listbox items

  1. F

    userform.Listbox don't show item

    Hi, I use the code below to create listboxs from adodb.recorset. If rs.recordcount are 0 I've nothing problem. If rs.recordcount are >1 I've nothing problem, the listbox show all record from recordset. But if rs.recordcout =1 the listbox don't show nothing. Somebody can help me to understand...
  2. K

    Populate Listbox with Unique Values from specific columns

    Looking to populate Listbox2 with unique values values from Row3 ("A list of activities that each Entity does") but only for columns("Entity") that the user selected in Listbox1. I'm not getting an error but it's not working quite right .... Sorry I am a beginner so my format might be horrible...
  3. M

    Change Listbox Item (multicolumn value)

    I have a multicolumn listbox. I would like the user to be able to change the selected value with an input box. This is the code which I have written so far - with an example value Dim intListitem As Integer intListitem = lstOrders.ListIndex Me.lstOrders.List(intListitem) = "12.12.2012" When...
  4. J

    How to loop through words in listbox

    Hello, 2nd time here today nagging you all :) What I'm looking for is: For each word in listbox find the word in the specified range, and copy a textbox value to the found column first empty cell. I get exacly that result with the first item of the listbox but it doesnt work with the second...
  5. A

    Need code to list out all selected items from a listbox

    Looking for code that will list out all the selected items from a listbox and place them in a range on the surface of excel.:confused: So if the listbox lists 10 different fruits and the user selects 3 of them, then only the 3 selected fruits will be listed in cells "A1", "A2" and "A3". Then...
  6. dmqueen

    Count Listbox items to Convert to Uppercase

    Good Morning, I have two listboxes that are dynamically populated at runtime so the user can add items. I want to add an Uppercase converserion to the text before these items are displayed Since the number of items can e different every time. I'm trying to use listbox.Itemscount as my loop max...
  7. L

    Search row based on selected listitem

    Hi all, I am trying to fill cells based on info that is entered and selected in a VBA form. The form contains a textbox to enter a value (newEntry), this value will be copied to the cell at the end of the list in row A of sheet2 ('flightspecific'). The form also contains 4 listboxes that will...
  8. M

    Add Items to listbox

    The code below is supposed to take the filenames from all open excel files and add them to the listbox. I keep getting the error "Object doesnt support this property or method". I can confirm List Box 2 definity exists within Sheet 2 of the workbook. Can anyone help? Sub MyFileNameArray()...
  9. D

    ListBox problem

    I have an Active-X listbox on a worksheet with properties set a multi and option. The problem is that when I fill the listbox with data, I can't access the last item in the listbox. The right scroll bar won't let me scroll down to look at the last item. Of course I can expand the height of...
  10. A

    retrieving listbox values

    Ok so I am working on a userform that contains a listbox with 3 columns in it (bound column = 0). I'm filling this listbox from a database using .additem. When I attempt the retrieve the first columns selected value I am unable to do so. The MultiSelect property of the listbox is set to: 0 -...
  11. G

    Sum Values from a list box

    I have a listbox that is populated with data input from the user; this consists of 1, The Item name 2, The Items thickness Is it possible once all of the items have been added to the list to Sum the total thickness? Thanks
  12. D

    Multi-Select ListBox

    I have a multiselect listbox on my Userform. That is, the property of this listbox is set to multi and the liststyle is set to Option. The purpose is to be able to select multiple rows from this listbox so I can delete the records selected from the worksheet. For example, the listbox shows...
  13. D

    Listbox question

    I have a listbox on a worksheet. The properties on this listbox is [1-fmMultiSelectMulti] and [1-fmListStyleOption]. So just to clarify, the items on the listbox is such that there are checkboxes besides the list of items. In the Listbox1_Change procedure, I have code to loop thru...
  14. T

    List box selection and filter

    Hi Guys, Could anyone please help me with this. I have two worksheets(in the samework book). Sheet 1 has list of Sports and their ID. For example. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 144pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=192 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt"...
  15. paipimenta

    Comma-separated states in cell -> List Box on Open

    Hello Excel peeps, I've got an ActiveX ListBox (MultiSelectExtended select mode) with a state list. User can select multiple states, which I output into a cell with: (In Private Sub ListBox1_Change() ) Worksheets("Master - FUW").Range("States").Value = _ Join(lbSelectedItems...
  16. J

    ListBox Move Up/Down/Delete Multiple Rows

    I have the below code that I use to move rows up or down in a control list box. The list box uses a named range for the data. Currently, if I move the selected row up, it only moves the row above the selection down and the same when I move the row down even if i select multiple rows. I want to...
  17. D

    Removing and Adding Values from list box automatically???

    I'm building a userform that has four list boxes on it which autopopulate the headers from a large dataset. The users can then select (or multi-select) the headers in each list box to filter the data. I've run into a problem where if listboxA and listboxB have the same selection (say "date")...
  18. Jaafar Tribak

    Set the BackColor of individual ListBox Items ?

    Greetings. Consider I have a list box filled with items that belong to 3 different groups. It would be nice to give a distinctive background color to each group for better use and visibility. I know the standard ListBox control has no such Property but it has an elusive hwnd which I suppose...

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