1. gmooney

    Excel Custom Lists?

    I just created a custom list in an Excel file that I am using for a Slicer and pivot table filter. I emailed the file to another person and the custom list did not transfer with the file? How can I make sure that the custom list stays in the file?
  2. U

    Inserted row above total is not included in total. Any solution would be welcomed!

    I have a worksheet with a list of properties. Every time an expense is added to the list it goes on the last row for the property, just above the total. I welcome any kind of solution either a worksheet formula or a VBA solution that would insert the new row and update the =SUBTOTAL( and =Sum(...
  3. D

    Reset Button for Drop Down Lists

    I have a workbook with multiple drop down lists. Unfortunately, all the drop downs are not using data validation. We need to have the list "reset" to the first item of each list. Is there a way to do this with just one Reset Button? Thank you
  4. S

    Count unless text is in a list

    In this scenario I am trying to track how many calls a staff member made in Jan. The catch is there are some calls that are not eligable for tracking. The ineligable call statuses are in a list. Is there a way to do this? I'm not great with excel, any help is appreciated! Count if the 'month'...
  5. K

    macro list of name ranges includes some i dont want

    I have a macro for listing all name ranges in active workbook when a certain worksheet is activated. the code is Sub Rprt() Dim nm As Name, n As Long, y As RANGE, z As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set z = ActiveSheet n = 8 With z .[a5:O155].ClearContents .[a7] =...
  6. T

    Stupid Scientific Category

    This whole scientific non-sense that Excel defaults to for some numbers is quite annoying. Background: I have a list of phone extensions from a PBX. The list includes the port number to which each extension is associated. The following is an example of some of the ports: 01E0205, 01E0713...
  7. L

    select a value from dropdown list via EXCEL VBA

    i want to select a value from dropdown list and have tried below code, but can't work. please take a look: <select name="fldcusval" nchange="fnSetBankName();fnSetCurrencyList()fnGetCustomer();;displayDetails (this);">..</selec> code ie.Document.getElementsByName("fldcustval").Foucs...
  8. G

    Key Word Search

    I am currently using a nested '=find(text,cell)' formula to categorise a list for example. If the term Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, OT is in cell containing job title then the formula will return 'Medical'. This I have done by nesting separate find fictions for each key work with an if statement...
  9. M

    HELP! Index match, VLOOKUP, Not sure what to do

    hello! This is my first post so please bare with me. I am trying to make a configurator for work. Here is what I'm trying to do: B22 is a Drop down list made from Data validation. This list contains different types of equipment that is placed on different Chassis. I want to be able to click...
  10. E

    Remove all Numbers from list

    Hi all, I have a list in excel that looks similar to this: <tbody> ROBBY 18205 19206 GEORGE 16573 ANDERSON 23456 26752 47658 </tbody> I am trying to get the list so that it looks as follows: <tbody> ROBBY ROBBY ROBBY GEORGE GEORGE ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON...
  11. G

    Top 10%, top 10 and above a threshold.

    Hi, Suppose I have a list as per below :- <tbody> A B C D E Graham 1 12 5 12 Simon 1 32 4 332 Richard 4 43 6 23 Brendan 6 12 34 45 Sarah 8 45 77 33 Stephen 5 32 43 45 Taylor 3 45 23 66 Mark 2 34 56 77 Andrew 9 67 23 88 </tbody> In my actual excel the list is much larger...
  12. H

    Pull results from a defined column region and list one instance of each in another cell

    Hi. I've got a list of names in Col G from row 14 down. Users add the name or names of the owner/s of the associated task described on that row. VBA allows the user to enter more than one name in the cell as sometimes two people are involved on a single task. What I'd like is to have a...
  13. A

    Show results based on 3 Data Validation list

    Hi community, I have big table of monthly spending, i wanna know how can i show results based on Data Validation list choice, 1-List shows Models ( E:E ) 2-List shows Department ( B:B ) 3-List shows Month I need formula to return matching all 3 list, can anybody help me please?
  14. R

    FIND Question

    Hi! This seems like it should be pretty easy, but I can't get Excel to accept my formula. Maybe there's a better way to do what I am trying to do. There are two relevant tabs, "Total Summary" and "List." I am entering the formula on "Total Summary" to count items that meet specific criteria...
  15. W

    VBA Random selection from list of names

    Hi All, I'm working on a spreadsheet that I would like to pick a random name from a list of 10 names using a vba button. the list of names are in cells C3:C12 and I would like the selected name to appear in cell D3 Thanks in advance.
  16. L

    fonts names list (

    Hi Where can I find a list of all fonts? the link below does not give me the list Thank you very much.
  17. E

    Limit Macro from Filling Past Row

    Hi, I am making a Name List where people can put their name in a cell, and click on a macro-recorded button to automatically add their name to a new row in an existing list. However, I am trying to add VBA to set a limit to the number of rows that can be filled in this list. So, if I want the...
  18. J

    searchable dropdown list with exchangeable names

    Hello, I did a list as suggested here : It works very fine. However, I would like to improve it for my needs. My list in column F contains cell with many words, separated by a coma : “,” Example : F3 : house, cat, hospital...
  19. How_Do_I

    Unique in Range

    Hello, how would I count the unique in a range like this and extract them in to a vertical list please...? Excel WorkbookBCDE2Plum3PlumWatermelonApplePeach4MelonKiwifruitBlackberry5RaspberryBlueberryCranberryBananaSheet1
  20. J

    VBA Code to Work down a list, calc a result, add result to bottom of new list

    Hi All, Any help here would be appreciated greatly. CODE SEQUENCE 1 Copy Item A from List A 2 Paste flat to B2 3 Recalculate the result to update C2 4 Copy range B2:C2 5 Paste flat to bottom of List B 6 Goto next cell on List A Repeat steps 1-6 Stop at bottom of List A...

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