1. X

    Populate multiple comboboxes with the same listfillrange

    So i have multiple comboboxes in a worksheet. Is there a way i can fill all of them with the same listfillrange? The code for that for one combobox would be: Private Sub ComboBox1_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Set col =...
  2. B

    Copy a Combobox and change the linked cell and listfillrange

    I want to copy a template which contains a combo box from sheet "Change_Block" to the sheet "Scope_Changes" this will be one several times, so i don't know te combobox name upfront .. I tried this in a macro .... but the " With Selection" gives the run time error 438: Object doesnt support...
  3. R

    ListFillRange not staying in properties, but why?

    I have a table (called myDB) that I want to use as the source of content for an ActiveX listbox. I enter that name into the properties of the ListBox and as soon as I hit enter, "myDB" disappears from the ListFillRange field in the properties window. I've successfully done this many times...
  4. I

    Some problems with drop down list

    Hi. I have my code on a sheet called INFO I have the drop down box on a sheet called DATABASE In the name manager i have named it DATABASELIST & put the cell reference etc. When i click on the properties for the combobox2 i have entered under LinkedCell INFO!CG2 Under ListFillRange i have put...
  5. D

    Understand Validation Property for specifying another sheet in ComboBox list

    I'm using what is similar VBA I see in examples on the web of a ComboBox which looks at the validation in the cell and retrieves the list for the ComboBox. However, the code is designed for all the lists on the same worksheet. I have the lists on a different sheet. If I explicitly fill the...
  6. N

    Form Control List Box - Run-time error 438: Object doesn't support this property or method

    Hello! I'm trying to improve a workbook that uses VBA macros and I have no experience with VBA. I've studdied the current excel workbook and vba code to help me. I've been learning about vba and I've been able to sort out some problems but now I have no idea what's causing my error. Btw, the...
  7. Carly

    Updating ComboBox ListFillRange

    I have a report template which contains a combobox which has a ListFillRange which is a Named Range. The combobox has a OnChange macro which kicks in when the end user selects an option from the combobox. The problem I have is every month the report changes & I have to refresh the values in the...
  8. T

    how to fill the Listfillrange, in an activeX combobox with an dynamic range

    I have multiple comboboxes, all of them need to be filled with the same set of data in an collumn an another sheet. Normaly I would use a range in the Listfillrange box of the properties window. For example Sheet1!A1:A25 But in this case the list will expand or shorten in the future and I...
  9. D

    ListfillRange help

    How do I code this: listbox1.listfillrange = "Sheet1!A1:A20" into this: listbox1.listfillrange = "Sheet1!A1:A" & num where num is the number of data rows.
  10. R

    Issue with listbox using dynamic range as listfillrange

    Hello, Here is the workflow I'm trying to achieve and where my problem arises: 1. I select option A, B, or C from a group of option buttons. 2. Based on my selection, a dynamic range, dictated by the OFFSET function, is displayed in a listbox. 3. My listbox is a multi-selection listbox, so I...
  11. D

    Combobox ListFillRange

    Is it possible to use the Combobox ListFillRange to list values from two groups of cells? For example, in column 'A', I have the values, 1,2,3; and in Column 'B', I have the values, A, B, C. I want to list the values in column 'A' along with the value of say, B, in Column 'B'...

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