1. D

    How to only allow 1 listbox selection at a time?

    Hi, I have 2 listboxes (ListBox1 and ListBox2). When I select something in listbox1, listbox2 deselects and vice versa. I have tried these in listbox1 and listbox2 change and click events: ListBox1.Selected(ListBox1.ListIndex) = False and ListBox2.Selected(ListBox2.ListIndex) = False They...
  2. T


    Değerli Kardeşlerim; Ekli dosyamda yer alan userform1 de kurum adını seçerek, o kuruma ait mahalleleri alt alta kayıt yapıyorum. Sizlerden ricam ise UserForm2 Ile Ilgili 1 - UserForm2 de ComboBox1 ile ilgili okullarda seçtiğim Kurumların sıralarına göre kuruma ait mahallelerin listesiBox1 de...
  3. S

    Transferring data from a multi column listbox to a single cell in a worksheet

    So i have been trying to get a Userform which transfers a selection from 2 listboxes into a single multicolumn listbox to work. With the help of this forum i have also been able to pass that data over to another "Master" Userform. What i am now struggling to do is 2 things. 1. When the command...
  4. D

    Optionbutton link to listbox

    Hi all, I have created a userform, There are 2 conditions The 1st condition with optionbutton1 and obtionbutton2 (they represent either ''Male'' or ''Female'') The 2nd condition with optionbutton3, optionbutton4, optionbutton5 and optionbutton6 (they represent ''less than 18 years old"...
  5. T

    List contents of modules in ListBox

    Howdy, How can I list in the ListBox or TextBox (in the UserForm) the modules from a .xlsm file In ListBox1, list the modules and in the ListBox2 or TextBox, the contents of the selected module in Listbox1. Is that possible? I have seen on Youtube or forums, that I can list the modules in a...
  6. A

    Calculate listbox column values

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim r As Long, Ac As Long, c As Long If ComboBox1.Value <> -1 And ComboBox2.Value <> -1 Then ListBox1.Clear With Worksheets("reports").Range("A1:A1000") ReDim Ray(1 To .Count, 1 To 6) For r = 1 To .Rows.Count...
  7. W

    Using two listboxes to show or hide worksheets

    I found this piece of code that hides or shows spreadsheets, I want to change this code to have two list boxes and two additional buttons to hide or show worksheets and...
  8. P

    VBA Populate a list box with a range of cells without using a named range

    Hello, I have a vba user form with 1 combo box and 2 list boxes. Once the user makes a selection in ComboBox1 I want a corresponding set of cell values to populate the ListBox1. The user will then select one or more items from the ListBox1 which will get moved to ListBox2. Once moved to...
  9. J

    Selected ListBox Items to sheet

    I have ListBox1 with multiple columns and rows. What i wanna do is when one item is clicked or highlighted copy the row to different cells in a sheet (name sheet is "Factuurvoorbeeld"). After that i can do a printpreview to print. This is my code so far: Private Sub...
  10. R

    Need User form to enter the data into each column down instead of across

    So the user has a form which exports to another sheet, I need to put in columns and instead of rows Private Sub ClearButton1_Click() Call UserForm_Initialize End Sub Private Sub CloseButton2_Click() Unload Me End Sub Private Sub Export_Click() Dim emptyRow As Long 'Make Sheet3...
  11. C

    Load Userform Listbox list from worksheet cell

    Hi, A1 has a list of client names with debts; B1 has a list of all clients in our business. Names are separated by commas. I have a userform with 2 listboxes. Listbox1 should show the list of clients with debts; Listbox2 should lists the clients without debts. Here’s an example: A1: Client1...
  12. L

    Could not set the rowsource property. Invalid property value.

    Hi all, I am a newbie in VBA and I need help with the dilemma I have. I have a listbox and a delete button in a frame with named range, lstRates,=OFFSET(ConKiloRates!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(ConKiloRates!$A:$A) -1,11). My problem is when I delete the last item in the listbox. It displays Runtime...
  13. P

    User Form To Copy Rows of Data And Transpose into Grid

    Hi, can anyone help with User Form VBA? I have Data on Sheets 7, 8 & 9 that I want to copy into a grid on Sheet2 when the User Form meets a certain criteria I have built the User Form with the toolbox functions as follows CommandButton1 ComboBox1 with Sheet7 Sheet8 Sheet9 ListBox1 with 0 1...
  14. A

    search in listbox

    anyone help me this is my first time here i hope help i have small project with 3 forms form (alma fandi) for add data to sheet 1 ---- its have some problem i hope to fix it i think because listbox1 form 2 done form3 this made me mad i have listbox1 and i wont to filter it by combo...
  15. M

    VBA Populate a listbox with a selection from another listbox

    Hi All, have trawled the net with no complete answer so am once again turning to the good people of MrExcel. I have a userform which contains 2 list boxes. ListBox1 uses the below code to cycle through a range and removes duplicates (works fine). I need listbox2 to populate itself based on the...
  16. Q

    Dynamic Range from sheet1 in Listbox1 on Userform

    Hi all, Looking for what I assume is an easy answer. I have three columns on sheet1 with data. They will dynamically change length based on how the data is inputted via other methods. I’d like to populate my listbox1 on userform1 with this data from all three columns. I’ve been able to do it...
  17. M

    VBA Code for Partial Search Excel Listbox with Textbox Change

    Dear Experts, Please help me out. i have a listbox of 13 Columns, Name is listbox1 I want to filter the data (column13) with partial match in textbox1. kindly suggest me Regards
  18. R

    Listbox1 selection to populate Listbox2

    Hey there people, I am working on a userform to monitor repeat defects on our fleet of aircraft. I want this form to display the defect information in listbox2 when you select the appropriate watchlist item in listbox1. So far I am stuck on making listbox1 display all items on the "Register'...
  19. K

    Populate ListBox1 with rows that have expired dates in.

    Hello, I have a complex sheet that has hundreds of employee's on who have completed courses. As each month i have to give a list of name to my boss about whose course has been expired (Courses last 2 years). I have the userform all set up, however i can't seem to get the code to search and...
  20. Michaels

    Select same row in Listbox based on another Listbox Selected Row

    Hello :) I have 2 Listboxes (single-select 1 column) on two Userforms and their row sources are same. Listbox1 is on Userform1 and Listbox5 on Userform5. Userform5 also has a command button. When I select a row on Listbox 5 and then click CommandButton1, how can the same row be selected on...

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