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  1. K

    Active X ListBox

    Good day all. I have a Active X ListBox that is linked to a cell. The list range is a list of serial numbers that is used to add additional information on the spreadsheet with a vlookup function. The listbox is working almost as expected. The number that I select in the listbox, is transferred...
  2. A

    Update Information with Multi Select List Box

    Hi all !!! I am just starting off with VBA and have made a couple of userforms, but ran into a question when trying to update the information based on multiple selections in a ListBox. I have a userform that shows in a list box all of the jobs that are due this week, if for some reason I do...
  3. D

    Expanding List Box Beyond 32K rows.

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can increase my list box beyond the 32,000 rows. I have 130K employees that I am tracking and the list box only goes to ee's with last name starting with the letter "E"? Regards, Diesel24
  4. J

    Muti select ListBox Very inconsistant when running code based on multiple selections

    Hello everybody. I have written a macro utilizing a Multi select ListBox and it is giving no errors. BUT it only works about a third of the time as intended. I have a listbox full of class names in one column and in the other column the corresponding class code. Example would be Class 1 - CL1...
  5. S

    Listbox Missing

    I'm building a user form and when I open my toolbox I am missing the listbox item. Any ideas?
  6. D

    Need help to create a dynamic data validation list box

    I have a column of unique part numbers created using this code and extracting it from "input" sheet. This code is then copied down column B on a new sheet called "lists" {=INDEX(INPUT!$A$6:$A$936, MATCH(0, COUNTIF($B$1:B1, INPUT!$A$6:$A$936), 0))} I have made this list currently "much longer"...
  7. N

    Form Control List Boxes Cascading - Errors 424 and 1004

    Hello, I've got a problem with some cascading list boxes and a single drop down. There are 4 list boxes and 1 drop down and a user selects options from each of them to make a configuration. They are embedded in the worksheet "Instructions" (not a Userform). I encounter an object required error...
  8. A

    Is there any way to add a "dropdown" type input box in place of an InputBox with a vba Macro? Macro is enclosed, scrubbed for security.

    Good Evening All, If you look at the code below, you will see the "Dim skillsNeeded As String" and then you will see it at the end of the URL with all the concatenated parts... What I need to have is a list box to select items from in a pop-up box similar to the InputBoxes such as userName...
  9. K

    Excel 2007 Count Multiple Selections from a List Box

    Hi I've created a List Box via form controls so I can select more than one option i.e. Train, Bus, Car, Bicycle, Walk. There will be times when the user will select more than one option in each cell and I need to count the total number of Trains, Bus, Car etc down the column. Is it possible...
  10. T

    Macrol to select mutiple items from a list box and paste selected items in horizontally consecutive cells

    I am using 2010 and want to select nultiple states (locations) from a list box (would that have to be an Active X control?), then paste the selections along a row in adjacent consecutive cells. For example, my list box would present the user with 51 states. The user would select muluple states...
  11. P

    Search for date in Listbox

    Hi Guys , I have code that will look for any value in a Textbox and displays them in a listbox which works fine but I am having problems trying to find DATES using a the Datepicker "Drop down calender" when I Select a date and press the Find button I set up? I get no result what so ever, not...
  12. cata2200

    List Box (form control)

    Hello I am searching for a solution of my problem, but no chance to to locate it. I have a List Box with 4-5 options (one at the time). Based on the choosen option I would like to assign the already defined list in a second List Box. So: In the first List box I have: "Hired", "Off Hired"...
  13. K

    now sure how to write code to filter through 5 worksheets

    Not* sure how to write code to filter through 5 worksheets.. I have 5 different listboxes on a userform. Each listbox shows days/times (two columns) options of different courses available. When the user selects one of the class options that he wants to take, all of the other options in that...
  14. T

    List box rowsource from sheet names

    Im trying to make a user form to narrow down results in a workbook i have two listboxes on the form and i would like to have the first one source from the sheet names available Then the second one source a named range from that sheet any help appreciated
  15. C

    Auto Output Based on Selection From Input List

    Hi Forum! I am making a daily production sheet in EXCEL2002 and need to have a list in one column that allows a user to select one of, say, 15 product types from a drop down menu (I know how to make this using Data Validation) for each hour of a shift, and then output into an adjacent cell a...
  16. S

    Attaching a macro to a list box

    Hi, I've created a list box via the data validation section. I have a spreadsheet containing a list of names with various bits of data connected to them. What I'd like, within an overview work sheet, is click on a name within the list box whereupon is pulls through the relevant data from my...
  17. paipimenta

    Comma-separated states in cell -> List Box on Open

    Hello Excel peeps, I've got an ActiveX ListBox (MultiSelectExtended select mode) with a state list. User can select multiple states, which I output into a cell with: (In Private Sub ListBox1_Change() ) Worksheets("Master - FUW").Range("States").Value = _ Join(lbSelectedItems...
  18. L

    Selection box via a Macro.

    Is there a way to display a selection box of available tabs that fit certain criteria to the user? I have a workbook that has up to 12 tabs. Most of which are data tabs extracted from a database that is used to populate the "Template" tab. I want to display a list of Template tabs in this book...
  19. B

    Excel dropdown lists

    I am new to drop down lists. See below example. List of Fleet Vehicles redcar bluecar greencar blackcar ..etc I want to be able to choose from this list and after choosing an item, I don't want it to be available again, unitl it has been cleared from the cell. Is this possible?
  20. N

    Dynamic list with spaces removed

    Hi, I have 20 sheets in a work bookwith up to 12 that will be hidden depending on the number of sheets that a particular site will use (i.e. small sites may only need to use 4 sheets, whilst larger ones may need all 12). I already have VBA that give me a TRUE/FALSE result if a sheet is hidden...

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