1. R

    How to determine item selection in multi-select listbox without VBA?

    I have two listboxes in my spreadsheet: one allows for multiple selections, the other only one. To be clear, this is not a userform, it's just part of the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, I cannot use VBA as a solution. For the listbox that only allows for single selection, I can work out what the...
  2. J

    Listbox rowsource in personal working folder

    Hi, Im trying to create a listbox in my personal working folder. Normally the data is already in the workbook so you can select the cells and link this to the listbox rowsource. But now I want the rowsource in the code itself and not in the workbook. I dont want the data in the workbook. How can...
  3. B

    Retrieve a single value from a MultiColumn ListBox

    I have implemented many listboxes with Excel VBA but all of them have been single columns of data. I now have a situation where I have a list of over 70 items and I thought I'd help the user out a bit with the scrolling up and down the list to find the one(s) they want (even though the items...
  4. P

    Looping through text boxes and checkbox captions on a user form

    On a user form, I have 2 sets of 25 text boxes and 1 set of 25 checkbox named TextQty, TextPrice, CheckBox respectively. I am trying to pull the checkbox caption and the values inside the textboxes into a listbox if the checkbox is selected. I want to be loop through each set of the textboxes...
  5. brendalpzm

    Fill a form with listbox and range infomation

    I will explain step by step so I can explain more clear I have this form The data is extracted from this range when I click in the list box value it shows the following form with the values filled but some values are not in the listbox, some of them are in the sheet range I'm using...
  6. brendalpzm

    Populate an ActiveX combo box according to a List Box values

    I have a ListBox that is filtered by a TextBox, but I want it ot be filter by a ComboBox as well, This means that If the TextBox is filtering specific values, the values shown in the ListBox must be shown in the ComboBox. This is a visual example of it And this is the code that I'm using for...
  7. brendalpzm

    Fill a ListBox with values from different columns

    Let's say I have the following table Sheet name: Values A B C D 1 Folio Model Year Status 2 156 Forte 2022 Delivered 3 452526 Rio 2023 In repair 4 785 Stinger 2023 Delivered 5 475 Forte 2020 In progress An I want to fill an ActiveX List Box but only with the values from...
  8. SkyGod

    From Listview to Listbox

    Hello, I want to give connection when a data selected in listview to listbox. I mean double clicked a data in listview must be also selected in listbox by automatic double clicked way. Every rows have a UniqueID after saved. Thank you for help. Download Link
  9. B

    Populate Worksheet Listbox with Worksheet Names based on Cell Value then select to print as one document

    Hello! I've searched high and low across multiple forums for this specific answer, but I can't seem to find it based on cell value. I can find the VBA code for ALL worksheet names to be listed in the ListBox, but not specific ones based on cell value to be used as selections for printing...
  10. D

    Why am I getting a type mismatch on certain items on a listbox but not others?

    Hey all! First off, here is my code: Private Sub PopoutLeadListBox_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Dim selectedItem As String selectedItem = Me.PopoutLeadListBox.Column(11) SalesForm.BHSDTAPNAMELF.Value = Application.XLookup(Val(selectedItem), Worksheets("MASTER...
  11. A

    Why Can I not get headers in my list box

    Hi all. I have a table that is constantly being added to and i am trying to make a userform to search through the data. At present i think the search function working but i cannot get the table headers to become headers in my listbox. As the table is being added to frequently i have a dynamic...
  12. brendalpzm

    List box value as table from tifferent columns

    Let's say I have a table like this, which is the data base And I inserted a list box from ActiveX controls where I want to set a table but only with A B and D columns. How can I do this? I'm not using user form
  13. J

    Listbox - defining columns

    I have this listbox to pull the information and filter it. However, I put information from 3 columns starting with column B, and defined that it would pull through the offset the information of a column before and a column after. It's working... but I'd like to filter the information from...
  14. J

    Populating a ListBox with Columns Using Pre-Filled Array

    How can I get this ListBox to display the states in 2 columns. I've tried a few different things, including modifying the ListBox properties, tried in code. The solutions I've found online all deal with a dynamic array and I could not figure out how to convert that to a static one. This is...
  15. B

    ActiveX ListBox activation scrolls the worksheet

    Hi there. I'm doing VBA project, which incorporates ActiveX ListBox component. It's crucial for me to have a multiselect option with checkboxes. I use listbox change event to display information on selected items. However, I faced some strange behaviour of listbox when it scrolls the sheet if...
  16. F

    Userform listbox - recall selection

    Is it possible to recall the value selected (highlighted blue) in a userform listbox when form is shown again. Below code uses arrays to show subfolders in a listbox. Option Explicit Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim file_system As Object, sub_folder As Object Dim main_folder As String...
  17. S

    Can you help with this code please?

    I use this code to search in the list box and it works well, but when I search in the first column in the list box for a number, for example 1, 2 or 3, it gives me all the numbers that contain these numbers, so how can I make it show me in the list box only the specified number in the search...
  18. B

    Listbox Filter using a combobox

    Hi im, currently making a userform that filters all data based off of a combobox value which works but only pulls 1 row of data instead of all rows with the same cell value I.E Column A. I'm trying to have it search for the combobox criteria in Column A and display all rows with the same cell...
  19. wsnyder

    Listbox Displays Odd Data On First Use Then Data as Expected

    Hi all, I have a UserForm that Loads and Shows when the Workbook is opened. The User is given the current date setting that is saved to a worksheet cell on each use. Ths User is then given a choice to use a different date Yes or No. If the User chooses Yes, then a Listbox on the UserForm is...
  20. Z

    VBA/UserForm: Find max, min value and less than 4000 in selected listbox items

    Hello all I really need your help as the topic title says I need to find the minimum, maximum, less than 4000 among the selected listbox items. AB1EmployeeSalary2Gilmore34403Stone67804Horton102445Rice54326McDaniel205447Fowler123228Paul54409Burns765610Robertson4568 I already have a form, but I...

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