1. C

    Excel to PDF - specific location saved by date

    Hi all Ive had a look through the discussion board and cant quite find what i was looking for, or the codes were very different. The idea is a macro button which saves to a specific location, saves as a PDF, saves name as todays date. Please find code below. Currently it is saving the PDF in...
  2. M

    VBA: Copy cell and paste location changes via drop down menu

    Hi All, I have a data analysis sheet that Im currently working on. I have a drop down list with different entries and I want my code to a copy specific cells (C102:G105) and depending on the drop down menu selection change the paste location of cell in different sheet. I have some of the code...
  3. A

    VBA equivalent without excel

    Hi Guys and Gals I have a problem that is out of my expertise I have some VBA working fine doing what it needs however the end goal is to copy a file form a network drive to a local drive, however, the local machine i need this on does have excel installed to fire the VBA form task scheduler...
  4. P

    Need help to create a new List

    I have.... Column A) Part Number, Column B) Locations of that parts and Column C) Available qty per location for each part The locations (Column B) I have are divided into A(Right side of the rack) and B (Left side of the rack) for each Rack. Ex. location NN.34.03.A and NN.34.03.B are...
  5. L

    Duplicate rows and fill in new columns based on master list

    Hello all, This is my first time posting and I am hoping you can help me out with this problem in Excel. I have a Final sheet which has locations repeated a fixed n number of times (in this case, n=2) and has its own property columns as shown below: <tbody> Location Property3 Property4 X...
  6. slave1spectre

    Scan Barcode...compare against inventory...place X in cell when matched...automated

    <a href="https://fhexcelphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/9" target="_blank">https://fhexcelphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/9 https://fhexcelphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/10 Hi All, Please bear with me as I am not a programmer and therefore aren't fully competent with the terminology or...
  7. M

    Need to change XLSTART location

    My company has completely locked down the C drive of my new laptop. I cannot copy my macro workbook to XLSTART. Is there any way to change the location of the XLSTART folder?
  8. H

    Complex Excel Vlookup or Other Solutions Welcome

    Hello, I am trying to create a solution to point out employees on a spreadsheet that need to be researched for hours processing. When they have over 40 hours they go on a spreadsheet we have to look at their worked location and hours columns. I was thinking either a Vlookup or maybe even a...
  9. Y

    Lookup between alphanumeric range?

    Hello, Probably being thick here and the obvious answer is alluding me but I need a formula to return a value based on where something is between a range of alphanumeric characters. At a basic level something like the below: <tbody> Start Location End Location Who A001 A100 MT A101 A200...
  10. W

    How to publish as web page with relative path

    Hello. I'm publishing some reports as .htm files, and I faced issue with relative/absolute path of output .htm files. Let's say, workbook is located in folder "Publish" at desktop. I want to publish .htm files in that same folder where workbook is located. Attached is layout of dialog for...
  11. S

    Saving Cell Data to a .txt file

    Good Morning, I've got some ideas but none seem to be working quite the way I want them to..... I'd like a string of code that, when run, will take the contents of cells A1, A2, and A3 and save them in a .txt file, with each set of cell data being a new line (so the info of cell A1 is the top...
  12. D

    Multiply previous columns

    Hi, For a set of percentages split by location and period , I need to obtain a detail for each location and for each period as a percentage of the previous months multiplied, as follows: <tbody> Data Expected result Loc Posting Date Percentage Loc Posting Date Posting date...
  13. S

    Stopping workbook being copied to desktop

    Hey All, I am wondering if someone can help. Is there a way that if a file is copied or moved to a location other than the one i set in-bedded into the VBA it will pop up a message saying "Workbook should not be moved or copied from shared location". And then close? Reason is i have created a...
  14. M

    Reference an outside workbook and cell location

    Hello, I saw similar functions with INDIRECT but could not get any to fit my needs (even combining with concatenate) In A1 through A20 I have file names. In A35 I have the file location. So I use concatenate(A35,A1,”.xlsx”) to get the file and location and location in the file (sheet1 C9) I...
  15. B

    Formula help needed

    So, I have a several locations. Lets say Phoenix, Goodyear, Avondale. For each location, they could have a number; 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Keep in mind, the location and numbers can be listed multiple times on this sheet. So what I need is, for the Location of Phoenix, what is the total amount for...
  16. T

    Index match/VBA/Vlookup

    Hello, I have a workbook with two worksheet. Please help me out with anything Vlookup/Index match, VBA etc.. On sheet1 I have column A= part number, column G=price and column M=location. On sheet2 I have column A= part number, column D= date, column M=price and column K=location. On...
  17. M

    Copy Single file to multiple destination in easy way...?

    Hi, I want to backup my log workbook to multiple locations. How can i do it in simple way.? right now i only back to one location and here is my code. I am not a programmer but by seeing different posts i created this "sub". Sub BackupTaskInfo() FileCopy "X:\Startup\Tasks Info_2018.xlsx"...
  18. H

    VBA for Advanced filter copy to another location

    Apologies - not a VBA Ninja! I have found the code below to perform an advanced filter in place so that a user can enter the filter criteria and the data will update automatically, but could someone please amend this to filter to another location? The target location is a worksheet called...
  19. A

    Date extract

    Hi Folks, I have a training report generated. The report comes out with the following for date <tbody> 2014/12/31 12:00 AM America/New York I only want the date and want to remove the time and location. How do I go about it. Thank you, AFD </tbody>
  20. A

    Auto populate data onto a new sheet based on cell info

    Dear all, Sorry if I duplicating a thread, but I don't know what words to search for to see if this has been asked. I have a workbook and on one sheet is all of the data. What I would like it to do if possible, If I go onto another sheet and input in one cell the location that is then...

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