1. M

    Filtering data in listbox using two combo boxes

    I have a userform listbox where I want to filter data using two parameters - ALL, Parameter1, Parameter2. With the code that I have written I am only able to filter data using Parameter1 not Parameter2 or All. By default, 'All' is selected which should show all records in the listbox. There are...
  2. Ferreira1456

    Filter - Why new records no show at the filter?

    I use the code below to filter the Sheet "Customer" . When opening the form, the Sheet "Temp" receives all the records from the Sheet "Customer" Automatically shows all records in ListBox1. To make the filter I have to click on the option button, open the textBox to enter the Customer's name...
  3. T

    2 Workbooks, one VBA UserForm

    So, somehow I was able to get the list to show up like I wanted. then I wanted to do better, deleted the code aaaaaaaaaand it won't work. Now I can't even get the RowSource to work with the Name Manger dynamic range I set up. At one point I could get a click event to run but not return anything...
  4. S

    VBA Userform Populate a Listbox from Table

    Hi, So I am missing the complete obvious here but I am trying to populate a listbox in a userform from an named excel table. I have managed to do this by creating a named range that refers to the table, code A below. But when I am using my userform to delete entries it is crashing out and...
  5. V

    Listbox with certain columns+last row

    Hi all! I have a multi issue here with a listbox. I'd like to make a listbox that shows only the selected columns with filtered data of my Database sheet. That page has 13 columns ("A:M") with data but I need only the A, C, D, and K columns to be visible. The last row needs to be dynamic and...
  6. K

    Excel userform listbox data entered as number.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if you can enter data into a listbox as a number? As far as i can find out it seems that listboxes only allow data to be entered as text. I have been looking for a few days now but don't seem to find any specifications on listboxes... Any help would be greatly...
  7. D

    MouseScroll in UserForm ComboBox/ListBox

    Hi everyone, I found this module which allows scrolling with the mouse wheel ComboBox and ListBox. It works well as long as the workbook is opened on the main display but if you working with multiple displays and have your spreadsheet application opened on a different display the mouse wheel...
  8. G

    Execute Macro using Listbox on Userform

    Hello! I have a code in my workbook that exports the workbook as a CSV in a specific format. I have multiple sheets in my workbook, one called "Data" and twelve others named for each month. I would like to be able to run the code by having the user select which sheet (or month) they would like...
  9. dss28

    Identify row number of the data in a listbox

    I have a listbox which is filled with data transferred from textboxes in the userform and not from sheet. The listbox has multiple rows and columns. I have also added a code to delete a row before final saving of the data to excel sheet. Hence if I try to give / add a row number through a...
  10. WaqasTariq

    Loop through multiple listbox to save values to an array

    I have 6 listbox'es that are named "lb_RU_#" where # is the number of listbox. each listbox has 6 options. I want to find which items are selected in each listbox and save the value to an array. This is how I can do one list box at a time: Public i_SelectionCount1 As Integer Public l_ForLoop1...
  11. W

    Using last row in this code

    Hello, I have an excel database with about 50 unique sheets. The formatting of these sheets is the same in all cases but each worksheet is for a different supplier, some worksheets contain 10 rows, some 450+ I made an userform, to make it easier to add, edit, etc. the products listed on these...
  12. S

    Using VBA to Sort a Table with a Custom List

    Hi, Thanks for looking at this... I have the code below that takes a custom sorted list from a Listbox in a Userform puts the items in to an Array and then creates a custom sort to be applied to a table called 'RotaOutbound'. The code all works fine when I tested it on a list in a column but...
  13. F

    List Box That Can Run Macros Based on Selection

    Hello, I am trying to get a Listbox to run a macro. I have the box open with 6 items. Based on the selection a macro will run for the specific choice. Example: If January is selected Sheets("January"). Visible=true Create a drop down 1-4 If August is selected Sheets("August")...
  14. G

    populate listbox in userform based on textbox with multiple rows

    I have this userform that has a listbox. I haven't been able to get the listbox to populate the values. The Values start on row 3, Column A has the criteria, the sheet name is "MAIN", It populates when the userform is called, but not when an option button is clicked, which adds text to a...
  15. K

    Populating Listbox/ Textbox based on criteria or listbox selection

    I have a userform that i need a listbox filled with 2 columns from another sheet based on the contents of a Textbox in the userform I have the Textbox populated, and can fill the listbox column 1 I then need to populate 2 other textboxes based on the selection made in the listbox TextBox1 holds...
  16. F

    Listbox userform, multiple values into same cell.

    Hello lovely people, With great help from hero member Fluff, I've got a code that adds values entered into a listbox by a user. This code is perfect at putting multiple values into multiple cells. For example, value X, Y, Z go into cells A1, A2 and A3. However, can anyone help me change this...
  17. C

    Generate two lines in listbox when select a specific item of combobox.

    Hi, i want to generate a mutiple line listbox at first i have 3 optionbutton selection that as i select one it gave me some diferent values at the first combo box selection. as example: optionbox(NORMAL) --> combobox(ppm) --> Textbox(1,5) optionbox(x) --> combobox(ppm) --> Textbox(1,2)...
  18. A

    Combobox/listbox List property doesn't work with 1 item

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a running search bar in my userform. Below is my code. SupplierInfo is the search list. wsSearch is a worksheet where the filtered list will be pasted to. Everything work until the result list only has 1 item. Then it would give an error message as in the attached...
  19. S

    UserForm ListBox with 2D Array and Match

    Relatively new with VBA and doing my best to learn it. I have a userform which has a listbox. To this I would like to add some type of Match function so that the listbox only displays the rows in which a certain value is displayed. For example, the project ID is displayed in Sheet1 cell B1. In...
  20. M

    Userform Listbox Help

    Hi Everyone, Ive made an inventory tracking sheet that uses userforms to control the data, but its also used to display the data. One of the listboxes within this is pulling data from one of the database sheets in the workbook. The image shows the code that works currently with just the data...
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