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    VBA - Importing CSV File as Text removing LF and CR from String between Quotes before Importing

    Hello Everyone, I'm writing a Macro where I need to Import a CSV file as text where each line is not Delimited, but has a Fixed Width or is altogether. It also has to delete or not consider LF or CR that are between quotes before importing the data. So basically I'm trying to put every line in...
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    Conditional Format STOPS at linefeed (line feed, line break)

    In 2003 Conditional Format would format (font) the whole cell. It appears that 2010 stops the formatting after a linefeed? Is this right? ie. is it my configuration/system? Is it configurable? Is there a workaround? Thanks very much.
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    Very BASIC Textbox problems

    I have a text box (txtMsg) on a user form. I have set the MultiLine property to True but I still can not use an "Enter Key". I tried forcing it with Private Sub txtMsg_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer) If KeyCode = 13 Then vbCrLf End Sub Then I get a...
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    Word Wrap & Autofit Row Height Stop Working if Lots of Text

    Please note: I've been researching this online for days and have found many threads with a similar issue relating to merged cells, but I'm not using merged cells, so haven't found a solution to this problem. Version: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"...
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    Make return key in a textbox act as return key in ms word

    Hi All! I'd like to help my users by changing the way the return key down condition works in certain textboxes in which they write like in MS Word. The goal is simply to press return, rather than control+return to input a line feed. Now I've tried putting this into the keydown event for my...
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    Carriage Return Within a Cell - How?

    Hi, I am sure there must be a way of doing this other than cut'n'pasting, but does anybody know how I can force a carriage return (line feed) into a cell in Excel when I am wrapping text? i.e. when you press return excel takes you into the next cell. I want it to remain in the cell and start a...
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    Inconsistent behaviour opening csv files

    Hi, I am getting pretty frustrated with the following: On PC_A (and all other pc's I tried) I open a csv file (tab delimited) with a .xls extention via file / open. The import wizard starts. Fields with a line feed in it causes Excel to start a new row mixing up the columns.:mad: Opening the...

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