

    String Loop Help Using VBA in Access or Excel - Need Ideas!

    I am stuck..the bottom line is I have a string: String ="01/01/2014 I did this 02/05/2015 I just did this as well 05/06/2017" Essentially I need to build the string as such: NewString = "01/01/2014 I did this 02/05/2015 I just did this as well...
  7. V

    VBA Text Box, Automatic Line Break + Date

    Hi Guys I have a problem. I have a sheet with some case data and use Column I to enter updates. I have a UserForm pops ups on when any cell under range (i2:i200) is clicked, the code is below. The contents of the cell is automatically copied into the text box. I then have a command button...
  8. D

    Delete text after second carriage return (line break)

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with text in cells B2:B500. The amount of text varys from cell to cell and most of the text(sentences) have carriage returns/line breaks between them. I am only interested in the text mentioned in the first two lines of the cell and I want everything after that...
  9. I

    How to Remove specific characters from all lines in a cell

    Good Evening every one, I've small problem in following case, your help is appreciated. In a Cell i've following data <tbody> 1. One 2. Two 3. Three </tbody> Now i want remove first 3 characters from each line and remove linebreaks and make as comma separated values. O/p ...
  10. H

    Excel Formula Help: Delete Spaces before ever line breaks

    Hi Experts, I am editing over 200k records and I need help with a formula.. I have a lot of texts in every cell with line breaks and there are spaces before each line breaks and these should go away. Can you help? Thanks!
  11. F

    Remove line breaks with VBA?

    I need to change comments to cell contents to be able to export all the content of an Excel file to database programs. I found VBA code that does the trick, placing the comment in the adjacent cell. However, there are manual line breaks in the cell that I also wish to remove. I find find/replace...
  12. K

    Remove line break for the last line only

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could help with my query. I have an excel spreadsheet that is produced by a report that pulls address into one of the columns that I use for a mailmerge. The problem is that at the end of almost all of these addresses there is an additional line break at the end or...
  13. I

    Line break Using ShellExecute for email Possible??

    I've tried various methods vbCrLf, vbLf, Chr(10) & CHR(13), vbnewline They work great in the immediate window but my email is one continuous line. I'm really hoping someone has a solution because the only other alternative that I can think of is to try to write to a text file and then do a copy...
  14. L

    Word Wrap & Autofit Row Height Stop Working if Lots of Text

    Please note: I've been researching this online for days and have found many threads with a similar issue relating to merged cells, but I'm not using merged cells, so haven't found a solution to this problem. Version: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
  15. S

    Deleting "unused" line breaks

    I have a worksheet in which a cell has 4 lines of data. Each bit of data is put on a new line within the cell using CHAR(10). Sometimes only 2 of the lines are TRUE and therefore only 2 text lines appear within the cell. However, the CHAR(10) function still inserts line breaks between the...
  16. B

    Trying to concatenate with line breaks based on duplicate values in one column

    I am having trouble trying to concatenate cells on various rows in a column, if they all have the same value in another column. Here is some example data that will help explain my issue better: A B C D E F 1 5 Apple Me 12/1/10 2 6 Apple...
  17. F

    Removing Alternate line Breaks

    Hi, hope someone can help me. I'm trying to write a VBA macro to remove alternate line breaks (alt+0010 or alt+enter) from a number of cells. The worksheet is output from a risk register and I need to tidy it up before presenting to senior managers. The cells look like this: - text1(alt+0010)...
  18. B

    Line Break not working in cell any suggestions

    Hello, I am trying to Learn how to use line breaks and text wrapping to create a single cell that contains two lines of text. I found out that you use ALT+Enter, but it is not working. Any suggestions? I am using 2007. Kind regards, Trisha :)

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