linking tables

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    Linking three tables in Power BI or Power Pivot

    I have a restaurant and want to find out my theoretical ingredient use based on my recipes. I have three tables, 1. MENU (pizza, lasagna) 2. RECIPES (8 ozs of ham per pizza) 3. CHECKS or INVOICES (for food served) 4. INGREDIENTS (ham, tomato, wine) To find out how much ingredients I used I...
  2. F

    Having trouble linking tables without pivot table (pivottable doesn't format the way I want)

    Hi,I am having trouble with excel 2013. I am currently working on a workbook for my school newspaper's business team. I have a revenues and expenses table, the expenses table links to a fundraising goal table so that everytime we spend money on an item, if that item is located on the goal table...
  3. M

    One Big Table??

    Hi all, I have 12 tables which I need to merge into one big one if that makes sense? Eg Employee Name Start Date Progress Report Out 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 8 Week All tables are set out like this but are broken down into departments. I now need to create one big table with: Employee...
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    link form & subform for data entry

    I am trying create a form that has the main form as medbill containing vendor name, account number etc. I also have a subform medbilldetail that has invoice number, description, etc. There are two tables, medbill & medbilldetail; medbilldetail has a field medbillID, numeric long integer. The...
  5. D

    MSAccess limitations when linking to ODBC database

    My Office PC has Access 2002 installed (with Office Standard 2003). I'm connecting to a remote Mainframe containing hundreds of DBase2 tables, the structure of which I have no control. Whenever I link to the table I'm interested in, Access pulls through around 256 fields of which I need about...

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