1. K

    IF(ISNA...) with VLOOKUP on another worksheet to return "M" if not present on other worksheet?

    Hi, everyone, I have two worksheets with a list of students on each one, "lib_checkin" and "lib_hah." Only some of the students on "lib_checkin" are listed on "lib_hah," along with the period that they have a class. If they ARE listed on "lib_hah," I want to return the value of what period...
  2. K

    Value in column B corresponding to column A listed in column c separated by a comma

    Looking to list out all values for Column B that correspond to column A listed out in Column C at change in value of column A separated by a comma <tbody> Column A Column B Column C 100001 35 100001 64 100001 45 100002 64 100002 72 100002 74 100002 68 100002 59 </tbody>...
  3. B

    Formula help needed

    So, I have a several locations. Lets say Phoenix, Goodyear, Avondale. For each location, they could have a number; 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Keep in mind, the location and numbers can be listed multiple times on this sheet. So what I need is, for the Location of Phoenix, what is the total amount for...
  4. B

    Using Indirect(Address) Function Question

    I have a multiple tab worksheet. I want to be able to: (1) Search a particular tab based on an input (2) Within that tab, search for Row heading and a Column heading. For example, I have several tabs, however I want to search the "Colorado" tab, and want to return the result for "Aurora" [where...
  5. A

    Can I use Mailto and body to generate an email that includes working hyperlinks

    Hello, I am new to excel and I am unsure if what I am trying to dois possible. I cannot use VBA/macros for this as our sharepoint site does notsupport macro enabled workbooks. I am using a mailto:formula to create an email, and I have body and subject set up...
  6. A


    Hello, I'm looking for a formula that would accomplish the following. If the date in worksheet (DRP Payable "J") is between the start (A3)and end date (D3) of the pay period listed in (Pay Period Report), I would like to list the results of J,G and H from DRP Payable to be listed in Pay Period...
  7. S

    INDEX + MATCH + MAX Question

    Hello, I am doing analysis on products and seeing what the best performing week was for them. I'm doing this for the year 2018 and 2019. On the "Best Week" sheet, which is a Pivot Table (it pulls from a data tab with the raw sales info): Product #'s are listed in column B. Years are listed in...
  8. J

    How to get the date to mean something else?

    Good morning all, I was curious if someone could lead me in the right direction? I was given the task by my manager to put together a spreadsheet that tallies up the amount of time someone spent in a certain classroom. They want the amount of time, 2 or 4 to be color coded but they do not want...
  9. I

    PLACE TEXT RIGHT: place a character to the right in same place

    I am trying to put asingle text character al the way right when using "courier new" itlines up in he same place. The setup is: Name cell: Last, First Group cell: can be character two, three, or fourcharacters, and will be listed first Using FIND to get just the LEN of Last nameand comma...
  10. A

    select item in listbox

    I'm using this code to insert the name in a textbox when I selected an item in a list box. Is it possible to type in a name in a textbox and and search and select the item listed in the listbox. I have 4 columns in the listbox and the names are listed in column(1) cbName = ListBox1.Column(1...
  11. W

    VBA to utilize a range name listed in a table

    I have a table in my workbook with 3 columns - path, filename, and paste location. The code loops through my table opens up the file and path I have listed, copies some data, and then I am trying to paste that data into my workbook in the range name I have listed as paste location. After copying...
  12. S

    Hide rows using a userform login

    I have a workbook with 3-4 sheets. I havecreated a registration and a login userform. The registration userformconsists of a Reference number, Full Name, address, email, phone, etc. andallows each user to create a username and password for logging in later. Once registered, ALL of their...
  13. P

    A More Complex List of Unique Distinct Values Based on a Criteria

    Hi! Here's my problem. Basically, I need the data that is on the table on the left to look the one on the right. Order IDs listed on B, the item/s ordered on C, and the status is on D. I need the pending orders listed on the table on the right so that: a) Only the pending orders are shown b)...
  14. N

    Listed Employee data

    Good afternoon, by racking my tiny brains on this one as to whether it is actually possible with such little knowledge I have, although a fast(ish) learner. I tried pivot tables but could only get on row of data to pull in. The data I have is employee payments and deductions by date listed down...
  15. D


    Hi, I'm looking for how to create a win or lose (no ties) combination in an excel for 16 teams and 8 games. I know there are 256 combinations, but how can I have this combinations listed in excel? Thanks in advance Damien
  16. C

    VBA Help Required

    I am completely ignorant of all things VBA and would be unbelievably grateful if someone could help me with this scenario: I, along with other colleagues, complete 6 different tasks numerous times a day and capture each completed task on the relevant spreadsheet (6 spreadsheets in total - let’s...
  17. R

    Count how many entries begins with a number

    Hello, I have 27 rows listed # to Z. What I'm trying to do is count how many entries in my table begin with each letter as well as 0-9. I've been able to figure out the A-Z part but the number part eludes me. The numbers are formatted as text but also I'd like to combine them in such a way...
  18. R

    Search and results of information in Excel Spreadsheet

    Hi I have a spreadsheet with property information - cell A5 = "date"; cell B5 = "Address"; cell C5 = "Details" and cell D5 = "Value" I would be really grateful if anyone can tell me how I can set up a search function that will enable me to list all rows containing the criteria I set - e.g. in...
  19. P

    Match numbers in a colunm

    Look for all matches in a sorted list. If no exact match is found all the nearest matches. Been looking at lot of examples none I can adapt. Cheers Peter e.g. Col A/Col B Tom 10 Bob 20 Mob 30 Yan 40 Den 40 Elf 50 Len 50 If my target is 40 I should have Ian 40 and den 40 should be listed. If no...
  20. G

    Not sure if this is possible......BUT

    I'm trying to make a fantasy football draft tool. I want to take a ranking system from one page where the players are listed as Patrick Mahomes KC (12) and match them to players already on a team through another website that are listed as Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB. And then remove those already...

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