1. Z

    Loan Calculation model

    Loan Amount: 2016042 $ annual interest rate: 6% Loan period in years: 7 start date of loan: 01/05/2021 6 months payment: calculate (payments are done in 6 months schedule) number of payments: 14 total interest: calculate total cost of loan: calculate please help! i need an excel...
  2. S

    FIFO Revolving Line of Credit Tracker with Interest

    Hi! I'm trying to create a FIFO (First in, First Out) Revolving Line of Credit Tracker in Excel. We buy "short-term" notes (aka, lines of credit) and pay back P&I throughout the month which gets applied to the oldest note first. The rates for each note fluctuates with WSPRIME. I've attached a...
  3. G

    MAX Lookup Help

    I am working on a scorecard and for a portfolio section of it I want to either calculate or lookup the most recent dollar amount of total open loans of the officer in cell C7. The table below (Located in a separate sheet) is named "Port". The expected result is $52,000,000 (Adam, most recent...
  4. M

    MIN & MAX Formula with Multiple Variables

    I am trying to get the MIN loan amount and the MAX loan amount in the data I have. I need to find them within a date range and I need the Freddie and Fannie loans as one group and FHA loans in their own group within the same date range. Some of the FHA loans are on 2 different sheets. Is there...
  5. M

    Looking for a way to distribute left over cash flows over other loans

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to distribute left over cash flows to other loan repayments. At the moment I have a percentage input of the free cash flows to be distributed over 5 different loans. Those free cash flows are annual and the percentages are fixed. At some point in time, 1 of those...
  6. C

    VBA code for "pop-up” message in VBA warning for due dates

    Hello community, I have a question and wondered if someone can help me with it. I have Excel file with multiple tabs (with different loans and their maturity dates). I want to set up “pop-up” message in VBA warning me when due date in column “R” (always this column in each tab) is getting...
  7. R

    Mulitple Combinations in one sheet

    Hi So, I'm not too sure how to go about this. I have 2 tables: one lists loans (amount, term, type (reducing debt orlevel) – the second list is for types of life cover amount, term,type, cost) The maximum loans is six and I 'm looking to also limit the policies to six aswell. I have...
  8. P

    Optimising portfolio with constraints

    Hi guys, Hoping you can help me with this problem. I'm looking at some loan data. There are some concentration limits (3 examples below) in place for the loan portfolio: 1: Sum of outstanding loans larger than 400k, cannot be greater than 5% of the total portfolio 2: Sum of outstanding loans...
  9. M

    Making a Cash Flow with Three Different Loans (Finance)

    Hey guys. I was recommended you guys by my friend, who said you guys were geniuses - Hopefully you can help me with my problem! :) Question: I have a cash flow question within the subject of financing. In here I have a time series of Costs in my cash flow with -6m in each period (Could be...
  10. G

    Heinous many to many data structure is Power BI the right tool?

    So I am trying to do some analysis on a portfolio of loans. The structure of the data is such that it is a web of many to many relationships. I have data tables for, among others: Borrowers Loans Guarantees Units Properties The Units have a many to one relationship with the properties, but...
  11. M

    run-time error '1004' copy area and paste area are not the same size

    i have the below code that has been working fine until today and can not figure out why any insight is appreciated Windows("CMT6 Master.xlsm").Activate Sheets("PRESALE LOANS - FNMA").Select Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "\\Fs1prod\cmt6\-- DAILY REPORTING --\Team - Daily...
  12. G

    Savings made by making a fix extra payment every moth to a loan

    I have the fallowing loan: Principal: $72 222.22 Rate: 10.5% Year: 15 Payments are made monthly. The first payment will be made on January 2016 For 15 cells that correspond to each year of the loan; I need the formula that will determine how much interest will be save if a $10 fix...
  13. D

    % per annum fixed interest

    <tbody> Loan amount £400.00 Term in months 9 Total payable £446.02 APR 26.8242% Amount of repayments (9 monthly payments) £49.56 Annual fixed rate of interest </tbody> Hello I have attached an excel sheet with the information I have about a loan. Excuse my ignorance, but...
  14. D

    Loan repayment calculator

    Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and fairly new to excel. I'm building a property investment model and one stage of the model is a loan repayment calculator. I have built it and it runs perfectly. However, I want to add a feature that allows you to see how many days you could save from the total...
  15. F

    Loan Payment Amounts

    I am trying to calculate the payments on a loan, where the interest is calculated daily and the first payment period is not equal with the remaining periods. For example on a short term loan of 4 weeks, with weekly payments but the period form the start of the loan until the first payment is...
  16. D

    Calculating payments-multiple disbursements

    I am giving a loan with a large initial disbursement, and then once certain contingencies are met, there are other disbursements. Payments won't start until next year, and then will be quarterly. (The assumption is that all the disbursements will happen before payments start.) I am trying to...

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