1. S

    UserForm ListBox with 2D Array and Match

    Relatively new with VBA and doing my best to learn it. I have a userform which has a listbox. To this I would like to add some type of Match function so that the listbox only displays the rows in which a certain value is displayed. For example, the project ID is displayed in Sheet1 cell B1. In...
  2. M

    Userform Listbox Help

    Hi Everyone, Ive made an inventory tracking sheet that uses userforms to control the data, but its also used to display the data. One of the listboxes within this is pulling data from one of the database sheets in the workbook. The image shows the code that works currently with just the data...
  3. J

    ListBox adding data on top of previous registers.

    Greetings colleagues ... I`m a beginner in VBA. Can you help me? THE PROBLEM: My ListBox, when add more registers, it adds on top of the registers that were already added, instead of inserting in the lines below. HOW IT WORKS ON USERFORM: TextBox1 to insert a number; TextBox2 to enter a...
  4. B

    Question about Listbox

    Hello. I'm using the code below in a worksheet: I found the tutorial on YouTube and the dropdown list feature multiple select of values. It works perfectly!! Except for one thing. When I click to protect the sheet, the multiple selection feature goes away. I'm able to select a single value but...
  5. J

    HELP.. Combined table by adding each date to fixed header line on seperate sheet by using VBA

    Hello Brave Excel Lovers and Helpers I have an Excel File in which there are three Nos. Sheets and a Userform (File is attached) RawDatabase ReportTemplate MyReport I can only generate report for single selected row from Userform Listbox1 (see MyReport) But this is not what I need. I then...
  6. 5

    Filtering a 2D array in a listbox from a textbox

    Hi everyone. I have a userform with a textbox and a listbox. The listbox is populated with data from a 2-column ListObject table whenever the form initializes and, as I type in the textbox, it gets filtered using the full string. That works, but since I'm filtering construction materials, I...
  7. CsJHUN

    Listbox selected items

    Hi guys, Here is the code which i know of, which loop thru listbox items for i = 0 to listbox_something.listitems-1 ... next i Is there any faster way to check if the item is selected? I currently have 4 listbox, with combined 600+ possibilities (all cascade other one until 4th level) and its...
  8. Jaafar Tribak

    Can we read the ColumnWidths of a ListBox ?

    Hi, I need to read the width of each column in a multi-column ListBox ... It seems that the ColumnWidths Property is Write Only. Am I missing something ? Any thoughts ? Thank you.
  9. D

    Tick checkbox depending on Listbox selection

    Hi All, I've done some searching but could not find an answer for this. In my userform there are a couple of textboxes, a combobox, 12 checkboxes and a listbox populated with a table. I would like all of the boxes to populate when I select a line in the listbox. Using the click event, I can...
  10. J

    Listbox to populated based on two (unlinked) combo boxes

    Hi I have a table of data I wish to "filter" using two comboboxes and display the matching results in a listbox. Colour Item Stock Red Apple 5 Yellow Peach 13 Green Pear 1 Red Cherry 0 Red Raspberry -10 Yellow Plum 2 Yellow Apricot 0 Red Strawberry 3 Combobox1 should list...
  11. Jaafar Tribak

    MouseWheelScrolling ListBoxes & ComboBoxes (In worksheets and UserForms)

    Hi all, This is a continuation of this MrExcel thread which grew to the point where it became confusing and difficult to follow with so many small updates and improvements. So I am starting here a fresh clean thread with (hopefully) a final update which has been revised and tested on 32bit &...
  12. V

    Display listbox data based on Combobox value

    Hi I'm trying to display data based on a combobox and data in Column D. current code below Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim lIndex As Long Dim rngMultiColumn As Range Set rngMultiColumn = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("A4:N100") With Me.AllocateBox1 .ColumnCount = 14...
  13. J

    Populating Listbox based on ComboBox selection - VBA

    Hi, Im looking to populate a list box (5 coloums) based on the selection a user makes in a combobox. However, the options in the combobox are not unique, so there will be multiple sets of data to display. Name Age Hair Colour Jack 34 Brown Ben 23 Blonde Steve 45 Grey Jack 65 Black...
  14. V

    Userform Listbox column date format

    Hi, I have a listbox with 14 columns and in column 1(0) I have a date which I have code that does work but only for the first row as shown below and the code im using Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim lindex& Dim rngMultiColumn As Range Set rngMultiColumn =...
  15. bfreescott

    Wednesday's Forms Challenge...

    Use the List property of the ListBox to write the contents of the SECOND column to a range. Bonus points if you can accomplish the task without a loop. :)
  16. V

    Listbox to insert data to selected line

    Hi currently I have a userform with a listbox that displays the data I've selected in textboxes but whatever code I try to insert the new data to either the listbox or cells of the highlighted line in the list box I get error "70" listbox does not have permission.
  17. Dermot

    Code to allow multi select listboxes

    Using the Developer ribbon, Excel allows you to add listboxes and even to make them multi-select, but doesn't give you a way of listing the multiple selections in the worksheet. If you set your listbox up like this your cell link will just show 0 - basically the listbox breaks. (I know the...
  18. P

    Problem with populate listbox using Application.Index

    Hi everybody. I have a problem with a population of a listbox using the method Application.index. I need load a listbox with a series of data in a sheet. I only need just some data (some rows) of the sheet. This data is filtered by a intelligent search that indicate which row should be load in...
  19. H

    Autofilter method of class range failed - arrays on listbox

    I am new to VBA. Some help would be highly appreciated. :) I have two form control multiselect listboxes. I want to filter the source data worksheet based on selection in listbox 12 and listbox 11. The code is working fine when i multi select items from both listboxes and enter search. But I'm...
  20. P

    Change column in multi-column listbox

    Hi. Not sure this is possible, but here goes: I have a multi-column multi-select listbox. It's populated from a dynamic range on a sheet (width of the range does not change but number of rows does). The listbox is on a userform with a submit button that write values from the form to another...

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