1. P

    Option Button Group name

    I'm setting up a task list with several hundred tasks (each in its own row as you would imagine) and each with its own task number then for each task a column of status buttons "Complete" "Incomplete" "NotStarted" "Waiting on customer" I want to use radio buttons to set the status. So because...
  2. B

    Copy a Combobox and change the linked cell and listfillrange

    I want to copy a template which contains a combo box from sheet "Change_Block" to the sheet "Scope_Changes" this will be one several times, so i don't know te combobox name upfront .. I tried this in a macro .... but the " With Selection" gives the run time error 438: Object doesnt support...
  3. M

    Help with LinkedCell when adding ActiveX checkboxes

    Hi guys, So I'm trying to write a macro to add a row of 3 ActiveX checkboxes to multiple rows in a sheet, and link each individual checkbox to a unique cell. I can add the checkboxes easy enough, but when I go to link them they all link to the same 3 cells. I think I need to use the .LinkedCell...
  4. P

    OLEObject Update LinkedCell witch VBA Code for a Check-Box

    Hi, I have this code which creates an ActiveX Check-Box with vba: With .OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.CheckBox.1", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False, _ Left:=30, _ Top:=30, _ Width:=20, _ Height:=5) .Name =...
  5. O

    Combo Box Link to Cell- Number not Text

    I have an ActiveX combo box with drop-down number options 1 through 4. Whichever option is chosen needs to appear in cell T21. To do this, I went to properties, LinkedCell, and typed in T21. Unfortunately, whenever the list options appear in cell T21, they appear as text. I need it to appear as...
  6. P

    Change LinkedCell in Toggle Button

    Hello all, I have a toggle button (active x control) in cell B1. In the properties menu, I linked the toggle button to cell A1. The toggle button is entirely in the cell. I need to make a toggle button in each cell in the range of B1:B30. The toggle button in cell B2 should link to A2, the...
  7. N

    Two (2) Combobox Linked Together

    Hi, I've created two comboboxes (from the control toolbar) and linked them to the same named range (list) as well as the same named range (LinkedCell). The comboboxes are on different sheets. I've noticed when I use one of the comboboxes the linked cell changes value (as expected), but the...
  8. J

    Need linkedcell of text box to be result of vlookup formula

    I have a dropdown list where a series of company names can be selected. I then have a text box where I would like the linkedcell property to be equal to the result of a vlookup formula triggered by the drop down. I like the feature that you can edit text in a text box and it will also edit the...

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